The Meaning Of The Name Of Uma

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The Meaning Of The Name Of Uma
The Meaning Of The Name Of Uma

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The origin of the name of Uma. The name of Uma is Indian.

The name Uma is an Indian female name, it was borne by a Hindu goddess, better known as Parvati. In Sanskrit, the word "mind" means "calmness", "splendor", "glory" and "night". The name of the Mind can also be interpreted as "the bestower of bliss."

The owner of the name Uma is a sociable and attractive woman, she is called open and understanding. No matter how shy and restrained she is, she shares the interests of others, listens to their opinions, although her personal desire is to be sincerely recognized by people.

Her impatience helped her become a pretty quick-witted girl with a knack for adapting. She has a good memory, she succeeds in learning foreign languages ​​and in the ability to speak correctly and beautifully. She knows how to use her charm to persuade and achieve her goals.

As a child, Uma's emotionality is strongly influenced by the family. Her imagination is great, which can cause significant fears in a girl. She loves the attention of her parents to herself, loves to talk for hours on the phone with her friends.

Uma would like to make her dreams come true, she really wants to be admired, wants to be significant, to lead. This is effectively embodied in her professional ambitions, on which she will spend her energy and orient her will. Nevertheless, she will be happy with the fact that she will become the center of attraction for an evening with friends, where she will be a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent and mischievous hostess.

Love life and motherhood are important for Uma, but not necessary. She can also find herself disconnected between her family life and her profession. First of all, Uma will prefer professions that will correspond to her aspirations and ambitions. She will select areas related to communication (commerce, sales, public relations, press secretary, advertising), as well as those related to speech and writing (teacher, lawyer, translator, writer).

Uma's birthday

The mind does not celebrate the name day.

Famous people named Uma

  • Uma Thurman ((born 1970) American actress. Formerly a model. She gained worldwide fame after the movie "Pulp Fiction.")
  • Kamini Kaushal ((born 1927) real name Uma Sud; Indian film actress, also produces children's TV shows, writes poetry and stories for children. Her debut film won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival. She was awarded India's main annual film award for achievements in Filmfare Award (Bollywood) for Best Actress in 1955 in Hindi films.)
  • Uma Bharti ((born 1959) Indian politician and current National Vice President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Has held various government and government positions in the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Tourism, Youth and Sports, as well as in the coal industry and coal industry. She is sometimes referred to as "sadhu," which is the respectful Sanskrit title of a hermit woman, and is shown to be highly respected by her as being sacred.)
  • Uma Choudhry ((born 1947) is an American chemist. She specialized in the study of ceramic materials, including catalysts, proton conductors, superconductors, and ceramic packaging for microelectronics.)
  • Tun Tun ((1923-2003) pseudonym, real name Uma Devi Khatri; Indian singer and comedian actress who was called "the world's first comedian of Hindi cinema")
  • Uma Sharma ((born 1942) Indian Kathak dancer, choreographer and teacher. She also directs Bharatiya Sangeet Sadan (Delhi), the Academy of Classical Dance and Music in New Delhi, founded by her father in 1946. She is best known for reviving the old form of the classical dance of Natvari Nritya or Raslila Brindavan, which later evolved into kathaka.)
  • Uma Krishnaswami ((born 1956) is an Indian writer, writes picture books and novels for children. Also a writing teacher. She is "recognized as the main voice in the expansion of international and multicultural fiction for children and youth.")
  • Uma Devi Pemmaraju ((born 1958) American host of Fox News Channel)
  • Uma Shankari, aka Uma ((born 1978) Indian film actress)

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