The Meaning Of The Name Firuza

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The Meaning Of The Name Firuza
The Meaning Of The Name Firuza

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Firuza

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Firuza
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Synonyms for the name Firuza. Firuza, Feruza, Fairuza, Faruza, Piruza, Ziruza.

The origin of the name Firuza. The name Firuza is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Firuza is a Persian name that literally means the semi-precious stone "turquoise". From the Persian language "firuza" is translated as "stone of happiness", and there is also a pronunciation "pyruz" - "winning the victory".

Ancient people believed that turquoise brings happiness in love and reconciles spouses, as it was formed from the bones of deceased people who, as they believed, died of love. Turquoise is the national stone of the Persians, they highly appreciated its beauty and the power of the stone. The Persians have a saying: in order to avoid evil and find a good destiny, a person must see the reflection of the new moon on the face of a friend, on the Koran or on turquoise. This proverb makes it clear that for the ancient Persians, turquoise was not a simple semi-precious stone, they put the stone on a par with the most valuable concepts. Perhaps this saying should be understood in such a way that, having a good friend, a holy book or turquoise, you can get protection from everything bad.

In Arabic, "firuzaj" means "a stone that brings victory and good luck in business," exactly the same translation is given to "firuza". Firuza is a popular Uzbek name, which the Uzbeks translate as "blossoming flower". “Gyuli” (“guli”) is just a flower, and “firyuza” is “a blossoming rose”.

There is a translation option - "the winner's stone". Turquoise was known back in Ancient Egypt, where sacred scarab beetles were cut out of it. Because of its blue color, this stone was dedicated in Egypt to the goddess Isis - the goddess of love and beauty.

The name Firuza is also pronounced and written as Firuza. This option is the most common in Turkmenistan. The name Firuza is used by Bashkirs, Uzbeks, Kazakhs and many other eastern peoples, most often Muslims. A phonetically transformed version is also used - Ziruza, which is most often found among Kazakhs. This name is also popular in other Asian post-Soviet republics. The male paired name is Firuz. There is another variant of pronunciation and spelling - Feruza, which some consider to be an independent name.

The name Firuza (Firuza) has another translation option as "radiant", "happy", "bright", "superior to others."

Firuza grows up as a responsive and calm girl. She always shows attentiveness to close people. She is an optimist by nature. The owner of such a name is always mobile, cheerful and resourceful.

"Winter" Firuza is an emotional person. Because of his stubbornness, he often goes against others. Their gossip often leads to quarrels with friends and family. At the same time, Firuza always manages not to remain guilty of the conflict. This girl is rarely upset by failure. Despite a number of her negative qualities, she is a kind person.

"Summer" Firuza is a sociable person. She always tries not to stand out in the team. She is well versed in the humanities. She is always organized, hardworking and assiduous in her work. He does everything scrupulously. In case of conflict situations, the girl tries to neutralize them.

All owners of this name are characterized by independence and independence. Their neatness and desire for order often crosses the line with disgust. Most women with the name Firuza are romantic, dreamy and amorous persons. Some of them are characterized by high self-esteem and arrogance.

He enters into marriage at a fairly conscious age. Firuza is capable of creating a strong family only with a morally strong man. In relationships, she often shows frivolity and selfishness. By herself, this woman is a chaotic and contradictory nature. She likes to bring joy to other people. She is able to lie, believing that she does it only for the sake of good intentions. She is sensitive and peaceful. Outwardly, such a person seems to be very practical, but in fact, a soft nature is hidden in Firuz.

Firuza is brave, seeks to act and is never deceived by appearance. In a fit of hobbies, she is able to commit rash acts. In a number of situations, it manifests itself as an empathic and generous nature. In life, Firuza strives to achieve comfort. Thanks to his rich imagination, utopian plans often stand. The wonderful intuition of the owner of this name helps her in life to achieve the tasks assigned to her.

Firuza's birthday

Firuza does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Firuza

  • Firuza Isyanbaeva (head of the Samara village council in the Khaibullinsky district of Bashkortostan)
  • Firuza Bekmetova (Russian basketball player, height - 200 cm)
  • Firuza Velikhanli (Azerbaijani chess player)
  • Firuza Allayarova (actress of the Bashkir Academic Drama Theater named after Mazhit Gafuri (Ufa))
  • Firuza Vekilova (was a teacher of the Russian language, as well as the head of a drama club in the Tiflis club. Mother of Rashid Majid oglu Beibutov (1915 - 1989), an Azerbaijani pop and opera singer (lyric tenor) and actor, who is the People's Artist of the USSR (1959), Hero of the Socialist Labor (1980).)
  • Firuza Jumaniyazova (singer, popular in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Dagestan. To date, Firuza managed to go on tour in India, China, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Israel, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia. The girl sings not only in Uzbek, but also has his repertoire of songs in Russian, Arabic and other languages of the world.)
  • Firuza Khafizova (Tajik performer)
  • Firuza Alifova (Sogdian singer, the only pop star of Central Asia, reached the final of the IV International Competition "Astana-2006")
  • Firuza Avakyan (deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of the 3rd convocation)
  • Firuza Yusifova (deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of the 3rd convocation)

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