The Meaning Of The Name Emma

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The Meaning Of The Name Emma
The Meaning Of The Name Emma

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Emma
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Short form of the name Emma. Amy, Emachka, Emusya, Emka, Emita, Eminya.

Synonyms for the name Emma. Ema.

The origin of the name Emma. The name Emma is German, Jewish, Catholic.

The name Emma has various versions of its origin. According to the first of them, the name Emma is a German name meaning "whole", "universal". It is possible that the name became independent much later, and initially it was a short form of ancient Germanic names starting with the element "ermen" ("all, universal"), as well as an appeal to the name Amalia. In this case, the related names are the names Emilia, Emmy and Irma.

According to the second version, the name Emma is derived from the Hebrew male name Emmanuel, which means “God is with us”. It is believed that Emma is the short form of the name Emmanuel.

According to the third version, the name Emma has Latin roots, it translates as “precious”, “soulful”.

The next version is the Arabic origin of the name Emma. Translated from the Arabic language means "faithful", "calm", "reliable".

Currently, the name is popular not only in the countries of the Old World - in England, Germany, Sweden, France, Norway and others, but also in the New World countries - in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The name Emma has risen to the very top lines of the ratings of female names, and in different countries it occupies different positions, more often takes 1-2 positions, but in general does not leave the top five.

A girl named Emma is always unhappy with herself, she does not like everything about herself, but at the same time she is very determined. Emma just adores doing self-criticism, she will reproach herself for every mistake and failure. If she is faced with a choice, whether it be serious things or a banal evening dress, the girl may doubt this or that option for a long time, but if she already makes a decision, then in no case will she change her choice. Emma does not give in to persuasion, she does not perceive criticism of her ideas - she will still do as she intended.

As a rule, it is her complex nature that becomes the cause of Emma's difficulties in life. She is independent, overly independent, emotional, irritable, does not know how to listen to good advice, but at the same time she is intellectual and has a lively mind. Severity and isolation, which at first glance are inherent in Emma, in fact, are just protection from the outside world, since the girl has an increased sensitivity to external influences. In life, she is guided by reason, not emotions.

Emma has an excellent artistic taste, which allows her to choose the profession of fashion designer or designer, art critic or artist. Emma can try herself in other fields of activity thanks to her discipline and tact, and the strong-willed character and favorable disposition of the people around her will help the girl make a dizzying career and take leading positions. Even as a child, Emma shows such traits as independence and remarkable willpower, therefore, in her work, the girl shows hard work and perseverance, but she approaches business issues thoughtfully and slowly.

In family life, Emma shows herself as a caring mother and a good housewife, she never gets tired of household chores. In Emma's family, the husband usually plays the "first violin", the life of this girl is tuned to her loved ones, Emma lives by them and protects them from life's hardships. The owner of this name hates playing with feelings, she is very sincere in love. Emma is picky about her partner.

It is very important for Emma to find a way out for internal tension, for example, through humor. Laughter and a smile will make Emma's character softer, relations with colleagues and loved ones warmer, and her mood more joyful. It is worth noting that the owner of this name is very prone to depression due to increased emotionality and self-criticism. In a relationship with Emma, you should not perceive the girl's external coldness as arrogance. Communication should be built not on emotions, but on reasonable arguments, then the relationship will be warm and friendly for a long time.

Emma's birthday

Emma celebrates her name day on March 26, June 4, June 27, June 29, July 23.

Famous people named Emma

  • Emma Gurkish ((980 - 1045) saint of the Roman Catholic Church)
  • Emma of Normandy ((982 - 1052) daughter of Richard I, Count of Normandy, Queen of England, wife of Kings Ethelred II and Canud the Great)
  • Emma of Italy ((948 - 988) daughter of the King of Italy Lothair of Arles, wife of the King of the West Frankish kingdom Lothair of France)
  • Emma Goldman ((1869 - 1940) famous anarchist of the first half of the 20th century, also known as Red Emma)
  • Emma of the Czechs ((950 - 1006) wife of the Czech prince Boleslav II; Emma is one of the few known personalities of early Czech history)
  • Emma Waldeck-Pyrmont (née - Adelaide Emma Wilhelmina Theresia, wife of King Willem III of the Netherlands (1858 - 1934))
  • Emma Hamilton (Emma Hamilton, real name - Amy Lyon; English courtesan, wife of British diplomat William Hamilton, lover of Admiral Nelson (1765 - 1815))
  • Emma Bunton ((born 1976) British singer, member of the "Spice Girls")
  • Emmy Noether ((1882 - 1935) outstanding German mathematician)
  • Emma Orzi (English writer of Hungarian origin, author of the novel "The Scarlet Primrose", playwright and artist)
  • Emma Thompson (British actress and screenwriter, Academy Award winner, BAFTA and Emmy Award winner)
  • Emma Kirkby ((born 1949) English singer (soprano) specializing in early music, predominantly Baroque)
  • Emma Levy ((1842 - 1863) one of the last ballerinas of the era of romantic ballet and protégé of Maria Taglioni)
  • Emmy Goering (née Emma Johanna Henny Sonnemann; German theater and film actress, second wife of Hermann Goering (1893 - 1973))
  • Emma Chaplin (real name - Christelle Joliton, French singer (born 1974))
  • Emma Bonnie (English snooker player; also plays English billiards at a high level)
  • Emma Wiklund ((born 1968) Swedish fashion model and film actress)
  • Emma Laine (Finnish tennis player)
  • Emma Roberts ((born 1991) American pop singer and actress)
  • Emmaline Fanchon (Emma) Tillman ((1892 - 2007) American long-liver; died at 114 years 67 days)
  • Emma of France ((894 - 934) queen of the West Frankish kingdom in 923 - 934, wife of the King of France Raoul I of Burgundy)
  • Emmy Verhey ((born 1949) Dutch violinist)
  • Emma Watson ((born 1990) is an English film actress and fashion model, best known for her role in the film about Harry Potter, it was she who played Hermione Granger. Winner of many film awards, and is also listed in the Guinness Book of Records. In addition to starring in the bestseller, she also starred in the films " Ballet shoes "," It's good to be quiet "," Elite society "and others. She actively participates in filming.)

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