The Meaning Of The Name Thor

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The Meaning Of The Name Thor
The Meaning Of The Name Thor

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Thor

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Thor
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Synonyms for the name Thor. Turu, Turu, Quiz, Victoria, Victor.

The origin of the name Thor. The name Thor is German.

The name Thor is of Scandinavian origin. In Scandinavian mythology, Thor is the god of thunder and lightning, the Slavic counterpart is Perun. The name Thor is one of several female names starting with "Thor" - Torbjörg, Torgeydur, Toura, Tourdis, Turgunnur (Turgunna), Turunn. "Thor" in translation means "thunder". There are variants of pronunciation and spelling of the name Thor in northern European countries (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark) - Tour, Tour.

Also Torah is a short form or diminutive appeal to female and male names (Victor, Victoria, Quiz).

Undoubtedly, courage is the main feature of the Torah. The Torah is more like a seeker of truth, who does not always measure desires and possibilities. This is manifested in the Torah from early childhood, in almost everything that she does. At school, Torah acts as a real leader and ringleader, not calming down for a minute. She has a desire to act, she just has no time to think about something. She is a self-confident, strong-willed girl.

Sensual nature is hidden behind the cold mask of Torah. Torah has great intuition, so she always finds out who is her real friend and who only seems to be. She does not like lies, always strives to find out the truth. Sometimes she cannot control herself, she is ready to risk absolutely everything for the sake of a momentary rush.

Torah knows how to properly manage finances. She will not spend just like that, but only knowing what exactly these costs will be incurred. This is important for her not only for the family budget, with the same approach to money she will have an attitude in the company in which she works. She has a mathematical mindset.

Torah often needs support and security, so he tries to get along with others. Tora is very feminine, she really needs warmth and affection. She tries to be strong, but she has a small child hidden inside, who really wants to hear praise and be needed by someone. Of course, in different situations the character of the Torah manifests itself in different ways, but willpower usually takes over. Torah uses its strengths effectively without even fully realizing them.

It's better not to make Torah angry. In a fit of anger, she is capable of many bad deeds, which she will later regret, but will not repent publicly for anything. Unfortunately, she does not attach any importance to this. Nevertheless, these character traits of Torah sometimes make her life very difficult.

Even after getting married, Tora can allow himself adventures "on the side", however, not being very carried away by this. Tora loves comfort, she is usually hospitable. She will definitely have a hobby. Tora is fond of sports, especially risky sports - extreme.

Torah can be a great poet. Sometimes she chooses a career as a director or artist. Sometimes Torah can be an actress or a politician, having felt a call to this in early childhood.

Name days of the Torah

The Torah does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Thor

  • Torah Birch ((born 1982) is an American actress. One of the leading actresses in childhood roles in the 1990s. She later starred in American Beauty (1999) and Ghost World (2000).)
  • Torah Bright ((born 1986) Australian snowboarder in half-pipe. Olympic champion of 2010 in Vancouver. She beat two American snowboarders by a significant margin in the games and became the fourth winter Olympic champion in Australian history. Two-time winner of the X Games.)
  • Tura Berger ((born 1981) Norwegian biathlete, Olympic champion, four-time world champion and multiple world championship medalist)