The Meaning Of The Name Tsiara (Ciara)

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The Meaning Of The Name Tsiara (Ciara)
The Meaning Of The Name Tsiara (Ciara)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Tsiara (Ciara)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Tsiara (Ciara)

The short form of the name Tsiara (Ciara). Cyrus, Sitsi, Siar, Siera, Kara.

Synonyms for the name Tsiara (Ciara). Ciara, Ciar, Kiara, Kiarnet, Kiarnat, Kira, Keira, Sierra, Kara.

The origin of the name Tsiara (Ciara). The name Ciara (Ciara) is English.

The name Ciara is an Irish name derived from the Gaelic "ciar" meaning "dark." In modern times, this name also sounds like Ciara, Ciar, Kiara, Kira in various European countries and has the interpretation of "dark-haired", "dark-eyed", "dark" meaning dark hair or eyes.

In Ireland, the name Ciara (Ciara, Kiara) is the feminine form of the male name Ciara (Ciaran), which means "beautiful dark hair." More often pronounced through "k" - Kiara. In Ireland, for 2006, it was considered a fairly popular female name and was among the ten most popular female names.

In England, the name Ciara (Ciara) is pronounced as Kiara, Kira, Keira, there are also variants, forms of the name Kiara - Kiarnet, Kiarnat. In the United States of America, the name Ciara is used both through "k" - Kiara, and through "s" - Ciara. The spelling of the name in the native language is also sometimes used in this country to spell the name Sierra.

It should not be confused with the name Chiara (Russian analogue - Svetlana), which has a completely different meaning and origin, although the pronunciation variant of this name - Kiara - is also present. In this case, Chiara is a variant of the Italian name Chiara.

The name Tsiara (Kiara, Siara) can also sound like Kara among the Turkic peoples, for example, in Turkey. "Kara" in Turkic languages means "black" and are part of many geographical names and used words (for example, Kara-Dag - "Black Mountain", Kara-Balgasun - "Black City", Kara-Deniz - "Black Sea"). In Turkic history and toponymy, “kara” means not only “black”, “dark”, but also has a meaning as “great”, “big”, “invincible”.

There is also an independent name Cyrus, which has its own origin story.

Ciara is friendly, active and open to any new communication. Her own unique style can be traced in her behavior and actions. A girl named Tsiara gives the impression of a reliable person, although, in fact, more often than not, outwardly she is a fragile woman, not always confident in herself. With her sociability and enthusiasm, Ciara tries to hide her vulnerability. The girl has the gift of persuasion, she is an excellent actress. If desired, she will seduce, and charm, and confuse. Games and fun attracts Ciara, who seeks to see only good in everything.

As a rule, Ciara is curious, but deeply she is not interested in anything. Her interests can be scattered quite widely, so the knowledge gained by her turns out to be useless. At the same time, Tsiara is a skillful and creative person. She is capable of big things, but she cannot do a permanent job. These qualities greatly affect both the professional future and the personal life of the girl.

Ciara is a playful and mischievous girl. She can talk incessantly, she loves to chat and gossip. A girl named Ciara has a sharp mind that allows her to learn quickly, but she does not show much zeal for learning. Tsiara spends her strength only on what she is passionate about, what gives her joy. She needs to be stimulated to get a good education. Ciara can achieve results in drawing, dancing and foreign languages.

Ciara is very sensitive and needs constant contact with other people. Loneliness scares this girl, for whom emotions always come first. The owner of the name Ciara is hospitable and knows how to listen, for which her friends appreciate her. She combines both self-centeredness and interest in other people.

Tsiara's inclinations allow her to choose a career related to commercial or creative activities. She is very suitable for professions related to communication. For example, she often becomes a journalist or singer, teacher or lawyer, actress or public relations specialist, creative worker or specialist in working with children.

Birthday Tsiara (Ciara)

Tsiara (Ciara) does not celebrate name day.

Famous people named Tsiara (Ciara)

  • Ciara Gribbin (American poet)
  • Ciara Princess Harris, better known as Ciara ((born 1985) American singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, actress, model, video director)
  • Ciara Durkin ((1977 - 2007) Massachusetts National Guard soldier who died mysteriously while deploying to Afghanistan. US Army investigations identified the cause of death as suicide, but the family disputes this.)
  • Ciara Farrell (Irish swimmer)
  • Ciara Janson ((born 1987) English actress, best known for her role in Hollyoaks - Nicole Owen. Also voices various cartoons and is the voice of many radio programs.)
  • Ciara Newell (Irish singer, songwriter)
  • Ciara Anna Gamboa Sotto-O`Conner ((born 1980) Filipino actress and singer)
  • Gloria Sabrina Gomez Delgado ((born 1960) Venezuelan singer, actress, lawyer and TV presenter, known by her professional name Kiara)
  • Kiara "Kiki" Bosio ((born 1987) American football player)
  • Kiara Brinkman ((born 1979) American writer)
  • Saint Kiara (Kiara, Ciara) or Hier (Chier) ((died about 680) there are also variants of pronunciation (in Russian transcription) - Chera, Ciara, Syrah, Cyra; Irish abbess, Catholic saint. A convent was erected, which in her honor, Cill Ceire, now called Kilkeary, near Nenach, Barony of Upper Ormond, County Tipperary, was named after her.)
  • Kiara Noulin ((born 1995) is an American gymnast who became famous at the age of four. She is a gold medalist in many American and prestigious international competitions. She was nicknamed "Girl from Another Planet" for her amazing achievements in gymnastics.)

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