The Meaning Of The Name Tina

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The Meaning Of The Name Tina
The Meaning Of The Name Tina

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Synonyms for the name Tina. Valentina, Christina, Martina, Augustina, Alevtina, Celestina, Justina, Florentina, Katrina, Melitina, Clementine, Argentina, Fotina, Bertina, Ustinya, Radostina.

The origin of the name Tina. The name Tina is Muslim, Catholic, Georgian.

The name Tina has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Tina translated from Latin means "strong", "healthy". Quite often, the name Tina was originally used as a short form for many European names, but over time it acquired an independent status and became a full name.

According to the second version, the name Tina is a form of the Georgian name Tinatin. It is translated as "reflection of the sun", "flickering ray".

According to the third version, the name Tina is Muslim, in translation from Arabic it means "fig". The fig plant was originally cultivated in Arabia and later adopted by Egypt, Phoenician and Syria. Fig fruit, its leaves are actively used in medicine against various diseases. Therefore, it is likely that the Latin language "tina" in the meaning of "healthy" came from the Muslims.

Also Tina is a short form of both different female names (Valentina, Christina, Martina, Augustina, Alevtina, Celestina, Justina, Florentina, Fantina, Melitina, Clementine, Leontina, Fetinia, Argentina, Fotina, Bertina, Radostina, Faustina, Ustinya, Albertina, Ernestine, Katrina, Constantine, Agatina (Agatha) and others), and some male ones (Aventine, Augustine, Fotin, Justin, Palatine, Fantin, Milyutin, Celestine, Justinian).

Name days for the name Tina - see the dates for the full name, for which the name Tina is a short form.

Tina has a secretive character, she does not always show her emotions, she loves balance and harmony, she is a real esthete. She is not devoid of a certain inner strength, which makes the owner of this name effective against the harsh reality of life. Tina is very independent, able to take responsibility, many responsibilities, she has many ambitions, which are supported by a lot of self-confidence.

As a child, Tina is unlikely to be obedient, especially when her parents adhere to an authoritarian parenting style, so often in this case one can hear about Tina: "This is character!" The situation is aggravated by her sense of justice. Any wrong, unfair action causes aggression and uncontrollable outbursts of emotions in Tina. However, by encouraging her sense of responsibility and taking into account her personality, Tina's parents should appreciate her desire to do well, to channel this desire in a positive direction.

Tina can also be seen, in turn, as a conciliatory, sensitive, active, disciplined person. She is a perfectionist, she tries to ensure that harmony always reigns in her family. Sometimes she can become aggressive, but more often this is a consequence of her emotional state, in those moments when she is upset.

Tina has an inner depth, loves analysis, intellectual reflection. She likes to seem seductive, sometimes even narcissistic, but this is only in order to "protect" from others. Tina may have a desire to do a lot of things at once, mix things that cannot be mixed, she experiments.

Tina loves beautiful things (jewelry, clothes), comfort and luxury. Her house will be furnished with the latest technology and design, but it will be very comfortable and functional. It is very difficult for Tina to emotionally decide on the choice of a spouse, she will strive for perfection, which can lead to divorce or a failed marriage. Tina should be flexible, take into account that everyone has the right to make mistakes and learn to forgive.

If her parents do not develop her creative abilities, then in adulthood Tina will be guided by practical professions that will lead her to prosperity, to fame, to prosperity. Tina will become a good businessman, actress, singer, athlete. She will definitely realize her ambitions. Her innate sense of justice will help Tina choose a legal profession (lawyer, judge, notary, clerk). Otherwise, the field of art and aesthetics is open for her. Medicine, psychology, sociology can also attract Tina.

Tina's birthday

Tina does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Tina

  • Elizabeth Stamatina "Tina" Fey ((born 1970) American actress, comedian, screenwriter, producer and writer. Seven-time Emmy winner (2002, 2007, 2008, 2009) and two-time Golden Globe winner (2008, 2009)).)
  • Tina Turner ((born 1939) birth name Anna May Bullock; American singer, songwriter, actress and dancer. Winner of eight Grammy awards. For her artistry, temperament and stage expressiveness, she is the "Queen of Rock and Roll" Tina is listed as one of the top 10 dancers in the world. Rolling Stone magazine named her the greatest singer of our time.)
  • Maria Christina "Tina" Turner ((born 1966) Swedish rally co-driver. In 1984 she drove as a co-driver for the first time when her friend needed a rally partner. A couple of years later, Tina started competing in the WRC, where she rode in the 1990s. In 1999, Turner drove the Dakar Rally, where, together with Jutta Kleinschmidt, they became the first women to win the stage and reach the overall podium.In 2002, the Swede finished her performances in the classic World Rally Championship, continuing to participate in rally-raids, where she won several victories. In addition to racing, Turner is active in other areas. She leads training, participates in anti-drug campaigns, lectures on motivation, starred in TV shows.)
  • Tina Birbili ((born 1969) Greek politician, current minister for the environment, energy and climate change in the government of Georgios Papandreou)
  • Tina Wang ((born 1991) Australian figure skater of Chinese descent who competed in singles; winner of the 2008 Australian Figure Skating Championships, twice national silver medalist.)
  • Tina Aumont ((1946 - 2006) French actress)
  • Tiina (Tina, Tiina) Nopola ((born 1955) Finnish children's writer. Works both independently and in collaboration with her sister Sinikka. The Straw Hat and Felt Slipper series (1989 - 2006), written by the Nopol sisters, is widely known in Finland and abroad.)
  • Tina Maze ((born 1983) Slovenian alpine skier, 2011 world champion in giant slalom, two-time vice-champion of the 2010 Winter Olympics in super-giant and giant slalom, 2009 world vice-champion in giant slalom and vice-champion of the 2011 world in super combined. Most successful in giant slalom. Sportswoman in 2005 and 2010 in Slovenia.)
  • Tinatin (Tina) Kandelaki ((born 1975) Russian journalist, TV presenter, producer and public figure)
  • Tina Lewe Weissman ((1965 - 2005) American film actress, singer and DJ)
  • Tina Bachmann ((born 1986) German biathlete. Two-time world champion in relay, silver medalist of the 2011 World Championship in the individual race.)
  • Tina Louise ((born 1934) real name - Tatiana Chernova Blaker; American actress, singer and writer, Golden Globe laureate)
  • Tina Modotti ((1896 - 1942) Italian photographer, actress and revolutionary)
  • Tina Romero ((born 1949) is a famous Mexican actress who made her debut in Mexican cinema in 1976. A truly happy success came to the actress in 1989, playing the role of Dr. Gabriela del Conde in the telenovela "Just Maria", after the success of which, the actress was offered a real position of a doctor, but she refused the offer, stating that she would perform the images of doctors only in TV series, because she is an actress. In 1995, the actress starred in the TV series "Alondra." In 1999, she starred in the telenovela "Rosalind".)
  • Tina Holmes ((born 1973) is an American actress. She began her acting career in 1998 with a co-starring role in the movie "Seventeen Years Frontier", which was followed by roles in other films, such as "Thirty Days", " Photographer "," The Devil in the Flesh "and others. In 2007 she played a supporting role in the movie" Shelter ", for which she received an award at the International LGBT Film Festival in Tampa in the nomination" Best Supporting Actress ". She starred in various television series, including "Kidnapped", "Escape", "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation", "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit", "House Doctor", "Unknown Persons", etc. She played the role of Maggie Sibley in the television series "The Client Is Always Dead",for which she was nominated with colleagues on the television series for the Screen Actors Guild of the United States in the category "Best Cast in a Drama Television Series."
  • Brandon Tina ((1972-1993) American transsexual hate crime victim, his murder has drawn widespread public attention to violence against members of sexual minorities and has fueled the fight to expand the legal definition of hate crime to include “sexual orientation”and“gender identity.”Brandon Tina's fate has served as the basis for a number of fictional works.)

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