The Meaning Of The Name Tomiris

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The Meaning Of The Name Tomiris
The Meaning Of The Name Tomiris

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Tomiris

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Tomiris
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The short form of the name Tomiris. Tom, Tom, Risa.

Synonyms for the name Tomiris. Tomriz, Tomris, Tomira, Tamara, Damira.

The origin of the name Tomiris. The name Tomiris is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Tomiris is a female name with Turkic roots. According to the first version, the name Tomiris comes from "temir", which in translation from the Turkic language means "iron". In this context, the name Tomiris is identical to the Tatar name Damir.

According to the second version, the name Tomiris was borne by the queen of the Massagetae. She lived in the years 570-520. BC, and the Massagets may have had Iranian roots. The ancient Greek historian Herodotus and his contemporaries considered the Massagets to be a Scythian tribe.

The Gothic historian Jordan called Tomiris the Geta queen and the founder of the city of Toma, for several centuries the former capital of Scythia Minor (now it is the city of Constanta, Romania). In his historical treatise "Getike" he calls her Tomira, so it is possible that this name somehow echoes the name Tamara. Since the famous Georgian queen Tamara was from the Bagration dynasty, who ruled the lands that were once inhabited by the Scythian tribes, and were called Scythia.

This name is also pronounced Tomriz. The name Tomiris is used among Kazakhs, Turks, Tajiks and is less common among other Muslims.

The owner of the name Tomiris is moderately soft, pleasant and charming woman. She strives to please, so that they do not speak badly about her. And this can be reflected in concern for their appearance, the ability to behave as it is accepted, etc. Likewise, she is very concerned about the atmosphere in the family environment, Tomiris feels the need to live in harmony, even if she has to sacrifice personal passions.

Tomiris succeeds when he puts himself in the position of the one he takes care of, supports. This woman values responsibility. However, if she was brought up by indulging her whims and desires, then it is quite possible that she will go the opposite way - become selfish. Often Tomiris is a perfectionist, sometimes to the point of mania, although this tendency is expressed entirely only in certain areas or inclinations. First, she will pay special attention to her clothes. Secondly, she will take great care of her family, controlling everyone and everything, because she feels responsible and obligatory towards them.

Her requirements can be realized in the professional sphere, where Tomiris does not allow any indulgences for himself, manifesting himself equally in the requirements both for himself and for colleagues and subordinates. Therefore, at work, her exactingness and authoritarianism can actively manifest.

Tomiris is independent and loves change. This is expressed in the need to learn something new, travel, speed or conduct a conversation. This girl is attracted to adventure, and this can lead to the fact that she chooses extreme activities or routes. Her activity is fickle, closely related to her motivation. She oscillates between hyperactivity, weakness, and laziness.

It is better to educate little Tomiris, not forgetting about flexibility, but also with a firm hand. It is not very useful to challenge and restrict the child in order to influence her, because the girl has a great tendency to self-satisfaction. On the other hand, she needs love and a sense of balance. It would be desirable to give Tomyris from an early age certain responsibilities, including family responsibilities, in order to avoid the formation of an egoistic beginning. Also, artistic activities can help a girl develop a sense of beauty and harmony.

Tomiris loves to command, lead, take the reins of government. She will not entrust her fate to anyone. She is ambitious and idealistic, striving to shine, radiate and be the first. Generous, she is capable of beautiful gestures, but this does not exclude a certain egocentrism. Sentimental life and pleasure play an important role in Tomiris's life. This is not always characterized by loyalty to the partner, but if the partner shows her unlimited admiration, then she will stay with him.

Tomiris will be especially attracted to professions of an artistic or aesthetic nature related to food, catering, hotels, gastronomy. She may also be interested in the fields of medicine, administration, professions related to accounting. She can make her hobbies a profession - mobility, speed, travel.

Birthday Tomiris

Tomiris does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Tomiris

  • Tomiris Tastanbekova (Kazakh singer)
  • Tomriz Inca ((1948-2015) Turkish actress)
  • Tomriz Uyar ((1941-2003) Turkish short story writer, translator)
  • Tomris Ogzalp ((1932-2013) Turkish actress, voiceover artist)
  • Tomiris Zhangazinova (Kazakh singer)

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