The Meaning Of The Name Juno

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The Meaning Of The Name Juno
The Meaning Of The Name Juno

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Juno
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Short form of the name Juno. Yuna, Nona.

Synonyms for the name Juno. Juno, June.

The origin of the name Juno. Juno's name is English.

The name Juno, translated from Latin, means "young". Juno is an ancient Roman goddess, consort of Jupiter, goddess of marriage and birth, motherhood, women and the female productive force. In Greek mythology, it corresponds to the goddess Hera, the goddess of marriage and family.

In honor of Juno, the month of June was named. In English, the name Juno is written as Juno (Juno), and the name June formed from him sounds like June. The related female name is Junius, and the male name is Junius. Yuna's diminutive is also a name in its own right.

The girl named Juno will always strive to be in the spotlight. Due to the fact that Juno has creative abilities, she perfectly knows how to create an atmosphere of fun and celebration. The girl was simply created to be the ringleader and organizer of all kinds of parties, skits and hen parties.

Juno is distinguished by her kindness and ability to sympathize with people, she has good intuition. A girl with this name is gullible and this sometimes brings her a lot of grief. In addition, Juno is not very picky in friends, sometimes dishonest, insincere and envious people appear in her immediate circle.

Juno has an excellent artistic taste. The new outfits of the girl, purchased on the occasion of the holiday, will surely amaze everyone present. The girl named Juno is often fond of collecting all kinds of beautiful things. But household chores, handicrafts, sewing are not among her hobbies.

Juno is a pronounced owl in character. If you try to wake her up in the morning, then you run the risk of running into aggression from the girl. Juno has a lively and spontaneous character, she does not like to argue, does not insist in disputes. The girl is alive and impulsive, which attracts those around her. At the same time, Juno is not chatty. She knows how to keep the secrets and secrets entrusted to her.

Although Juno is recognized by all her colleagues as a valuable employee, she is not always convenient for leadership. The girl has a heightened sense of justice. It is because of him that she seeks to intervene in almost any industrial conflict. Like a fighter, Juno climbs the barricades with a banner in her hands. Most often, Juno chooses activities related to communication with people. These can be the profession of a culinary specialist, a stylist, a hairdresser, or a nurse. Also, Juno makes a good accountant or sales worker. In her work, Juno is responsible and executive. She is positive about the need to transfer experience and train new employees. For all these qualities, the girl is respected by the team.

The girl named by this name is not destined to have a stable family life. To the surrounding men, Juno seems unapproachable due to the fact that she behaves with them too strictly. However, with her chosen one, the girl will be gentle and sensitive. Often Juno remains childless or has an only child - a daughter. But for her child, Juno will become a caring mother who perfectly knows how to support her child with a kind word.

Juno's birthday

Juno does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Juno

  • Juno (ancient Roman goddess, consort of Jupiter, goddess of marriage and birth, motherhood, women and the female productive force)
  • Juno Violet Temple ((born 1989) British actress, 2013 BAFTA Rising Star)

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