The Meaning Of The Name Flora

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The Meaning Of The Name Flora
The Meaning Of The Name Flora

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Short form of the name Flora. Flo, Flosia, Flora, Laura, Frolka, Frolushka, Flory, Florry, Florita, Florica, Florish, Forish, Florek, Flir.

Synonyms for the name Flora. Floriane, Florinda, Flor, Fleur, Floria, Fiora, Flura, Flori, Florian, Floriana, Floriana, Fleuriana, Florin, Florina, Fleurina, Florana, Flu, Floria, Flura, Florel.

The origin of the name Flora. The name Flora is Catholic.

The name Flora comes from the Latin "florus" meaning "blossoming", "luxurious", "lush". The name Flora was borne by the Roman goddess of flowers and spring. The Romans also had a cognomen (personal or generic nickname) Florus, from which the cognomen Florinus and Florianus were derived, giving the male name Florian and the female name Florian. These cognomens literally mean "Florus belonging to Florus."

In Europe, various variants and variations of the name Flora are used. So in Germany, the name Floriana is also used, in Portugal, Spain - Florinda, Flor, Floria, in Italy - Fiora, Fiore, in Romania - Florea, in Poland - Florina, in Scotland - Flori. In the northern countries of Europe there is a variant of the name through "u" - Flura. In France, the largest number of variations of the name Flora is used - Florian (Floriana, Florianna), Fleurian (Fleuriana), Florin (Florina), Fleurin (Fleurina), Florent (Florena), Florent (Floran), Florali, Floreli, Florell, Floralin (Floralina), Fluro, Flu, Fluor. There is a pronunciation through the letters "ё" and "e" - Fleur, Fleury.

In Russian, the name Flora was practically not used as a female name. Only the male name Flor was used, which was popularly transformed into the name Frol, hence the diminutive-affectionate references to a man named Flor (Frol): Flo, Flosya, Flora, Laura, Frolka, Frolushka.

Also, the address Laura is an independent name, and the name Flora is a variant of the appeal to Flor (Frol).

The female name Flora has several related names. For example, Floriana (Florian), Florida. Not to be confused with the names Florence and Florentina, which are very similar in sound, but derived from another Roman personal or ancestral nickname - Florentius. To these names, the name Flora is a diminutive and short form.

The Orthodox venerate several saints with the name Flor. And the Catholics know Saint Flora of Cordoba, who is the patroness of converts. Flora's name will be listed as Flora's Catholic name days.

A girl named Flora has a rich inner world, she is an inspired nature. Flora is seriously interested in literature. She pays special attention to works on philosophy and ancient history. Also, the girl often keeps diaries, can write poetry or get carried away with music, often goes to the theater. Flora is very emotional about everything she read or seen. Reading a work or watching a performance on stage, Flora lives their lives with the characters. This is especially true of love stories.

Flora has a luxurious appearance, can be somewhat relaxed, but underneath it hides a subtle and sensitive intuition. The girl's mind is more analytical. Flora has an enviable memory, which makes it easy to memorize a lot of material, not always understanding what exactly is being discussed. Flora can be changeable. Sometimes she is sedate, and sometimes she smells of youth. Her health also depends on her mood. Flora should especially monitor the respiratory organs.

Flora has penetrating abilities. The girl is progressing well on the career ladder. The girl is very active, cunning and does not give in to other people's influence. There is no situation that would confuse Flora. The girl always finds a way out thanks to her strong will, quick wit and dexterity. However, Flora is devoid of ambition, she can only pretend to gain weight in the eyes of society.

Flora has a passion for learning foreign languages. She can make good progress by becoming a translator, flight attendant, or working in commerce or diplomacy. In addition, Flora is not devoid of talent and can make a great singer or actress.

In her imagination, Flora creates a certain ideal of a man, which she then tries to find. As a result, she gets married late, sometimes without finding her ideal. Perhaps the girl's chosen one will never understand what kind of woman stands in front of him. The future spouse Flora seeks to subjugate herself, which most often she succeeds. A girl can be an exemplary hostess only by inspiration. Flora is only playing a righteous woman, and under the influence of events she is capable of any actions.

Flora easily finds a common language with others. In her school years, she more easily converges with boys. They adore her and value their friendship with her. The girl is simple in communication. She doesn't like arrogant, arrogant and boastful people. Flora has a gift for listening and persuading. A girl's opinion always carries weight in the circle of acquaintances.

Flora is ironic and can laugh at others. The girl seeks to attract attention to herself and does it in all possible ways. Flora needs constant communication.

Flora's birthday

Flora celebrates her name day on June 11, July 29, October 5, November 24.

Famous people named Flora

  • Flora of Beaulieu, Flora ((1309 - 1347) saint of the Roman Catholic Church, nun from the monastic order of the Franciscans. According to hagiographic sources, Flora had the gift of prophecy. Flora is revered in the Catholic Church as the patroness of pilgrims. Memorial Day in the Catholic Church - October 5.)
  • Flora Bramley ((1909 - 1992) American actress and comedian of English descent)
  • Flora Mackenzie ((1902 - 1982) New Zealand fashion designer)
  • Flora Martirosyan (famous Armenian singer)
  • Flora (Flyura) Vafina (performer of pop and lyric songs, urban romances, chanson songs, advertising songs, songs of social, patriotic and civil themes)
  • Flora Thompson ((1876 - 1947) screenwriter)
  • Flora Cross ((born 1993) American actress)
  • Flora Kerimova ((born 1941) Azerbaijani pop singer, People's Artist of Azerbaijan)
  • Flora Kaidani ((born 1937) Russian ballet dancer, People's Artist of the RSFSR (1977), teacher. Since 1964 she has been the leading soloist of the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, since 1979 - the soloist of the Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theater. She has toured abroad. She left the stage in 1984. Flora Kaidani's dance was distinguished by strong finger technique, rare stability of posing and ease of rotation, clarity of small rotations. Among the students - People's Artist of Russia Natalia Chekhovskaya.)
  • Florence (Flora) Ageenko ((born 1928) Soviet and Russian philologist, candidate of philological sciences (1993). In 1954 she was invited to the announcer group of the All-Union Radio. She worked in the announcer group of the Central Broadcasting in 1954-1974, in 1975-1991 - in the announcer department of the Central Television. In subsequent years, F.L. Ageenko continued her activities in the Information Television Agency (Program "Vremya"), in the television companies: "Business Russia", "Culture", "TV Center". Conducted classes on spelling and the style of the Russian language with presenters, correspondents, commentators, observers.For her creative contribution to the preparation of radio and television programs she was awarded the Diploma of the Committee on Radio and Television (1970), the Honorary Diploma of the State Committee in connection with the 50th anniversary of Soviet television (1981), the badge "Excellence in Television and Radio".She published articles about the problems of speech culture on television and radio in the magazines "Russian speech", "Television and radio broadcasting", in the collection "Announcer at the microphone". She actively participated in the compilation of the dictionary, which later became known as the "Dictionary of the Russian language stresses" (different editions of this dictionary had different authors - F.L. Ageenko, M.V. Zarva, K.I.Bylinsky, D.E. Rosenthal and others).)
  • Flora Brovina ((born 1949) Yugoslav pediatrician, feminist, poet and human rights activist)
  • Flora Chan Wai-Shan ((born 1970) film and television actress)
  • Flora MacDonald Isabelle ((born 1926) Canadian politician)
  • Flora Ann Celina Montgomery ((born 1974) actress of Northern Ireland)
  • Flora Purim ((born 1942) Brazilian jazz singer, performing jazz fusion songs. In 2002 Purim was awarded one of the highest awards in Brazil, awarded the Rio Branco Order.)
  • Dame Flora McKenzie Robson ((1902 - 1984) British actress, nominee for the "Oscar" in 1945. The first notable film role of Flora Robson was Queen Elizabeth I of England in the film "Flames over England" and in the same year she played Libya in the film “I, Claudius.” In 1941, the actress left the United States and returned to the UK, where she continued a successful theatrical career in London. The second time Flora Robson came to the United States in 1945 on the set of the film “Saratoga Railway.” For the role of Angelica in this In the film, the actress was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, and in the following years she had successful roles in Caesar and Cleopatra (1945), Black Narcissus (1947) and Romeo and Juliet (1954) In the early 1950s, Robson played more in London theaters, performing in the West End and also on Broadway.The last time she appeared on the stage was in 1969, after which she continued her career as an actress on television and in films. Her last film role was the Stygian Witch in the famous movie "Clash of the Titans" in 1981. In 1952, the actress was awarded the title of Commander of the British Empire, and in 1960 she was promoted to Dame Commander for her charitable work. A street in South Shields, England was named after her.)A street in South Shields, England was named after her.)A street in South Shields, England was named after her.)
  • Flora Clift Stephenson ((1839 - 1905) Scottish social reformer who had a special interest in education for poor or neglected children and in girls' education. She was one of the first women in the United Kingdom to be elected to the School Board.)
  • Flora Tristan ((1803 - 1844) socialist writer and activist. She was one of the founders of modern feminism. She wrote several works, the most famous of which are The Wanderings of Pariah (1838), Alleys in London (1840) and The Union of Workers "(1843). Tristan was the grandmother of the painter Paul Gauguin.)
  • Flora Caroline Tworth ((1893 - 1985) is an English painter who specializes in watercolors and pastels. Her work contains local scenes, people and animals, squares, fairs and others. She has also produced pencil, charcoal and pastel drawings, including some excellent portraits. After her death, she bequeathed the studio in which she painted and her work to the Hampshire County Council. The exhibition of her work in this studio changes twice a year, which became known as the Flora Twort Gallery.)
  • Florica Musichesu ((1887 - 1969) Romanian pianist and music teacher, daughter of Gabriel Musichesu. For many decades she taught at the Bucharest Conservatory. Musical students were outstanding pianists: Dinu Lipatti, Radu Lupu, Mindru Katz, Miriam Marbe, Mihai Bredicanu and others.)
  • Floria Sigismondi (Canadian photographer, director and clip maker. Floria is famous not only for her art exhibitions. As a renowned clip maker, she worked with such musicians as "The Tea Party", "Interpol", "Incubus", Christina Aguilera, "Muse", Billy Talent, The White Stripes, Sigur Ros, Sheryl Crow, The Cure, Bjork, Amon Tobin, Marilyn Manson, Living Things and David Bowie Her “nervous” shooting style, seen back in early works (such as Marilyn Manson's The Beautiful People) were copied by many directors.)
  • Fleur Maxwell ((born 1988) Luxembourg singles figure skater. National Champion of Luxembourg 2005.)
  • Fleur Yeggi ((born 1940) Italian writer. Translated by Marcel Schwob and Thomas De Quincey. Author of essays on Schwob, De Quincey, John Keats, Robert Walser. Songs on verses by Fleur Yeggi performed by Franco Battiato and Junie Russo. Her books have been translated into English., French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Polish, Croatian, Chinese, etc. The play based on her novel Happy Unhappy Years was directed by Luca Ronconi in 2010.)
  • Floor Jansen ((born 1981) Dutch singer, former vocalist of the symphonic metal band "After Forever")

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