The Meaning Of The Name Chulpan

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The Meaning Of The Name Chulpan
The Meaning Of The Name Chulpan

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Synonyms for the name Chulpan. Cholpon, Cholpan, Sholpan, Sulpan.

The origin of the name Chulpan. The name Chulpan is Tatar, Kazakh.

The name Chulpan is a Tatar and Bashkir female name. From the Tatar language "chulpan" is translated as "morning star", meaning the name of the planet Venus. There is an analogue of this name - Sholpan, which is used among the Kazakhs, and the Bashkirs use a variant of the name - Sulpan. The name is used mainly among the descendants of the Turkic peoples.

The name Tansholpan is also translated as "morning star", but "tan" means "morning, morning", and "Sholpan" - "star" (Venus), respectively, a more accurate translation for the name Chulpan is "star".

There are semantic analogues of the name Chulpan. These are the names Zhuldyz, Stella, Esther, Estelle, Esther, Iskra, Sitara, Tara, Akhtar, Astra.

Girls with this name love to be in the spotlight. Therefore, loneliness is unbearable for them. They have a good memory, patience, sharp mind and resourcefulness. They have a very calm and gentle temperament, they are characterized by shyness and indecision.

In large and noisy companies, Chulpan usually feels uncomfortable. In people, they are irritated by inattention and vulgarity. These are women of the mood who like to sleep longer and are a little lazy. Autumn representatives love to stand out, be the first in everything, so they dress brightly and catchy.

In his work, as a rule, Chulpan takes on more things than he can do. Therefore, he often suffers because of his responsiveness and willingness to help. Moreover, she is always obligatory and tries to complete everything on time.

Winter representatives are better given exact sciences, they are persistent and purposeful. But spring girls with this name are optional and rarely get things done. Such girls usually have poor discipline and do not know how to distribute their working hours, so they often complete tasks at the very last moment. They are constantly in a hurry and make mistakes, so they should not be entrusted with serious and responsible matters. Chulpan, born in autumn, always strives to be the first in everything. And he achieves great results.

In family and marriage, winter Chulpan are excellent housewives, very flexible and economical. Autumn representatives are poorly versed in people, so they cannot get married right away. Summer Chulpan is a very patient and calm hostess, although she may not immediately find a suitable man. A lot of what they do is for show. The house is kept clean and surrounded by luxury. It is usually impossible to find a common language with the mother-in-law, so they should live separately.

In communication, Chulpan is witty and tactful, has a good sense of humor and is always ready to help those who need it. He prefers communication in a small company, where he feels calm and comfortable. Usually he is not good at understanding people, so there are few who truly trust.

Birthday Chulpan

Chulpan does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Chulpan

  • Chulpan Khamatova (Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of Russia (2004), leading actress of the Sovremennik theater, laureate of the State Prize in the field of theatrical art (2004), as well as the Golden Mask, Idol, Seagull awards, the audience award "Live Theater"; Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, one of the founders of the "Give Life" charitable foundation, one of the most popular actresses of modern European cinema)
  • Cholpon Talipbekova (Kyrgyz singer, member of the "Non Stop" duet)
  • Sholpan Imanbaeva ((1904-1926) the first Kazakh girl-poet)
  • Sholpan Kozhakhmetova ((born 1991) Kazakh athlete, sport - race walking), participated in the 2012 Olympics, multiple winner of the championships of the Republic of Kazakhstan in this sport)
  • Sholpan Dzhandarbekova ((1922-2005) Kazakh actress, played in the theater, acted in films, also a teacher. Received the title of People's Artist of the USSR in 1982.)

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