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Meaning Of Tammy's Name
Meaning Of Tammy's Name

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Synonyms for Tammy's name. Tammy, Temmi, Taymi, Taimi, Tamara, Tamsin, Tomasina, Tabitha.

The origin of Tammy's name. Tammy's name is Hebrew, English.

The name Tammy is currently an independent feminine name, although it was originally used as an affectionate appeal. The pronunciation and spelling of the name Tammy (Tammy, Tammie, Tami) depends on the language, culture and idiotic preferences of each so-called person, so the name can sound like Tammy, Temmie, Tami, Taimi.

In Israel, this name is used both independently and as an affectionate appeal to the owner of the name Tamara (in this country it is also found in the form of Tamar). In the United States, the name Tammy is also used as a short form of the names Tamsin, Tamsyn, Thomasina - the female version of the name Thomas, and also to the name Tabitha.

As a name in its own right, Tammy was popularized in a series of films from the 1950s and 1960s about an attractive backwoods girl named Tammy Tyree.

The owner of the name Tammy is a somewhat shy, reserved person, it seems that she lacks self-confidence. An introvert by nature, has a high emotional sensitivity. For this reason, she is cautious and suspicious, and because of her great ability to imagine, she intuitively perceives the surrounding life in a disturbing light. Therefore, Tammy will tend to think for a long time before acting, preferring to back off rather than move. And as a result, he will slowly move through life, but without deviating from the chosen path.

She does not like to draw attention to herself, she feels uncomfortable when she has to be in sight. Keeping her emotions and feelings under control is not easy for her, but in order to save face, she is capable of such a difficult step for her. Work, professional activity helps this girl to be stubborn, persistent, and gives her a chance to succeed.

In childhood, the girl's isolation, her vulnerability and emotional dependence are very noticeable. Too scared, too enthusiastic, too calm, too active - these are all possible states of Tammy. Therefore, she needs a quiet life, away from the hustle and bustle. It will be necessary to teach the girl in advance to take responsibility and take care of herself.

She is stimulated and encouraged by those she loves. With her best friends, she ceases to be secretive and reserved. In personal relationships, he prefers to listen to his spouse. Tammy even gives up her own desires in order to please the people she loves.

Most of the time, home, family, marriage and motherhood are occupied by the owner of the Tammy name. Professionally, she will be attracted by professions related to listening, caring for others, teaching, counseling (education, medicine, social worker), civil servant, secretary), or professions related to the public, nature or children (journalist, salesman, educator, ecologist).

Tammy's birthday

Tammy doesn't have a name day.

Famous people named Tammy

  • Tammy Leitner ((born 1972) American journalist. Award winning crime journalist and later as crime reporter (investigative).)
  • Tammy Suzanne Greene Baldwin ((born 1962) American politician)
  • Tammy Lee Grimes ((1934-2016) American actress and singer)
  • Tammy Wynette ((1942-1998) birth name - Virginia Wynette Pugh; American singer, received the title of "First Lady of Country" in the USA)
  • Tammy McIntosh ((born 1970) Australian actress)
  • Tammy Eloise Jackson ((born 1962) American professional basketball player, bronze winner of the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona)
  • Tamara "Tammy" Lynn Sitch ((born 1972) is an American professional wrestler. She became famous in the 1990s as Sunny. In 2011 she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.)
  • Tammy Ader-Green (American writer of television shows and series, also director and producer. Known as the creator and executive producer, along with Whoopi Goldberg of the television show "Strong Medicine" on the Lifetime network.)
  • Tammy Terrell ((1945-1970) real name - Thomasina Winifred Montgomery; American singer. In the 1960s she became famous in "Motown Records", where she sang in a duet with Marvin Gay, and their singles were 7 times in the Top 40 on "Billboard Hot 100".)

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