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Stella Name Meaning
Stella Name Meaning

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Short form of the name Stella. Stelka, Essi, Estrelita, Estelita, Lita, Este, Estrelinha, Estrelinha, Estelinha, Estelinha, Tela, Telinya, Steltsya, Insole, Stelusya, Stelena.

Synonyms for the name Stella. Estella, Estela, Estelle, Estrella, Estela, Estrela, Estrela, Estela, Estela, Stele.

The origin of the name Stella. Stella's name is Russian, English.

The name Stella is a Latin name derived from "stellar", which means "star". Despite the fact that this name is absent from the Catholic and Orthodox calendars, girls are often called by this name, both in Europe and in Russia.

In European countries, the name Stella has analogues. So in England the girl will be called either Stella, or Estella or Estelle, in France - Estelle, in Spain - Estrella, Estela, in Portugal - Estrela (Estrela), Estela (Estela), in the Czech Republic - Stella. In Germany, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, the very name Stella is used. In Russian, the diminutive form of the name Stelka is used.

There is also a version that the name Stella was invented by the 16th century poet Philip Sidney for his cycle of sonnets "Astrophill and Stella".

There are semantic analogues for the name Stella (Esther, Estelle, Iskra, Sitara, Tara, Akhtar, Astra). The names Esther, Esther are also possibly related to the name Stella.

The character of Stella one-to-one corresponds to the ideas of an emancipated woman existing in modern society. Everything in her character is aimed at achieving success and financial independence. She is straightforward, independent and goal-oriented. Stella, of course, achieves success in business, but it is not for nothing that the concept of human happiness is firmly connected not only with success, but also with the warmth of human relationships.

Stella is lagging behind in this area. She lacks the openness and some gentleness that so attracts others. However, it is in the girl's hands to correct this deficiency over time. It is helpful for Stella to have some openness of character, as well as a good-natured sense of humor. These qualities will help her fate develop more cloudlessly. Otherwise, the number of misunderstandings in the girl's life will increase.

Stella is quite obligatory and true to her word. She is quick-tempered, but easily and quickly departs. By nature, this is a kind and disinterested girl.

Stella's restraint allows her to build a good business relationship. She is principled, although she has a complex character. Stella is interested in politics, reads a lot, strives to gain new knowledge. Most often, the girl is talented and hardworking. It's not uncommon for Stella to work several jobs at the same time. Moreover, it is not tied to one place. She is not embarrassed by long trips or business trips, on the contrary, she loves them.

A girl named Stella is very attracted to an intelligent male society. However, Stella lacks flexibility in relationships, she is too independent. Unfortunately, the fact that a girl with this name seeks to hide all her feelings in herself can break out into irritability in family life. A little bit of openness will help Stella feel happier in her family life. However, in most cases Stela is not very happy in marriage, although she is both a faithful wife and a good housewife. More chances for luck are given to Stella, born in the summer. She is more agreeable and tolerant, although she is suspicious and timid. "Summer" Stella often gets married late, but her marriage is often successful.

Stella is very proud. Her very name speaks about it. In most countries, there are few girls with this name, and the name itself looks foreign and somewhat defiant. Of course, this name is beautiful and is somewhat reminiscent of a cold gem. Similar to this pebble and pride of Stella. She has a somewhat chilly demeanor, and her pride is often mistaken for arrogance. Stella reacts very sharply to any conflict. Here, her increased excitability plays an important role. However, the girl prefers to keep the offense to herself because of her pride. So emotions penetrate into Stella's soul deeper than she would like. In a nutshell, this is a strong but very vulnerable woman.

Making an enemy in Stella's face is easy. It is enough just to deceive her or make an ugly joke on her. She will not take revenge on the sly, Stella will successfully do it openly. When communicating with Stella, remember to be careful with a sense of humor and not try to put pressure on the girl. And, having caused her to be frank, you can see a completely different woman.

A great joy for Stella is communication with friends and people close to her. This woman loves to receive guests. Stella loves to travel and make friends quickly anywhere. However, she leaves them without sadness, so that she will never meet again. Any cheerful and noisy company attracts Stella, although she is rather wary of people.

Stella's birthday

Stella does not celebrate a name day.

Famous people named Stella

  • Stella Zakharova ((born 1963) after marriage - Khlus; Soviet gymnast, Olympic champion in 1980, 12-time champion of the USSR and multiple winner of the Ukrainian Cup. President of the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation since 2004. She performed at a professional level in 1977-1982. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1980).)
  • Stella Roman ((1904 - 1992) full name - Florica Viorica Alma Stela Blazu; Romanian opera singer, owner of a warm lyric soprano, who enjoyed particular popularity in Italy and the USA, where she performed many leading roles)
  • Stella Nina McCartney ((born 1971) is an English fashion designer and daughter of former The Beatles Paul McCartney and photographer and animal rights activist Linda McCartney.)
  • Stella Patrick Campbell (famous English actress)
  • Stella (fictional character, the kind sorceress of the Pink Land in the work of N. Volkov "The Wizard of the Emerald City")
  • Stella Bykova (Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of the Department of Japanese Philology ISAA at Moscow State University. Professor, Head of the Department of Japanese Language at Eastern University. She has been teaching Japanese since 1967. The main areas of research are phraseology, lexicology, dialectology of the Japanese language, methods of teaching foreign languages. in international scientific conferences. Has more than 60 scientific papers, including those published in Japan.)
  • Stella Goldschlag ((1922 - 1994) married - Stella Kübler; Jewish collaborationist, collaborated with the Gestapo, helping to identify Jews who were hiding from being sent to concentration camps (she originally did this to save her relatives from Auschwitz, but continued to cooperate after their destruction). Proved her guilt in the deaths of at least 600 Jews.)
  • Stella Duffy ((born 1963) modern English writer and actress who proved that human passions and desires create incredible stories by themselves)
  • Stella Marquez Zavadsky de Araneta ((born 1937) the first Miss International in the history of this pageant, organizer of the Miss Philippines pageant since 1964)
  • Stella Parton ((born 1949) is an American country singer, songwriter and actress, the younger sister of pop diva Dolly Parton. Her success in the music field is much simpler and cannot equal the achievements of her older sister, but despite this she has achieved a certain success in 1970s country music, recording her most popular hit "I Want to Hold You In My Dreams Tonight" in 1975. During the 1980s and early 1990s Stella Parton appeared in several Broadway musicals, including which “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” “The Best Brothel in Texas,” and “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” On the big screen, she has appeared seven times in low-budget films, including Dancing in the Clouds (1980) and ghost "(2007).)
  • Stella Stevens ((born 1938) real name - Estelle Caro Eggleston; American actress who achieved the greatest success in the sixties thanks to the image of a pin-up girl on the screens)
  • Stella Zeitlin ((born 1938) is a Russian linguist. Since 1968 she has been working at the Herzen State Pedagogical University (St. Petersburg). In 1972 she defended her thesis, in 1989 - her doctoral dissertation. She is also a leading researcher at the Department of Grammar Theory of the Institute of Linguistic Research, Russian Academy of Sciences. The main areas of scientific interests are functional grammar, syntax of modern Russian language, linguistics of children's speech. For a number of years, she served as a representative of Russia in the bureau of the International Association of Researchers of Children's Speech (IASCL) Leads a permanent seminar on children's speech (ontolinguistics), which is a section of the St. Petersburg Linguistic Society. Author of numerous publications, including the monograph "Language and the child: linguistics of children's speech";“Speech errors and their prevention”, “Dictionary of children's word-formation innovations”, chapters in collective monographs on functional grammar (series “Theory of functional grammar”, “Problems of functional grammar” published at the Institute of Linguistic Research RAS), as well as articles in Russian and English. 11 Ph. D. theses were defended under her supervision. Honorary Professor of the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Herzen and Cherepovets State University.)11 Ph. D. theses were defended under her supervision. Honorary Professor of the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Herzen and Cherepovets State University.)11 Ph. D. theses were defended under her supervision. Honorary Professor of the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Herzen and Cherepovets State University.)
  • Stella Gabdrakhmanova ((born 1933) Soviet and Russian schoolteacher in a rural school, Hero of Socialist Labor (1978))
  • Stella Adler ((1901 - 1992) actress and the most famous theater teacher in the USA. Stella Adler is the first and only American actress, introduced to Konstantin Stanislavsky and heart to accept the creative recommendations and instructions of the great director. Among her eminent students was Marlon Brando, who took from Stella Adler performed on Broadway from time to time in Group Theater, which was one of the most influential associations in American theater in the 1930s, from 1926 to 1952. The most notable works of the theater, in which, in addition to Stella Adler, famous directors and actors E. Kazan, H. Klurman, Lee Strasberg worked, are the productions of K. Odets's plays "Wake up and Sing" (1935), "Waiting for Lefty" (1935), "Golden Boy" (1937). Stella Adler has appeared in several films, including the hit film Shadow of the Thin Man (1941).)
  • Stella Gianni ((born 1969) stage name, secrecy of real name and personal data is one of the elements of Stella Gianni's image; Russian singer)
  • Stella Nyambura Mwangi, also known as STL ((born 1986) Norwegian singer of Kenyan descent. Performs music in pop, rap and soul styles. Music by Stella was included in the soundtracks to the famous films "American Pie" and "The Last Dance for Me" The singer is very popular in Norway, her compositions are also included in the top African charts and hit lists In 2011, the singer participated in the Norwegian music competition "Melodi Grand Prix 2011", and won it with the song "Haba Haba" ("Little by little") The victory in the competition gave the singer the right to represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, which took place in Dusseldorf (Germany). The song with which the singer represented her country in the competition is written in two languages - English and Swahili (the singer's native language). Despite positive reviews from critics, Stella failed to reach the final of the song contest.)
  • Stella Heiss ((born 1993) is a German curler, the leading player of the German team at the 2010 Olympics. At the age of 17, she became the youngest athlete at the 2010 Olympics. She also played at the 2009 European Championships in Aberdeen, became the European champion in Germany. On March 28, 2010 she won the World Championship with the German national team.)
  • Estelle, Estelle Fanta Swaray ((born 1980) British R&B singer, songwriter and producer. Known worldwide under the stage name Estelle. In 2008 she won a Grammy in the category "Best Rap Song" for her duet with Kanye West. In 2004, Estelle's debut album, The 18th Day, was released and entered the Top 40 UK Albums Chart. All 3 singles (1980, Free and Go Gone) from the album entered the Top 40 UK Singles Chart. In 2008, Estelle's second studio album, Shine, was released and was certified gold in the UK.)
  • Estelle Romain Bernadotte ((1904 - 1984) née Manville; Countess of Wisborg (1928-1948), wife of Folke Bernadotte, a representative of the side branch of the Swedish royal dynasty Bernadotte, who lost the right to the throne. Estelle became the first American citizen to marry a member of the European royal family.)
  • HRH Estelle Sylvia Eva Mary, Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Estergötland ((born 2012) the first child of the heiress to the Swedish throne, Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Duke of Westergötland, Daniel Westling. The name and title of Princess Estelle was announced by her grandfather, King Carl XVI meeting of the Council of Ministers on February 24, after which a thanksgiving prayer service Te Deum was served in the palace. The name Estelle had once met in the Bernadotte family - that was the name of Estelle Bernadotte (née Manville), wife of the godfather of Charles XVI Count Folke Bernadotte, a well-known public figure. Sylvia and Eve are given after the grandmothers of the princess - Queen Sylvia Sommerlat and mother of Prince Daniel. By virtue of the law on equal primogenesis in force in Sweden since 1980,the newborn princess is the second in the line of succession to the Swedish throne after her mother; she is followed by her uncle, Prince Carl Philip. As a descendant of Sophia of Hanover, the girl is also included in the order of succession to the British throne, ranking in the third hundred.)
  • Estelle Taylor ((1894 - 1958) is an American actress who was popular in 1920s Hollywood during the silent film era. She achieved her first success in the mid-1920s, starring in the films Monte Cristo (1922), Ten Commandments "(1923) and" Don Juan "(1926). No less successful were her roles in the films" Street Scene "(1931)," Cimarron "(1931) and" Call her wild "(1932). She appeared in 1945 in Jean Renoir's film The Southerner. Taylor spent the following years protecting animals and became the founder and first president of the California Animal Protection League. For her contribution to the cinema, the actress was later awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.)
  • Estelle Getty ((1923 - 2008) is an American actress who has appeared in theater, television series and film. She is best known for playing the role of Sofia Petrillo in the American television series Golden Girls, for which she won Emmy and Golden Globe awards. as well as for the role of Sylvester Stallone's mother in the film "Stop! Otherwise Mom will shoot …".)
  • Estelle Parsons ((born 1927) full name - Estelle Margaret Parsons; American actress and theater director for a number of Broadway productions. After moving to New York, Estelle Parsons worked as a screenwriter, producer, and also an anchor on the news program The Today Show.”She made her stage debut in New York in 1961, and won the Theater World Award in 1963. Parsons was also nominated for Tony four times for her roles in The Seven Falls of Myrtle (1968), And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little (1971), The Way of Miss Margaride (1978) and Seven Morning (2002) In addition to her acting career, she also directed, staging Romeo and Juliet on Broadway in 1986. "And" Macbeth.”Estelle Parsons has twice been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress:in 1967 for her role as Blanche in Bonnie and Clyde, which won her an Academy Award, and in 1968 for Calla McKee in Rachel, Rachel. In 1970, the actress was nominated for a BAFTA for her role in Watermelon Man. Her other works on the big screen include All For Pete (1974), Dick Tracy (1990) and Side Boys (1995). Estelle Parsons has been active in television for many years. She has had roles in the television series Roseanne, Touched by an Angel, Law & Order, as well as many television films. Estelle Parsons was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame in 2004.)Her other works on the big screen include All For Pete (1974), Dick Tracy (1990) and Side Boys (1995). Estelle Parsons has been active in television for many years. She has had roles in the television series Roseanne, Touched by an Angel, Law & Order, as well as many television films. Estelle Parsons was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame in 2004.)Her other works on the big screen include All For Pete (1974), Dick Tracy (1990) and Side Boys (1995). Estelle Parsons has been active in television for many years. She has had roles in the television series Roseanne, Touched by an Angel, Law & Order, as well as many television films. Estelle Parsons was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame in 2004.)