Meaning Of Tiffany's Name

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Meaning Of Tiffany's Name
Meaning Of Tiffany's Name

Short form of Tiffany's name. Theo, Thea, Fanya, Feofanya, Fofanya, Fofa, Tiff, Tifa, Fani.

Synonyms for the name Tiffany. Feofaniya, Teofaniya, Feofana, Teofano, Teofan, Teofani, Teofana.

The origin of the name Tiffany. Tiffany's name is English, Orthodox, Greek.

The name Tiffany is the English version of the female name Theophany. In most European countries, the name sounds like Teofania, Teofano, Teofan, pronunciation through "f" is more often characteristic of the Slavic peoples (Feofana, Feofaniya). The name is mentioned only for the Orthodox calendar.

The name Tiffany comes from the ancient Greek name Theophanes (Theophanis, Theophanis), which has two semantic roots: "theos" is "god / deity" and "fayno" - "to shine", "to appear", "to show". In ancient Greece, in Delphi, the feast of the Epiphany (religious holiday) was called "theophanies". Therefore, the name Tiffany is interpreted as "theophany".

There are other female related names formed from the same semantic root (Theodora, Theon, Dorothea, Theodosia, Thekla). Male related names are Theodor, Fedot, Fedor, Timofey.

Affectionate appeal to Theophany - Thea - is also an independent name.

The owner of the name Tiffany is a mixture of opposite characters, which is able to turn Tiffany into a "double" woman, who can sometimes suddenly switch from one tendency to another. This duality accompanies the girl throughout her life.

Tiffany is very independent, bold and determined. Her activity and authoritarianism in decision-making can lead her to unexpected events in her life. But under this bright color of independence and self-sufficiency, a very vulnerable and vulnerable woman hid. Easily vulnerable, she hides behind a mask of arrogance, pride, hiding behind a shell of egocentricity and external firmness. Tiffany will always take care of herself, but, nevertheless, you will always find her support and participation if you really need them.

All this confusion, a mixture of egocentrism and altruism, at first glance, turns the owner of this name into an introverted and aggressive lady in your eyes. But her generosity and sincere concern for others is not striking, since Tiffany is in no hurry to share her good deeds and does not notify the whole world about them. Her kindness and open heart are only for those who really need it.

As a child, little Tiffany is very fond of games in the company, prefers to run, jump, and not sit in the sandbox. Even the smallest adventure fascinates her, and the difficulties that appear along the way allow her to develop her tendency to independence and the ability to find solutions.

In personal relationships, Tiffany prefers to be honest, direct and outspoken. Her devotion and love will be in everything that surrounds her chosen one. But she will be very vigilant, mistrust or deception will feel right away.

Professionally, the owner of the Tiffany name will prefer the profession that will help her strengthen her financial position and give her the opportunity to realize herself. A creative atmosphere will help to better satisfy all her needs (actress, singer, artist, designer). But the desire to be useful will help her master professions related to communication and helping people (medicine, education, law).

Birthday Tiffany

Tiffany celebrates her name day on December 29.

Famous people named Tiffany

  • Tiffany Rene Darwish, aka Tiffany ((born 1971) American singer, was a teen idol in the late 1980s)
  • Tiffany, Tiffany Hwan or Tiffany Yong ((born 1989) pseudonym, real name - Stephanie Yong Hwan, Hwang Mi Young; American singer, actress. Was the vocalist of the Korean girl group "Girls Generation." Now a solo artist.)
  • Tiffany Adair Anderson ((born 1988) American singer and dancer, also visual artist)
  • Tiffany DeBartolo ((born 1970) American writer, also director)
  • Abbess Theophania ((1787-1866) in the world - Alexandra Gotovtsova, maiden name - Shchulepnikova; Russian noblewoman, founded the Resurrection Novodevichy Convent in St. Petersburg, in which she became its very first abbess)
  • Tiffany Lee ((born 1975) American singer, stage name - Plumb. In her songs combines several different musical genres.)
  • Tiff Lacey ((born 1965) real name - Tiffany Dixon Cook; English singer)
  • Tiffany Ariana Trump ((born 1993) American model, aspiring sociologist and singer, daughter of the President of the United States)
  • Tiffany Hines ((born 1983) American actress)
  • Blue Cantrell ((born 1976) pseudonym, real name - Tiffany Cobb; American singer (R&B, soul), songwriter)

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