The Meaning Of The Name Eteri

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The Meaning Of The Name Eteri
The Meaning Of The Name Eteri

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The origin of the name Eteri. The name Eteri is Armenian, Georgian.

The name Eteri has several versions of its origin. According to the first of them, the name Eteri is derived from the Greek word "aither", translated as "ether".

The name Eteri can often be found among Georgians, and the second version is about the Georgian origin of the name. That was the name of the heroine of the famous medieval Georgian love epic "Eteriani". This name was borne by one Georgian queen, who was poisoned because of her beauty. The very word "Eteri" is found in Georgian literature as a colorful epithet. It is quite possible that in Georgia this word from an epithet has become a name meaning special beauty.

The girl who bears this unusual name stands out among others for her beauty, charm and kindness. She is both smart and naive. Can be strong and brave. Eteri is a great dreamer. She strives for public recognition, wants to be the first and most famous among all. The girl is independent and sometimes shameless. Eteri either becomes a knight, a brave and courageous fighter for justice, or a rude and arrogant cynic who does not take into account the opinions of others.

Eteri worships wealth and power. She is not a supporter of the opinion that money does not make us happy. The girl will try to achieve success at any cost. Failures strongly affect Eteri and can lead to discouragement. A woman with this name always carefully monitors her appearance, she is flawless from head to toe. Eteri believes that appearance is the best asset for success.

Eteri is devoted to a high goal and her vocation. She generously invests in him everything that nature has endowed her with. Perhaps the girl will take a senior position. However, in this case, she should not resort to dishonest actions or exchange for trifles. Such behavior can deprive Eteri of the respect of others. Also, a girl should not ask herself more than she is due. This behavior can happen because Eteri is too proud and selfish. She has too high self-esteem and pride. To become successful in life, she should learn to humble them, on the one hand, and respect the opinions and rights of others, on the other.

In her house, Eteri wants to be a leader. Also in love, the girl tries to control the chosen one, imposes her tastes and habits. Sometimes it is not easy with her. The chosen one should make concessions to her, treat her with worship. Then Eteri will respond with a strong and deep feeling. Although Eteri is not a man-hater, she has little interest in men. She rarely has unhappy love stories.

Eteri is a gentle, benevolent and sincere friend. However, she strives for public veneration and respect. This makes the girl easy to manipulate, flattering her pride. Believing that the appearance of both himself and the house is the main thing, Eteri does not hesitate to spend large sums on the arrangement and renovation of his house. The impression and delight of the guests is the best reward for a girl. Friends are sometimes annoyed that Eteri treats everyone with superiority, makes remarks in a self-confident tone, does not accept objections.

Birthday Eteri

Eteri does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Eteri

  • Eteri Beriashvili (Georgian jazz singer, soloist of the famous group "A" Capella Express)
  • Eteri Levieva (general producer of ZAO Sovershenno Sekretno - Telecom, general director of the Top Secret TV channel. Winner of the national television competition TEFI - 2007 in the nomination Special Reporting, Journalistic Investigation.)
  • Eteri Kamarauli (Head of the Consular Department of the Georgian Foreign Ministry)
  • Eteri Chalandzia ((born 1971) journalist, photographer, screenwriter, writer)
  • Eteri Tutberidze ((born 1974) coach of the highest category in figure skating, Master of Sports of the USSR)
  • Eteri Andjaparidze (pianist, laureate of prestigious international competitions)
  • Eteri Krikheli (chief physician of the Klazko clinic)
  • Eteri Urotadze (head of the sewing workshop under the Georgian Patriarchate)
  • Eteri Lamoris (Chkonia) ((born 1969) Spanish opera singer (soprano), winner of seven first prizes in international vocal competitions and the main public prize of the Vienna State Opera at the Operalia competition)
  • Eteri Okudzhava (Soviet film critic, doctor of art history, professor at the Shota Rustaveli University of Theater and Cinema)
  • Eteri Basaria (novelist)
  • Eteri Gvazava (Russian opera singer of Siberian origin with Georgian and Don-Cossack roots)
  • Eteri Kekelidze (theater critic)

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