The Meaning Of The Name Teresa

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The Meaning Of The Name Teresa
The Meaning Of The Name Teresa

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Short form of the name Teresa. Teri, Terry, Tess, Tessa, Tea, Tracy, Tite, Resi, Rezl, Tresl, Tere, Teresita, Teresina, Techa, Tesa, Tesya, Trezha, Teza, Terike, Terchi, Grater, Terinka, Cutting.

Synonyms for the name Teresa. Theresia, Teresa, Teresa, Teresa, Tires.

The origin of the name Teresa. The name Teresa is Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Teresa has Greek roots. According to one of the versions, the name Teresa comes from "terao", which means "to strive, to hunt," so sometimes the name Teresa is translated as "hunter". The name Teresa is one of the few names that does not have a paired male name. Tea's affectionate appeal is also a name in its own right.

Among Catholics, there are many saints named Teresa, but some sound like Teresa. Saint Teresa of Lisieux is considered the patroness of France and Central Africa, as well as pilots and flower growers.

The whole world knows Mother Teresa, who was a Catholic nun. It was she who founded the female monastic congregation "Sisters of the Missionary of Love", which is engaged in serving the poor and sick. Mother Teresa is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. She is canonized by the Catholic Church.

Orthodox believers have a name day at Teresa on March 11, October 1, October 15.

There are enormous potentialities in the name Teresa. Teresa is confident in her abilities and specific in her desires. However, as soon as the business goes beyond the boundaries of everyday life, a woman becomes timid and indecisive. Teresa is only comfortable in an area that she is familiar with. She perfectly controls herself, ponders the next step for a long time, especially if the area is not too familiar to her. Teresa has a mentality that is commonly called masculine. She prefers to find a way out on her own.

Teresa, especially the “spring” one, is temperamental and hot-tempered. The woman herself has a quick reaction, and therefore does not tolerate slow people. A woman with this name is carried away by new ideas, but in practice she rarely implements them. Teresa alternates periods of depression and idleness with bouts of inspiration and new pursuits. In Teresa, choleric temperament and a tendency to self-sacrifice coexist. A woman with this name is objective, she thinks concretely. Teresa has intuition, but she does not use it.

Teresa wants to be the best in her field, she is ambitious, longs for recognition and success. In this, her discipline helps her. The spheres of activity of women bearing this name can be very different. The most attractive for Teresa are medicine and professions that require communication with people. Among the owners of the name Teresa, you can find flight attendants, sisters of mercy, educators, pediatricians. However, the prospect of obeying someone for a lifetime can make Teresa deeply unhappy.

Teresa's true calling is to be a homemaker. The girl takes marriage very seriously, does not accept flirting and playing with feelings. Teresa becomes a loyal and loving wife, completely family-oriented. The spouse chooses for herself for a long time, but, as a rule, she is not mistaken, and the girl's marriage turns out to be successful. However, Teresa lacks healthy selfishness.

Teresa is distinguished by her high moral character. However, this does not complicate communication, since there is no aggressiveness in the girl's character. Teresa tries to find an excuse for others' mistakes. She does not forgive herself anything. In society, Teresa seeks to hide her true thoughts and feelings.

Theresa's birthday

Teresa celebrates name days on January 25, March 3, March 7, March 11, April 12, April 23, May 9, June 17, June 28, July 24, August 9, August 26, August 27, August 28, September 5, October 1, October 3, October 15.

Famous people named Teresa

  • Saint Teresa of Avila, Teresa of Jesus, Teresa de Aumada ((1515 - 1582) Spanish Carmelite nun, Catholic saint, author of mystical writings, reformer of the Carmelite order, creator of the order branch of “barefoot Carmelites.” The Catholic Church ranks her among the Teachers of the Church.)
  • Saint Teresa of Lisieux, Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus and Saint Face, Saint Teresa Malaya, in the world - Teresa Martin ((1873 - 1897) Catholic saint, Carmelite nun, one of three women awarded the title of Teacher of the Church)
  • Mother Teresa ((1910 - 1997) full name - Mother Teresa of Calcutta, real name - Agnes Gonja Boyadzhiu; Catholic nun, founder of the female monastic congregation "Sisters of the Missionary of Love", which serves the poor and the sick. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (1979). Mother Teresa has been awarded a large number of different orders and awards, for example, the Indian Order of the Lady of the Lotus (1963), in recognition of her apostolic ministry, she was awarded the first Peace Prize of Pope John XXIII, which she received from hands of Paul VI (1971) She is the holder of the Medal of Freedom received from the President of the United States Ronald Reagan (1985), in 1997 she was awarded the highest award of the United States - the Gold Medal of the Congress. She is an Honorary Citizen of Zagreb (1990).Albania's largest international airport is named after Mother Teresa.)
  • Teresa Leonska ((1080 - 1130) illegitimate daughter of Alfonso VI of Castile, Princess of León, later Countess of Portugal)
  • Teresa Matilda Amalia of Mecklenburg ((1773 - 1839) Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of Prince Karl Alexander of Thurn-y-Taxis. Thanks to her initiative and diplomatic abilities, the mail "Turn-y-Taxis" continued its existence after the mediatization of the princely house "Turn-y -Taxis "by the final decree of the imperial deputation in 1803 during the formation of the Rhine Union in 1806 and the associated liquidation of the Imperial post office. Like her sister, Queen of Prussia Louise, Teresa could not achieve her goals at a meeting with Napoleon, but at the Congress of Vienna managed to defend the interests of the house "Turn and Taxis".)
  • Madame Teresa Talien, Theresia Cabarrus, Marquise de Fontenay, Princess de Chime ((1775 - 1835) socialite of the French Revolution)
  • Terese Johoug ((born 1988) Norwegian skier, Olympic champion, world champion among adults and juniors. Specializes in long distances.)
  • Teresa Victoria Carpio ((born 1981) Chinese-Filipino-American actress, singer and songwriter, better known as TVCarpio, is the daughter of Hong Kong and Filipino singer Teresa Carpio, with whom she originally performed as a backing vocalist She, in turn, took part in the recording of one of her daughter's compositions.)
  • Teresa Berganza ((born 1935) Spanish opera singer (mezzo-soprano))
  • Teresa Behr ((1876 - 1959) German singer (contralto), wife (since 1905) of pianist Arthur Schnabel, mother of pianist Karl Ulrich Schnabel and actor Stefan Schnabel)
  • Teresa Moncheva Marinova ((born 1977) Bulgarian athlete, champion of the 2000 Summer Olympics in triple jump, world record holder among juniors)
  • Teresa Vestry or Teresa Vestris, Maria Teresa Francesca ((1726 - 1808) Italian ballerina who danced in theaters in different European countries)
  • Teresa Saldana ((born 1954) is an American film actress and public figure. In addition to her work, she is also known for being the victim of an attempted murder by Arthur Richard Jackson in 1982.)
  • Teresa Teng ((1953 - 1995) is one of the most popular Asian pop singers, whose songs at various times (during the period 1967-1995) were admired by listeners almost all over Asia. In China and Japan, she was called a living star of the 1980s. Today, discs with her songs are in great demand, and sales have already approached 50 million copies. Teresa Teng's songs have had a huge impact on the entire Asian region and its pop culture in general, especially Japan and China (with its autonomous regions), in addition, in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Teresa has been recognized as the most influential figure in musical history.)
  • Teresa Stadler ((1936 - 2001) Yugoslavian chess player, grandmaster (1977))
  • Malin Teresa (Terese) Alshammar ((born 1977) famous Swedish swimmer, three-time medalist of the 2000 Olympic Games, multiple world, European and Swedish champion, world record holder)
  • Teresa Bertinotti ((1776 - 1854) famous Italian opera singer (coloratura soprano) and teacher with a voice of amazing beauty)
  • Atala Teresa Annette Wartel ((1814 - 1865) née Adrian; French pianist, composer and music critic)
  • Teresa Giese ((1898 - 1975) German actress)
  • Teresa Parodi ((1827 - after 1878) Italian singer (soprano))
  • Marquise Thérèse de Gorla, Madame Duparc ((1633 - 1668) French actress who performed in the Moliere troupe and at the Burgundy Hotel and Marais theaters (Theater in the Marshes))
  • Teresa Rampazzi ((1914 - 2001) née Rossi; Italian composer, pianist and music teacher. From 1964 she was mainly engaged in electronic music, together with the artist Ennio Chigi formed the group "NPS" ("Nuove Proposte Sonore"). Since 1972 taught a course on electronic music at the Padua Conservatory. In 1980, Rampazzi's play "Atmen noch" was awarded the second prize at the VIII International Competition for Electro-Acoustic Music in Bourges (the first prize was not awarded).)
  • Teresa Palmer ((born 1986) Australian actress)
  • Teresa Lewis ((1969 - 2010) American assassin; first woman executed by lethal injection in Virginia in 98 years)
  • Maria Teresa Carreño ((1853 - 1917) Venezuelan-American pianist and composer; she was called the Queen and Valkyrie of the piano)
  • Isabelle Obre ((born 1938) real name - Teresa Cockrel; French singer, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1962)
  • Teresa Wright ((1918 - 2005) American actress, Academy Award winner (1942))
  • Teresa Russell ((born 1957) American actress and model)
  • Teresa Brewer ((1931 - 2007) American singer, one of the most popular pop singers of the 1950s, who worked in different genres (traditional pop, jazz, country, rhythm and blues, songs from musicals, comic and comedy numbers))

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