The Meaning Of The Name Evita

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The Meaning Of The Name Evita
The Meaning Of The Name Evita

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The short form of the name Evita. Eva, Ev, Vita.

Synonyms for the name Evita. Eva, Eva, Evelina, Evangelina.

The origin of the name Evita. The name Evita is Jewish, Jewish.

The name Evita is most often considered an affectionate appeal to names such as Eva (Eva), Evelina. All these names have a common origin, formed from the Hebrew name Hawa, which in various versions means "breath", "life". The name Evita is identical to the name Eve, who became the foremother of all people.

Also, the name Evita is an appeal to the ancient Greek name Evangeline, which means "good news", literally translated as "Gospel". But in modern times, the name Evita has become independent and is also used regardless of its related names.

Diminutive-affectionate expressions Eva and Vita are also independent names.

The name Evita is not mentioned in the Orthodox and Catholic calendar, name day for the name Evita - see the full name Eva or Evelina.

Girl Evita is a bright personality, from the outside it seems to be carefree because of her special communication and sociability. She is charming, elegant, eager to please, to please others. Evita has a great need for other people, she needs them in order for her to feel “real”. The owner of this name has excellent command of the word, she is a talented speaker, she likes to be in the spotlight, constantly discuss something, share ideas.

Evita knows how to entertain others, she is an excellent actress, she perfectly adapts to any situation, is able to imitate the shortcomings of others. She has a critical mind and a keen eye, she easily notices nuances and knows how to use her abilities. Evita will be able to help in any situation, she is curious, she is interested in everything that can bring a new stream into her life, breathe a new, fresh breath of air. Therefore, the owner of this name is often in search of new horizons, has a taste for travel. It is almost impossible to see her in a melancholic mood, she loves games and entertainment.

Evita can be selfish in order to draw attention to herself. She is good at manipulating people, but she does not do it obtrusively, playfully, most often without malicious intent, but only because she wants to be the one they pay attention to, the one they need.

Evita has a refined sense of beauty, she is sensitive to harmony, and is often well versed in art. She will make a lot of effort to please and be appreciated. She has a sense of justice. Personal life for Evita is of paramount importance. It is very difficult for her to find a betrothed, as she will be satisfied with the demanding and exacting attitude towards the person she is looking for. He must be close to perfection, or clearly meet her personal criteria.

Evita prefers to choose professions that could harmoniously coincide with her vision of the world. If she relies on oral speech, she can become a teacher, TV presenter, singer, if in writing, then a journalist or writer. If the main thing for Evita is helping others, then she will be a doctor, social worker, lawyer. Evita will also be able to realize herself in a creative environment.

Evita's birthday

Evita does not celebrate a name day.

Famous people named Evita

  • Maria Eva Duarte de Peron, also known as Evita ((1919 - 1952) First Lady of Argentina, second wife of the 29th and 41st President Juan Perón)
  • Evita Magri (Maltese singer)
  • Evita Ragsa (Latvian curler)
  • Evita Muñoz "Chachita" ((born 1936) Mexican actress)

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