The Meaning Of The Name Fedor

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The Meaning Of The Name Fedor
The Meaning Of The Name Fedor

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The short form of the name Fedor. Feda, Fedorka, Fedya, Theo, Thea, Thea, Dora, Dori.

Synonyms for the name Fedor. Theodor, Fyador, Theodor, Todor, Tudor, Tador.

The origin of the name Fedor. The name of Fedor is Russian, Orthodox, Greek.

The name of Fedor is a female name, paired to the male name Fedor. This name is not considered popular in Russia and among the Orthodox, rather outdated, is rare. In European countries, the name sounds like Theodora, Todor, Tudor, Tador.

The name Fedor is of Greek origin. It is formed from two semantic roots "god / deity" and "gift / gift", therefore the name can have different interpretations - "divine gift", "gift of God", "given by God", "God's gift".

The names of Theodotus, Dositheus, Theodosius, Dorotheus, respectively, and male paired names will be related in origin. They all emerged from similar roots.

The names of Bogdan, Bozhidar, Natanael, Theophany (Tiffany) will become close in meaning. For the male name Fedor, there are more such options - the names Matthew, Nathanael, Jonathan, Bogdan, Bozhidar and others. Affectionate Appeals Tea, Dora are also independent and independent names.

The name Fedor is used among the Orthodox. Catholic name days Theodora - see name Thea.

The owner of the name Fedor is a very independent woman. He prefers pressure and activity, rather than cunning and cunning. It is difficult for her to linger in one place, life in motion is her prerogative. Her need for adventure is very high, and thanks to this, she has learned to adapt quickly.

Fedora is not devoid of initiative and a sense of responsibility. The ease with which she knows how to communicate, emphasizes her sociability, the ability to show sympathy or inspire others to take action. She does not have enthusiasm, which emphasizes the active character of this girl.

The disadvantages of Fedora can be the carelessness with which she refers to what she does, without giving semantic completeness and complete deliberation to her actions and actions. She can easily give up what was so dear to her yesterday. But this aspect does not apply to Fedora's personal relationships. Family and friends are her support and strength. She will never betray them.

The owner of this name has a well-developed intuition. People around her often perceive her as a child, sympathize with her, not taking her ideas and desires seriously. Such an attitude of others leads to the erratic and unstable behavior of Fedora, which becomes noticeable already in childhood. Her desire to play sports is not taken seriously, her desire to learn something is perceived as a temporary hobby. This distrust of others makes the girl protest in the way that is possible for her - disobedience. It is very important to preserve the independence of a little girl, teach her to make choices, help her understand this complex world of adults.

To a greater extent, Fedora is a humanist, loves to make herself useful and even devote herself to others. She likes to participate in various group performances, flash mobs, and take part in conferences.

In personal relationships, Fedora shows sensuality, she can fall in love at first sight. Fidelity is one of the most important qualities that she will appreciate in her chosen one. And in search of her half, she is ready to go very far, there are no boundaries for her.

By her vocation, Fedor is an active person, and she will choose a profession that is useful for society. She can become both a social worker, a doctor, a lawyer, and a photographer who will see in her works an undeniable benefit to society. Mobility, sociability, ability to find non-standard solutions - these qualities will help Fedora in advertising, journalism, business.

Birthday Fedora

Fedora celebrates her name day on January 12, February 24, March 23, March 24, April 2, April 18, April 29, May 3, June 9, July 8, September 4, September 24, November 17, November 27.

Famous people named Fedor

  • Fedora (Theodora) Pushina ((1923-1943) Hero of the Soviet Union, military doctor, surgeon. She was awarded the Order of the Red Star (1943). The title of Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded to her posthumously in 1944. The medical school in Izhevsk and the school are named after Fedora Pushina. in her native village. There is a street named after F. Pushina in Kiev.)
  • Fyodora Barbieri ((1920-2003) Italian opera singer (mezzo-soprano). She was one of the greatest singers of her time, and famous for performing the Verdi repertoire. She performed at La Scala, Metropolitan Opera, Covent Garden, toured a lot. Knightly Order of the Commander "(Great Britain) and many other awards.)
  • Fyodora Likholatova ((1910-?) Soviet collective farm woman, Hero of Socialist Labor (1948), winner of the Medal for Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War (1946))
  • Fedora Ivanovna ((died 1512) in Catholic baptism - Sophia; Kobrin princess, a rarity for that time - entered into three marriages)
  • Fyodora Dikhtyar (Dekhtyar) ((1914-1987) Soviet collective farm woman. Holder of the title of Hero of Socialist Labor (1948), also awarded the Order of Lenin.)
  • Fedora Egorova ((1934-2004) the very first female journalist from the Sakha people. Founder and editor-in-chief (over 36 years) of the republican newspaper Kyym.)
  • Teodora Rumenova Andreeva, known as Andrea ((born 1987) Bulgarian singer (pop-folk, electronic and pop music)
  • Teodora Postić ((born 1984) Slovenian single skater, five-time champion of Slovenia)
  • Tolya Mankevichuvna ((1900-1985) real name and surname - Teodora Oleksa, after marriage - Teodora Raabe; Polish film and theater actress, singer of opera, operetta)
  • Theodora the Greek and Danish ((1906-1969) Greek princess, was married to the German prince Berthold of Baden, related to Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain)
  • Teodora Malcheva ((born 1983) Bulgarian skier, participated in the Olympic Games)
  • Teodora Mircic ((born 1988) Serbian tennis player, winner of 36 ITF tournaments)

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