The Meaning Of The Name Hillary

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The Meaning Of The Name Hillary
The Meaning Of The Name Hillary

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Short form of the name Hillary. Ilarka, Larya, Lara, Laryusha, Ila, Ilarita, Ilarina, Hilya, Ilya, Larka, Larka, Elar, Elara.

Synonyms for the name Hillary. Hillary, Ilaria, Ilaria, Iler, Ilaria, Ellaria, Hilaria, Hilary, Hillery, Aler, Hilaria, Elar, Gilary, Ilaria.

Origin of the name Hillary. Hillary's name is English, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Hilary has Latin roots, comes from the word "hilaris", meaning "cheerful" or "joyful". Initially, this word penetrated into the Latin language from the Greek language, where the word "hilarus" meant not only "cheerful, joyful", but also "contented." Hilary is a feminine name, and a masculine name sounds like Ilarion, Larion, Hilarius, Gilar, Elar, Illarion and various variations of these names.

The name Hilary is used mainly in England and the USA, in other European countries they use the name Ilaria, which is an analogue for Hilary, one of the pronunciation options. There is also the male name Hilary.

The diminutive Lara is also an independent name and an appeal to such names as Larisa, Laura, Klara, Lavra, Elara (Alara).

In the Orthodox saints, the name Hillary is absent, but it is identical to the name Ilarius, as in the Catholic saints. The dates of the Orthodox name days of Ilaria are April 1, the other dates indicated are the Catholic name days of Ilaria (Hillary).

Hilary is a shy and defenseless woman. She can be withdrawn, insecure. For her, the emotional environment in which she is is of great importance, since she is rather unstable emotionally. Hilary very often takes a defensive position, becomes very suspicious.

Possessing considerable imagination and intuition, Hilary often sees life in disturbing colors. Because of this, it is in Hilary's character to step back when a significant leap forward can be made. More often Hilary goes in her goal slowly but surely. She tries to keep in the shadows, feels very uncomfortable if she suddenly finds herself in the spotlight.

Hilary is a rather nervous and excitable person. However, she tends to control her feelings and emotions, keeping them within certain limits, although this is not always easy. In business, Hilary can manifest herself in different ways. One day she is stubborn and persistent, shows attention to all the details, and the next day the girl becomes lazy and lacking in initiative. This happens in moments when Hilary loses her emotional motivation and becomes passive from this.

As a child, Hilary is withdrawn and extremely vulnerable. Sometimes she is naughty, a lot nervous. Parents should consider the girl's character by giving her a sense of confidence. Hilary feels good in a relaxed environment away from violence and noise. During her school years, the girl is very dreamy, but she studies well, arousing the sympathy of teachers. Hilary takes on responsibilities early and becomes responsible.

Friendship, encouragement and support from loved ones are very important for a woman named Hilary. Love and friendship are no less necessary for her than oxygen. At the same time, Hillary appreciates solitude, prefers a narrow circle of pleasant friends to noisy companies. Restrained and mysterious Hilary is ready to listen carefully and give the right advice.

In family life, Hillary obeys the opinion of her husband in everything, sometimes giving up her own desires. She becomes a pleasant companion and companion for him. Hilary spends a lot of time in the family.

If Hilary decides to build her career, then most often she chooses professions related to communication, assistance, education. This woman is especially attracted to positions in which you can provide a lot of help, but without showing off. In her work, Hilary values ​​stability and security.

Hilary's birthday

Hilary celebrates her name day on April 1, August 12, December 3, December 31.

Famous people named Hillary

  • Hilary Burton ((born 1982) American actress)
  • Hilary Mantel, also Hilary Mantel ((born 1952) née Hilary Mary Thompson; British writer, literary critic)
  • Hilary Duff ((born 1987) American actress and singer)
  • Hilary Ann Swank ((born 1974) American actress, twice winner of the Academy Awards and Golden Globes)
  • Hillary Scott ((born 1986) American singer, country songwriter, vocalist of the Lady Antebellum trio)
  • Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton ((born 1947) American politician, US Senator from New York State (2001-2009). Member of the US Democratic Party. Was the First Lady of the United States in 1993-2001 during the time of President Bill Clinton. In 2008, competed with Barack Obama for the presidency. US Secretary of State (2009-2013).)
  • Hilary Jane Armstrong ((born 1945) Baroness, British politician)
  • Hilary Bonner ((born 1950) English detective novelist)
  • Hillary Brooke ((1914 - 1999) real name - Beatrice Peterson; American actress, best known for her participation in the 1956 thriller Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much, which received rave reviews and various film awards.)
  • Hilary Hollis Rhoda ((born 1987) American model)
  • Hilary du Pré ((born 1942) British flutist, known as co-author of the book "Genius in the Family" and also for her contribution to the film "Hilary and Jackie", which was based on this book)

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