The Meaning Of Emily's Name

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The Meaning Of Emily's Name
The Meaning Of Emily's Name

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Short form of the name Emily. Emmy, Milya, Miila, Miili, Meli, Milla, Mimmy.

Synonyms for the name Emily. Emilia, Emma, ​​Aimil, Aimil, Emilie.

The origin of the name Emily. Emily's name is Catholic.

The name Emily has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name is derived from the Latin "aemulus", meaning "rival, worthy opponent."

According to the second version, the name Emily is a form of the name Emilia, which has different versions of the origin. Emily and Emilia are interchangeable and interchangeable names, but in modern times each of these names has become independent and is used independently of each other.

The name Emily has related names: Amalia, Emma, ​​Irma. Also, the name Emily can be used as an affectionate appeal to the owner of the name Emma. Emily's name corresponds to the paired male name Emil.

For the name Emily, see the corresponding full name Emma or Emilia.

Description of the meaning of the name Emily - see the names Emilia and Emma.

Emily's birthday

Emily doesn't have a name day.

Famous people named Emily

  • Emily Bronte ((1818 - 1848) English writer)
  • Emilie du Châtelet (French aristocrat, physicist and mathematician, friend of Voltaire)
  • Emily Olivia Leah Blunt ((born 1983) British actress, 2006 Golden Globe Award Winner for Best Supporting Actress in Gideon's Daughter, 2007 Golden Globe and BAFTA nominees for The Devil wears Prada.”The actress first became famous for the film“My Summer of Love”.)
  • Emily Di Donato (American fashion model)
  • Emily Rute ((1844 - 1924) née Seyida Salme; Zanzibar princess who married a German merchant and converted to Protestantism. She became famous as the author of the memoirs "Memoirs of an Arab Princess from Zanzibar" - the first known autobiography of an Arab woman.)
  • Emily de Ravin (Australian actress, best known for her roles as Tess Harding in Alien City and Claire Littleton in Lost)
  • Emily Mortimer (English actress best known for Scream 3, Match Point and The Pink Panther)
  • Emily Booth (English actress and TV presenter. Stage name Emily "Bouff" Bouffante. Mainly stars in horror films. Also launched a television show dedicated to horror films.)
  • Emily Bergl (American film and television actress. She began her career starring in the high-budget film Carrie 2: The Fury in 1999, for which she was nominated for a Saturn Award. Known for her roles in the television series Kidnapped "," People in the Trees, " Southland, "and" Desperate Housewives, "where she is currently filming.)
  • Emily Greene Bolch ((1867 - 1961) American economist, pacifist, 1946 Nobel Peace Prize laureate)
  • Emily Elizabeth Dickinson ((1830 - 1886) American poet. During her lifetime she published less than ten poems (most sources cite the numbers from seven to ten) out of eighteen hundred written by her. Even what was published was subjected to serious editorial revision to bring the poems Dickinson's poems are unparalleled in contemporary poetry. Their lines are short, titles are usually absent, and unusual punctuation and use of capital letters are common. Many of her poems contain the motif of death and immortality, the same plots permeate her letters to friends.Dickinson's first collection of poetry was published in 1890 and heavily edited, and a complete and nearly unedited edition was published in 1955 by Thomas Johnson.Although the publications drew unfavorable criticism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Emily Dickinson is now regarded by critics as one of America's greatest poets.)
  • Emily Young (English director and screenwriter; in 2009 her film "Veronica Decides to Die" was released - a screen version of the novel of the same name by Paulo Coelho with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the title role)
  • Emily Jane Browning (Australian actress)
  • Emily Samuelson (American ice dancing figure skater. Paired with Evan Batesomon - 2008 World Junior Champion, bronze medalist of the Four Continents Championship and multiple US championship medalist.)
  • Emily Ayres Robins (New Zealand actress and singer, best known for her role as Alex Wilson on The Princess and the Elephant)
  • Emily Haymans (Canadian diving, three-time Olympic medalist, world champion)
  • Emily Yasser (contemporary Palestinian artist)
  • Emily Erin Deschanel (American film actress, producer, best known for her starring role in the television series Bones)
  • Emily Irene Vancamp (Canadian actress. She is best known for her role as Amy Abbott in the TV series Everwood, which ran from 2002 to 2006, and for her role as Rebecca Harper in the TV series Brothers and Sisters, which aired in 2007. She is currently in leading role in the TV series "Revenge".)
  • Emily Jane Bronte ((1818 - 1848) English poet, author of Wuthering Heights)
  • Emily Barclay (English actress, starring mainly in films produced in Australia and New Zealand)
  • Emily Jean Perkins (Canadian actress)
  • Emily Simon (French singer, composer and songwriter in the genre of electro-pop)
  • Emily Watson (English theater and film actress)
  • Emily Tennessee Donelson ((1807 - 1836) niece of US President Andrew Jackson and unofficial First Lady of the United States from 1829 to 1836)
  • Emily Mallory Procter (American actress best known for playing Kaley Ducane on CSI: Miami Crime Scene Investigation)

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