The Meaning Of The Name Felicity

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The Meaning Of The Name Felicity
The Meaning Of The Name Felicity

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Short form of the name Felicity. Feli, Lissy, Fliss, Flitzi, Fitzi, Tsita, Fe, Felina, Fel.

Synonyms for the name Felicity. Felicita, Felicitas, Felicidad, Felicidadi, Felicite, Felicita, Felicita, Felici.

The origin of the name Felicity. Felicity's name is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Felicity (Felicita) comes from the Latin "felicitas", meaning "happy", "happiness", also translated as "bliss". The name Felicity in many countries is used along with the version of Felicia. It is considered a related name, not an analogue for the name Felicia.

The name Felicity does not have a paired female name (a rare case), unlike the name Felicia, who has a paired male name, Felix. Felicity's name can be written as Felicitas (Germany), Felicidad (Spain), Felicidadi (Portugal), Felicite (France), Felicita (Italy), Felicita (Poland, Czech Republic).

The name Zita is the Hungarian version of the name Felicita, it is used both as a full and as a diminutive name. The name Zita may have other versions of the origin, as well as be used independently of the name of Felicita.

Other related names are Felitsiana.

The name Felice is also a form of the name Phyllis, which has a different origin, but due to the similarity of sound it is often confused that the name Phyllis is a completely different name (translated as "foliage").

Felicita's name is mentioned in the Orthodox and Catholic calendars. Felicitas of Rome is revered - the patroness of widows, they turn to her to heal from infertility and to avoid the death of a child. In the Orthodox calendar, Felicita is referred to as Felicitata, Felicita.

Although the owner of the Felicity name is a hypersensitive and emotional woman, when she first meets, she does not make such an impression. This is a strong personality, energetic, authoritarian and ambitious, easily expresses and, at times, even imposes his point of view, while her egocentric personality is not always appreciated by others.

Felicity prefers to be visible and assertive, although sometimes she can be shy, reserved. It is possible that such behavior is just a facade designed to win friends and influence people.

As a child, she seeks protection and companionship. She can be called a little tyrant who loves to lead others. Jealous, capricious, possessive, raising a girl will definitely not be easy, but a harmonious family life and affection are necessary for her development. But then there is independence, independence, courage and a sense of duty - these are some of her best virtues in life, shown from a very young age.

Sensitive to external signs of wealth, she appreciates everything beautiful in life: beautiful objects, luxury and money. Felicity can indeed be pretty pretentious at times. She hates mediocrity and has contempt for those she considers lazy or weak-willed. This girl especially values ​​frankness, is sincere and straightforward in her personal conversations, and expects the same sincerity from others.

Felicity cannot be called diplomatic and patient, so emotional and professional communication is unlikely to be her strong point. Most likely, she will find her vocation among independent professions, where she herself will be able to lead the process and answer it entirely (management, finance, banking, business in any field, actress, artist). In addition, the owner of this name also strives for professions related to power (politics, police, military affairs), less often she may be interested in psychology or counseling.

Felicity's birthday

Felicity celebrates her name day on February 7, February 14.

Famous people named Felicity

  • Felicity Kendall Huffman ((born 1962) American actress. Awarded with Emmy, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Awards.)
  • Felicity Rose Hadley Jones ((born 1983) English actress)
  • Dame Felicity Lott ((born 1947) British singer (soprano). Winner of many honorary awards and titles for her contribution to music.)
  • Felicity Madeline Galvez ((born 1985) Australian swimmer, two-time Olympic gold medalist. Set world records in 50 and 100 meters.)
  • Felicity Ward ((born 1980) Australian comedian famous for her television appearances and her own shows)
  • Felicity Ann Dawn Aston MBE (born 1977) is an English explorer and climatologist. She was the head of the Antarctic expedition group in 2009, visited the South Pole. In 2012, she became the very first person, as well as the very first woman, to ski alone overland across Antarctica. She also crossed Lake Baikal on skis. Recipient of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), recipient of the Polar Medal.)

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