The Meaning Of The Name Ustinya

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The Meaning Of The Name Ustinya
The Meaning Of The Name Ustinya

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ustinya
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The short form of the name Ustinya. Ustinka, Ustinyushka, Ustinya, Ustya, Ustyunya, Ustyukha, Ustyusha, Yustinka, Yustyasha, Yustya, Yusta, Yustichka, Tina, Justy, Jas, Yus, Tine, Yusti, Titina, Stina.

Synonyms for the name Ustinya. Justin, Justin, Ustin, Justinia, Justin, Justine, Justine, Justin, Justine, Justin, Justin, Justin.

The origin of the name Ustinya. The name of Ustinya is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Ustinya is the feminine form of the male name Ustin, which was previously used as Justin. It is derived from the Latin "justus" and is translated as "fair."

The analogs of this name are the female names of Justin, Justin, Ustin, Justinia, Justin. Do not confuse the names of Justine and Just, which was formed from a related name for the name Ustin, from the male name Just (also Just, Just, Justus, etc.). Diminutive Tina is also an independent name.

The dates of the Orthodox name days of Ustina are February 8 and October 15. The rest of the dates indicated are the Catholic name days of Justina.

The owner of the name Ustinya is a woman of strict principles. She tends to create for herself her own rules and adhere to them with perseverance and stubbornness. The demeanor of this woman sometimes shocks others. Ustinya is smart and resourceful, you can be sure that she will never let her offender go. This is a very quick-tempered woman, capable of holding a grudge against a person for a long time.

Self-affirmation is very important in Ustinya's life. On the one hand, she is trying to make an excellent career, and on the other, she surrounds herself with weak people, against whom she looks more profitable and with whom she can easily push around.

Ustinya avoids conflicts both at home and at work, but she does not know how to adapt. Most often, her actions are due to her seriousness and prudence, but sometimes Ustinya can make decisions spontaneously. In any case, this strong-willed woman achieves what she has in mind.

It is difficult for a girl named Ustinya to get along with someone, but it is even more difficult for her to part. She is an ideal hostess, whose house is always in complete order, and who is open to friends at any time. At the same time, Ustinya is in no hurry to get married. She has been looking for a suitable man for a long time, and when she finds him, she becomes a faithful and sincere companion for him.

Simultaneously with the marriage, Ustinya pushes all her friends into the background. The reason for this is Ustinya's distrust of other women. Ustinya will never share news from her personal life with anyone. She devotes all her time to her husband and children. Takes care of them with diligence worthy of respect. For the sake of the family, Ustinya can easily give up a career.

However, it is worth noting the ambition inherent in a woman with this name. True, it is somewhat weakened by a developed sense of justice, both to oneself and to others.

In childhood, Ustinya's parents are given a lot of trouble by the girl's irascibility and stubbornness. Outwardly, she is very similar to her father. She will most likely be in poor health. At the same time, she studies well at school, most often she is fond of dancing and music.

Over the years, she adds seriousness and prudence. Due to her non-conflict, Ustinya may seem too pliable, but this is not entirely true. The woman is very straightforward and will not adapt to anyone. Her sharp mind and decisive character help her get settled in life. Ustinya easily grasps the main thing, trying not to miss a single trifle.

Diligence and patience help Ustinya to make a good career as a doctor or engineer. She can also become an accountant, teacher or art critic.

Ustinya's birthday

Ustinya celebrates name days on February 8, March 12, May 14, June 16, September 26, October 7, October 15, November 30.

Famous people named Ustinya

  • Justina of Padua, Justina ((d. 303) martyr from Padua)
  • Justina Zagvozdkina ((1908-1985) Soviet theater actress, became People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR in 1964)
  • Justyna Steczkowska ((born 1972) Polish singer, sings in almost a full four octaves, also a violinist and actress. At the moment she is actively filming a TV show.)
  • Justyna Kowalczyk ((born 1983) Polish skier, multiple winner of medals at the 2010 Olympic Games, as well as 2006, twice became world champion in 2009)
  • Justina Kruzenshtern-Peterets ((1903-1983) Russian journalist, translator, poet of the Russian diaspora (lived in China, Brazil, USA). For about 10 years she worked at the radio station "Voice of America", author of a large number of articles.)