The Meaning Of The Name Frida

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The Meaning Of The Name Frida
The Meaning Of The Name Frida

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Synonyms for the name Frida. Frederica, Alfreda, Fridolin.

The origin of the name Fried. Frida's name is German.

The name Fried is of German origin. Originally, Fried's name was a diminutive for German names containing the element frieden, meaning peace, rest (Frederica, Alfreda, Fridolin). There is also a translation option from German-Scandinavian - "beloved". Currently, the name Frida is used as an independent name.

Frida belongs to the type of intelligent and independent women, seemingly modest and restrained, but in the soul of aspirants she is liked by others. A woman with this name has a rich inner content. She is rebellious and power-hungry. Moreover, the girl is very impressionable. The story of the grief that befell someone can move Frida to tears, who will then experience this story for a long time in her soul. Moreover, a woman with this name has a strong will. It will not work to frighten her or force her to do anything against her will. It is impossible to manipulate her. Frida is unfamiliar with a sense of conscience.

Frida insanely dislikes lies and deceit. She is so straightforward that it can seriously hinder her career. But career development is not the most important thing for Frida in life. A woman with this name not only has a strong will, she is also a supporter of peace and tranquility. Such people make good public figures.

In relations with men, Frida's lust for power and rebelliousness is strongly manifested. A woman with this name is liked by men for her intelligence, erudition and independence of judgment, but the same qualities of Frida cause women to hate her. A woman who bears this name needs a man who is equal in intelligence and able to curb her pride. Having found such a companion, Frida will become a devoted wife, a loving and patient mother, although there are few truly feminine qualities in Frida.

However, it is very rare to meet a married Frida, although she is attracted to men. This woman seeks to suppress her chosen one, imposing her own order in the family and disregarding the opinion of her husband. She keeps her husband strictly, preventing any attempts to cheat. Until her feelings pass, she will not be able to part with the world, Frida simply will not let her beloved man go. Frida is little concerned with children, preferring to leave them in the care of relatives.

Frida knows her own worth. Many are afraid of Frida's sharp and ironic tongue. Taking part in an argument, this woman will not go into her pocket for a word. Frida is very sensitive to issues of good and evil, she can discuss these issues with friends for a long time. For communication, Frida chooses people who are close in spirit, reaches out to them.

Frida's birthday

Frida doesn't celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Frida

  • Frida Kahlo ((1907 - 1954) Mexican artist, wife of Diego Rivera)
  • Freida Pinto ((born 1984) rising Indian film actress who starred in Slumdog Millionaire)
  • Frieda Wunderlich ((1884 - 1965) German and American economist)
  • Frida Belinfante ((1904 - 1995) Dutch cellist and conductor, first woman permanent conductor of a professional orchestra, member of the Resistance movement)
  • Frida Boccara ((1940 - 1996) French pop singer, winner of the 1st Palma de Mallorca Song Festival in 1964 and the Eurovision Song Contest in 1969)
  • Frida Gustavsson ((born 1993) Swedish top model)
  • Frida Hansdotter ((born 1985) famous Swedish alpine skier, participant of the Olympic Games in Vancouver, medalist of the World Cup stage. Slalom specialist.)
  • Frida Kwast-Hodapp ((1880 - 1949) née Hodapp; German pianist)
  • Frida Vigdorova ((1915 - 1965) Soviet writer and journalist, wife of the satirist Alexander Raskin)
  • Anni-Fried (Frida) Lingstad, Anni-Fried Sunni Lyngstad ((born 1945) Swedish singer of German-Norwegian descent, who gained fame as the lead singer of the ABBA group. Since 1992, after marriage - Princess Annie-Fried Reuss von Plauen.)

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