The Meaning Of The Name Feruz

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The Meaning Of The Name Feruz
The Meaning Of The Name Feruz

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Synonyms for the name Feruza. Firuza, Firuza, Piruza.

The origin of the name Feruza. The name of Feruz is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Feruza is a name of Persian origin, literally translated as "turquoise", a more accurate translation of "semi-precious stone - turquoise." There is also a translation option from Arabic as "happy", "radiant". It is believed that the name Feruza is a form of the Persian name Firuza, one of the spelling and pronunciation options.

As a child, Feruza is calm enough, but at the same time she does not hold fun, mobility and resourcefulness. She is responsive and always attentive to family and friends. In any situation, Feruza tries not to lose heart.

The girl with this name is very organized. She has a great penchant for the humanities. Both in life and in work, Feruza tries not to stand out. She is scrupulous in her work, practical and assiduous. In the team, the girl tries to extinguish the conflicts that arise, although when it comes to friends and acquaintances she can behave differently.

By temperament, Feruza is choleric. She is characterized by hard work and high efficiency. In fact, work for her is an integral part of life. The girl tries to be independent and independent.

Summer Feruza is sociable, but usually gets married late. Perhaps it's a matter of some disgust, because of which the girl seeks to communicate and only visits close relatives. In her house, Feruza is neat and loves order.

Feruza is emotional, especially for girls born in winter. Sometimes she is stubborn and does not want to go to a meeting with relatives and friends. In addition, Feruza loves to gossip and in his own words can quarrel the closest friends. At the same time, most likely, the girl herself will remain spotless. Indeed, the love of creating conflicts in a girl is very strong, but at the same time she cannot be denied kindness. If asked, Feruza will certainly come to the rescue.

Feruza's birthday

Feruza does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Feruza

Feruza (Firuza) Dzhumaniyazova (Zhumaniyazova) (singer, popular in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Dagestan. To date, Feruza Zhumaniyazova managed to go on tour in India, China, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Israel, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia. The girl sings not only in Uzbek, but also has songs in Russian, Arabic and other languages ​​of the world in its repertoire.)

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