The Meaning Of El's Name

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The Meaning Of El's Name
The Meaning Of El's Name

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Video: The Meaning Of El's Name
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Synonyms for the name El. Ela, Eli, Eliana.

The origin of the name El. El's name is Tatar, Jewish, Catholic.

El's name is currently a separate name, but originally it was a short form of various female names. Most often, El's address was used for the names Eleanor and Ella.

Later Elya appeared for all names starting with "e" - Elina, Elinor, Elsa, Elizabeth, Alison, Elvira, Elia. El is also used as an affectionate reference to other names - Aelita, Gabriella, Emilia, Evelina, Daniela, Ilina.

In some countries, the name El sounds like Ela due to the absence of the letter "I" in the language. There is also the male name El, a variant of the pronunciation of the name El. Eli is a Hebrew name meaning "my God", "exaltation". This name is also used in two-part names, where “eli” can be replaced by “el” (Elimelech, Eliezer, Elazar, Elkana, Elyakim).

It is believed that the name El is a Tatar name that appeared from the abbreviation of some female names containing "el" - Elmira, Elvira, Elvina, Elnara.

The owner of the name Elya is a charming woman who loves to spend time with friends, attend public events, and is very sociable. She can be called an indecisive young lady, but only if her feelings are not hurt. Her emotionality awakens when she feels hurt, injustice, or feels lonely.

Elya loves her family, believes that in the family she can gain strength for all accomplishments, so she often always talks about her plans to her parents, shares with her brothers and sisters. He prefers to solve problems gradually, step by step, without making harsh actions, but sometimes delays this process precisely because of slowness.

The owner of the name El lacks objectivity, she prefers to adhere to her own opinion, not taking into account some facts, if it is more convenient for her. Therefore, Elya can idealize both people and the situation, which in the future cannot but turn out to be her side. Disappointment is very difficult for her.

Despite this, this girl has an analytical mind, she has a good attention to detail, but this may not apply to her lifestyle in general, but only to specific things. For example, she can be fluent in mathematics, well versed in physics, but to understand the relationships of people, having all the necessary information, can be a difficult task for her.

For Eli, family life is likely to be her number one priority, although she can become an excellent specialist in the field of medicine and health care, ecology or zoology, mathematician, physicist. She can also be successful in the cultural field.

Eli's birthday

Elya does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named El

  • Elya Chavez ((born 1984) Russian singer, sings in Russian, Japanese and English, also starred in some films)
  • Elyana Gaigalaite ((1933-2015) Soviet and Lithuanian actress)
  • Elya Kagan ((1909-1944) Jewish writer from the USSR)
  • Elya Chernilov ((1931 -?) Soviet mining mechanical engineer, author of 16 patents, was a designer of drilling rigs. In 1966 he received the Lenin Prize for the creation of mechanisms for drilling wells.)
  • Elana Buciute ((1930-2010) Lithuanian architect)
  • Ilya (Elia) Zalmanovich ((born 1950) is an American actor, known as Elya Baskin. He starred in such films as Spider-Man 2, A Space Odyssey 2010, The Name of the Rose, Murder She Wrote, "Angels and Demons" and many others.)
  • Ela of Salisbury ((1187-1261) English aristocrat, countess)

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