The Meaning Of The Name Cheryl

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The Meaning Of The Name Cheryl
The Meaning Of The Name Cheryl

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Short form of the name Cheryl. Sheri, Cher, Sherry, Cherie, Cher, Cherry.

Synonyms for the name Cheryl. Sherrill, Sherilyn, Sherilenn, Sherianne, Cheryl, Charlene, Chery, Sherel, Sherrill, Kara, Karina, Caris.

The origin of the name Cheryl. Cheryl's name is German, English.

The name Cheryl in translation from English means "beloved", "sweet", "dear". In France, the form of this name is also used - Cheri, and the name itself is pronounced through "h", not through "sh". Cheryl's name is also spelled with two letters "l" - Sherrill, he has a derivative name - Sherilyn, Sherilenn, Sherianne. Affectionately Cheryl can be called Sheri, Cher, Sherry, Cherry, Cher, Cherry. This version of the origin of the name Cheryl is the main one.

According to another theory, the name Cheryl is of German origin. It is the feminine version of the male name Charles (the English equivalent of the German name Karl), which means "free man". In England, the name will be pronounced as Charlene (Charlene), and Cheryl (Cheryl) will be one of the options, as Catherine - Catherine.

Alternative spelling of Cheryl's name - Cheryl, Cherie, Sharel, Sherrill, Kara, Karina, Caris (from the Latinized form of the male name Charles - Caroline, Carol). In this case, the female names Charlotte, Carolina are related names.

The name Cheryl is used most often in English-speaking countries. The name itself appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and was most popular at the beginning of the Cold War period. In America, the name Cheryl was most popular in the 1940s and early 1980s, and in the UK from the 1950s to the early 1990s.

Cheryl is an adventurous, active and courageous woman. This is a very strong personality, prone to straightforwardness and initiative. Cheryl loves to draw attention to herself. She chooses her clothes and shoes so that the eye dwells on them. The owner of this name has a craving for jewelry and furs. Cheryl behaves somewhat arrogantly, but no one will deny her originality and charm.

Cheryl disdains poverty, does not recognize subordinate roles for herself. Any failure turns out to be bitter disappointment and envy of more successful people for her. However, a woman is well aware of her capabilities, understands what she can achieve quickly.

Among the negative qualities of a woman named Cheryl is that she has no tolerance at all. Cheryl is often irritable. Since childhood, she has a proud and rebellious character. Among the environment, Cheryl chooses her favorites, whom she can devote to her secrets and it is with them that she will share her plans.

Cheryl's passions are very controversial. She is attracted to a wide variety of fields and occupations. Sometimes it takes her some time to be alone and isolated. A woman spends this time thinking over everything, enriching herself intellectually. Cheryl is attracted to everything strange and unusual, she is fascinated by esotericism.

In love, Cheryl does not show all her feelings and emotions. She always remains mysterious and enigmatic for a partner. In the future husband, a woman wants to see, first of all, a community of views and interests. Cheryl has a tendency to search for a suitable person for herself for a long time, whom she chooses, relying more on her intuition.

Although Cheryl is focused on family life, she wants to realize herself in her professional life. She is attracted by the career of an expert, engineer, administrator, financier, as well as professions associated with the jewelry industry and the world of fashion.

Cheryl's birthday

Cheryl doesn't celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Cheryl

  • Sherilyn Fenn ((born 1965) American actress, was nominated for an Emmy in 1990 and a Golden Globe in 1991)
  • Cheryl Ann Cole ((born 1983) née Tweedy; British singer-songwriter. Nominated five times in the Brit Awards, and her song "The Promise" became the best single. Also a dancer, actress and model.)
  • Cheryl Ladd ((born 1951) is an American actress and singer. She mainly starred in the television series Charlie's Angels, Police Woman, West Waikiki, Las Vegas, but also played roles in the Millennium films. "Eternal Midnight" and others.)
  • Cheryl Lee ((born 1967) is an American actress, famed for her role as Laura Palmer in the cult 1990s television series Twin Peaks. She was twice nominated for the Saturn Award. She also starred in the films Fifth in a Quartet (1994), "Vampires" (1998), "Notes from the Underground" (1995), "Mother Dark" (1996) and others.)
  • Cheryl Miller ((born 1964) former American basketball player, then coach, and now sportscaster and analyst. 1984 Olympic champion in the US women's team, world champion 1986. Miller became a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1995.)
  • Cheryl Denise Swoops ((born 1971) is a famous American basketball player, three times Olympic champion with the US national team (1996, 2000 and 2004), also became the champion of the NBA women's team four times. Three times she was named the most valuable player by the association.)
  • Sherrill Susanne Crowe ((born 1962) is an American performer and musician, plays guitar and bass. He is a songwriter and nine-time Grammy winner.)
  • Cheryl Lee Ralph ((born 1956) is an American actress and singer. She starred in the films The Mighty Queen, The Lover, The Flintstones, Containment and Love Unconditional. She was nominated for her role in the musical Dream Girl. the Tony Award.)
  • Cheryl Noble ((born 1956) Canadian curler, gold medal winner in the 2000 World Cup and bronze medal in the 2002 Olympics)
  • Cheryl Hines ((born 1965) American actress, Emmy Award Winner for her supporting role in Curb Your Enthusiasm)
  • Cher ((born 1946) real name - Sherilyn Sargsyan Lapierre Bono Allman; American pop singer, winner of the Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globes and Emmy. Her musical career has lasted for almost 50 years, and her songs have been at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 throughout the entire period of their creativity. Songwriter, director and music producer, as well as actress. Has starred in the films "Eastwick Witches", "Mermaids", "Silkwood", "The Mask", "Reign of the Moon", "Burlesque" and others.)
  • Cheryl Pounder ((born 1976) Canadian ice hockey player, twice winner of the Olympic Games (2002, 2006))
  • Cheryl Kubert ((1940-1989) American fashion model and actress)
  • Cheryl Bernard ((born 1966) Canadian curler)
  • Cheryl Ann Jax ((born 1962) American politician and LGBT activist)
  • Cheryl West ((born 1965) American writer)
  • Cheryl Straid ((born 1968) American memoirist, novelist and essayist)
  • Cheryl Curton ((born 1948) Australian politician)
  • Cheryl Evans ((born 1968) American politician)
  • Cheryl Carolus ((born 1958) South African politician)
  • Cheryl Rickson ((born 1954) Australian actress and model)
  • Cheryl Stephanie Bautista Burke ((born 1984) American professional dancer. Known for participating in the show "Dancing with the Stars" (USA))
  • Bo-Laurent, better known under the pseudonym Cheryl Chase ((born 1956) American activist, founder of the Intersex Society of North America)
  • Cheryl (Cheryl) A. Rubenberg ((born 1946) writer and researcher specializing in the Middle East. Has written several books on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Palestinian women. Contributed to the editing of the "Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict" (2007).)
  • Cheryl Teegs ((born 1947) legendary American model, became the first woman to show a swimsuit on the runway. Cheryl Teegs is a popular publicist on health, fitness and the environment. She is a successful entrepreneur.)
  • Cheryl Ben Tov ((born 1960) birth name Cheryl Khanin; American real estate agent and former Israeli agent)
  • Sherrill Sandberg Kara ((born 1969) American businesswoman, in 2012 she was included in the annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world)
  • Sherilyn Fenn ((born 1965) American actress)
  • Cheryl Rose Anna Maria Sonora Cruz, better known as Cheryl Course ((born 1974) Filipino actress and singer)
  • Cheryl WuDunn (American journalist, female entrepreneur, born Chinese. She became the first Asian American woman to receive the Pulitzer Prize. She and her husband, Nikolai D. Christophe, for her coverage of Beijing Tiananmen Square in 1989. She is also a co-author (with her husband) three bestselling books, the latest of which, Half Heaven, won various awards. She was featured in a 2013 film for Harvard Business School as one of the outstanding women to graduate from business school.)
  • Cheryl Leach ((born 1952) American author and creator of the children's television show Barney & Friends, writer and producer)

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