Esmir's Name Meaning

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Esmir's Name Meaning
Esmir's Name Meaning

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The short form of the name Esmir. Esma, Esme, Mira.

Synonyms for the name Esmir. Ismir, Izmir.

The origin of the name Esmir. Esmir's name is Muslim.

The name Esmir has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Esmir is a Muslim female name derived from the name of the city of Izmir, which grew up on the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Smyrna. Therefore, the very first interpretation of this name is “from the city of Izmir”.

If you say the names "Izmir" and "Smyrna", you can hear the phonetic proximity of these two cities. Smyrna is an aromatic resin with medicinal value and a pleasant scent. Therefore, the second interpretation of the name Esmir is "fragrant", "fragrant", which corresponds to the meaning of the name Mira, which is also aurally close to the name Esmir.

According to the second version, the name Esmir comes from the word "esmer", which is translated from Turkish as "dark", therefore the name is interpreted as "dark-skinned", "dark-skinned".

According to the third version, the name Esmira is considered the Spanish short form of Esmeralda's name, but the similarity in pronunciation is only in Russian, where "e" is replaced by "and". Both the Spaniards, Italians and the Portuguese pronounce Esmeralda's name with an "e".

The owner of the name Esmira is distinguished by optimism and an easy outlook on life. She has a rather docile character and a kind disposition. Esmira understands her own uniqueness since childhood, but at the same time she is devoid of any arrogance.

Esmira prefers outdoor games, lying under an umbrella on the beach will not give her the same pleasure as playing volleyball on hot sand. This girl loves sports. A creative person, an artistic girl, a good psychologist and a cheerful nature - all this can be said in relation to Esmera. This is an active girl who seems to have just inexhaustible energy.

Esmira prefers to avoid professions that require routine work or a strong concentration of attention. She has a rather lively character, so she needs a fun and varied job. These are various creative professions, social activities, tourism, journalism, business and psychology.

Esmira loves spending time with friends, being in popular public places, and attending various events. She loves music, cinema, but tries to avoid museums. This girl is very attached to the family, truly loves her parents and has a warm relationship with relatives.

In her wife, Esmira tries to find an equal partner, she does not tolerate being ordered over. But her chosen one should be an independent and independent man, so this girl would prefer marriage with an older man than she herself. Esmira loves children, will give them her love and warmth.

Esmira's birthday

Esmira does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Esmira

  • Esmira Ismayilova (Belarusian journalist, public relations specialist of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Minsk. Author of the children's book "The Amazing Adventures of Little Mouse Pip.")
  • Esmira Mammadova (Azerbaijani poet)
  • Esmira Eyyub (Azerbaijani screenwriter, author of the film "Lighthouse")
  • Esmira Rzayeva (Azerbaijani public figure, chairman of the youth organization of Azerbaijan in Finland)

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