The Meaning Of The Name Felicia

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The Meaning Of The Name Felicia
The Meaning Of The Name Felicia

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Short form of the name Felicia. Feli, Fe, Fox, Leesha, Licha, Lika, Fela, Felina.

Synonyms for the name Felicia. Felicia, Feliza, Felicie, Felicity, Felicha, Felice, Felicha, Feliz, Feliz.

The origin of the name Felicia. The name Felicia is Catholic.

The name Felicia is of Latin origin, meaning "happy". Originally found in the phrase "tempora felicia", which literally translates as "happy times." Later "felicia" was transformed into a female name. Also interpreted as "lucky", "successful", "fruitful".

The name Felicia is a paired female name to the male name Felix. In Europe it may sound like Felici, Felicity, Felicha, Felice, Felicia.

The name Felicia is a related name, although it is also used as an analogue of the name Felicia in many European countries (for example, the names Mila, Milan, Milena). The name Zita - the Hungarian version of the name Felicita (Felicity), Felicia - may have other versions of origin, and also be used regardless of the name Felicia.

The following names are close in semantic meaning: Gwenet, Zafira, Leticia, Saida, Faustina, Hana, Sachi, Maden, Monifa, Florence, Ayana, Beatrice. The name Felicia is a Catholic name. A related Orthodox name is Filicita (Felicity).

The owner of the name Felicia is quite an emotional person. Feelings take a big place in her life, and more often she makes decisions not with her heart, but under the influence of emotions. She is only truly happy when she has someone she loves, or is passionate about something. It is especially important for her to be useful to others.

Felicia is shy, gentle, extremely considerate of others. She is friendly, sociable, prefers to take the first step towards reconciliation. She becomes a wonderful friend who knows how to listen, she always manages to find the right words to support and advise.

Felicia has good intuition, tactful and diplomatic. However, do not be fooled by her gentle and submissive appearance, because Felicia is able to turn into a real tigress if she witnesses meanness, aggression or deception - character traits that she hates the most. Her emotional nature, reacting to situations, can lead to irascibility.

The owner of the name Felicia is a straightforward and outspoken woman who values ​​clarity and sincerity. She is active, courageous and resourceful, and often sees opportunity where it is. In fact, she understands material reality well and is not afraid to take responsibility, both in a personal and professional context.

She is devoted to those she loves and takes great pleasure in helping others, which satisfies her altruistic nature. While she is tolerant and kind, she is also quite stubborn and tends to think that she is always right, which often leads to her imposing her views on others. Felicia could be compared to an iron fist in a velvet glove, a woman with a smile that can melt the coldest of hearts.

As a child, she is an affectionate and sweet little girl, loves hugs and is very happy as long as she feels that she is loved. She is very receptive to the family atmosphere, she strives to please and is always happy to help. On the other hand, she hates lawlessness and can react quite violently to gross injustice. Reasonable and responsible from a young age, she will become an amazing older sister, attentive and caring with her younger brothers and sisters.

Felicia strives to preserve her environment so that everyone around her is as happy as possible. Her own happiness depends a lot on her own family and on the love in her life - in one form or another. She is a conscientious girl, a perfectionist, who is quite capable of forgetting her own needs and desires for those she loves and becomes a loving wife and mother. Felicia, however, is demanding and has a certain bitterness when she realizes that she gives a lot and receives little.

Her emotional nature and success in relationships takes precedence over any professional ambition she may have. Her family and loved ones will largely influence her choice of profession. This girl will be especially attracted to activities related to providing advice or caring for others, especially in the medico-social sphere or in connection with children (obstetrics, childcare, teaching, psychology). You may also be interested in pursuits related to aesthetics (artist, actress) or money (finance, banking).

Felicia's birthday

Felicia celebrates her name day on February 5, April 12, April 16, April 27, May 7, May 8, May 10, June 1, June 2, October 20, November 11.

Famous people named Felicia

  • Felicia of Sicily ((about 1078-1102) the first wife of the King of Hungary Kalman I the Scribe)
  • Catherine Felicia Day ((born 1979) American actress, best known for her roles in the TV series Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Felicia Farr ((born 1932) pseudonym, real name Olivia Dines; American actress and model)
  • Felicia Filip ((born 1959) Romanian opera singer (soprano). First singer to receive all Mozart awards.)
  • Felicia Pentimon, known as Lizia ((born 1969) former Italian basketball player)
  • Felicia Tien Zimmermann ((born 1975) American fencer)
  • Felicia Dorothea Hemans ((1793-1835) née Brown; English poet. The first collection of her poems was published in 1808, when she was not yet 15. The poem "England and Spain" attracted the attention of MW Shelley. " Forest Sanctuary "is considered the finest of her poetry. Some of her hymns have been placed in church collections and sung at services.)
  • Felicia Blumenthal ((1908-1991) Polish pianist. She lived in Brazil since 1942. After a successful debut in Rio de Janeiro, Blumenthal gave more than 100 concerts in various Latin American countries. In 1954 the Mitsne-Blumenthal family returned to Europe. Her recordings of mazurkas Chopin's interests are exemplary. Later Blumenthal's interests expanded significantly, including towards little-known and half-forgotten authors. Having found a second home in Brazil, Blumenthal promoted the music of this country, including the works of Heitor Villa-Lobos, who dedicated his Fifth Piano Concerto to her. The name Blumenthal is the music center and library in Tel Aviv.)
  • Courtney Felicia Fine ((1977-2011) American actress, screenwriter, singer, and songwriter)
  • Felicia de Ruci ((c. 1060-1123) Queen of Aragon and Queen of Navarre, second wife of Sancho I)

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