The Meaning Of The Name Yaroslav

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The Meaning Of The Name Yaroslav
The Meaning Of The Name Yaroslav

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The short form of the name Yaroslav. Yarochka, Yarka, Yarilka, Yaroslavka, Slava, Rosya, Yasya, Yaska, Yasonka, Yasochka, Yasyunya, Slavka, Slavtsya, Slavochka.

The origin of the name Yaroslav. The name of Yaroslav is Russian, Slavic.

The name Yaroslav is the female form of the male name Yaroslav. The name has a Slavic origin, formed from two roots "yar" ("strong, energetic, hot") and "glory". Literally the name of Yaroslav is translated as "possessing a bright glory." But in pagan Russia, the concept of "yar" meant fertility, life-giving power, therefore the name of Yaroslav is sometimes attributed to the meaning of "bright", "strong", "glorious for its vitality."

There is also a version that for the female name Yaroslav, the root "yar" in relation to a woman meant "bright, light".

Diminutive-affectionate address Slava is also a short form for many masculine (Beloslav, Borislav, Radoslav, Bratislav, Miloslav, Yaroslav, Mstislav, Svyatoslav, Bronislav, Vyacheslav, Radoslav, Stanislav, Vysheslav, Istislav, Ladislav, Gorislav, Vladislav, etc..) and female (Beloslav, Miloslav, Voislav, Wenceslav, Bronislav, Dobroslav, Cheslav, Svyatoslav, Svetislav, Miroslav, Zlatoslav, Gorislav, Vaclav, Vladislav, etc.) names.

Yaroslava is growing up as an active, sociable and inquisitive girl. A girl with this name, born in December, prefers to be in the company from a very young age. She would rather fall asleep sweetly in a room full of people than alone. Yaroslava is optimistic and friendly. She actively seeks to make new friends for herself. Even if at first friendship is not struck, Yaroslava does not lose hope and continues to try to establish friendly relations.

A girl with this name has a valuable quality to admit her mistakes, which is even more valuable, given Yaroslav's stubbornness. In addition, Yaroslava has been honest and truthful since childhood. Having matured, she does not lose these qualities. Yaroslava loves to give gifts, for this she does not even need any special reason.

Born in October, Yaroslava loves sports, she is especially attracted to competition and competition. Also, Yaroslava's hobbies, as a rule, include love for animals, watching cartoons, reading books. Yaroslava is a good student, she is ready to help her friends in their studies, but does not tolerate injustice. A girl with this name is diligent and hardworking, ambitious and obligatory in business. Over time, the girl will turn out to be an excellent au pair, she will gladly share the worries of cooking and cleaning the apartment. Yaroslava's diligence and commitment does not disappear with age - the girl is a wonderful student at the university.

Yaroslava is a very positive person. She will never be known as a spender, she will not spend money thoughtlessly right and left. The girl is smart and perceptive, loves to chat, has a sense of humor. True, Yaroslav does not tolerate criticism at all. Attempts to point out any of her shortcomings will easily lead to resentment.

The girl named by this name is talented and attracts attention with her clothes and casual demeanor. Yaroslava knows her worth, loves entertainment and strives to be the center of attention. The girl is very self-confident, rarely listens to advice, often acts at her own discretion. Yaroslava, born in July, is unusually impressionable, but considers this her quality to be a weakness and therefore tries to hide it from others.

The range of possible professions for Yaroslava is quite wide. She can choose a technical profession, become a programmer or an engineer. Perhaps the girl will choose a career as an accountant, teacher, pediatrician or translator. Also, a good dressmaker, salesman or bank teller can leave Yaroslav.

Yaroslava's dream is to create a family. It is in the family that the girl hopes to get a feeling of confidence and stability. For the sake of achieving family well-being, Yaroslava is ready to sacrifice a lot. She tries to choose a mature and understanding man as a partner. Yaroslava leaves a good housewife and a devoted wife. She will dress herself tastefully and dress her husband and child in the same way. In public, she strives to always be close to her husband - Yaroslava is very jealous. But he gets along with his mother-in-law, always helps her in everything.

Yaroslava's birthday

Yaroslav does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Yaroslav

  • Yaroslava Shvedova (born 1987) Russian and Kazakh tennis player
  • Yaroslava Stetsko, Slava Stetsko ((1920 - 2003) real name and surname - Anna Evgeniya Muzyka; Ukrainian political and social activist, political emigrant, founder of KUN, sociologist, political scientist, psychologist and journalist)
  • Yaroslava Pulinovich (Russian playwright)
  • Yaroslava (Yasya) Nikolaeva ((born 1995) Russian actress)
  • Jaroslava Mozerova ((born 1930) Czech politician)

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