The Meaning Of The Name Tara

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The Meaning Of The Name Tara
The Meaning Of The Name Tara

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Synonyms for the name Tara. Farah, Tera, Tyra, Tare, Tera.

The origin of the name Tara. The name Tara is English, Muslim, Indian, Buddhist.

The name Tara has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Tara is an Indian name used among Buddhists. Has two translation options. The most common is the "liberator", the second, less well-known is the "guiding star". Represents compassion and salvation, is the feminine energy of enlightenment.

According to the second version, the name Tara in translation from Arabic means “reasonable”.

According to the third version, the name Tara has Irish roots, comes from the Gaelic word for "hill". The seat of the High Kings of Ireland, Tara Fortress, was the capital of Ireland until the 12th century. Later "tara" began to mean "royal hill", "on a dais, high", and even in later times it was transformed into "tower". It was the name "Tara" that was at the estate of the emigrant Gerald O'Hara, one of whose daughters was the heroine of Margaret Mitchell's novel "Gone with the Wind" - Scarlett O'Hara. In this context, the name Tara means "royal blood", "ruler".

Also, the name Tara is the female version of the male biblical name Terah (Tarakh, Terah), which sounds differently in different languages ​​(Tara, Teire, Terak), this name was borne by the father of Abraham. Has various translations: "mountain goat", "wandering wanderer", "worried."

Tara is usually a shy girl who doesn't really trust others. The emotional sphere is very important for her, she perceives any acquaintance very closely. Therefore, Tara is very careful, chooses a defensive position, so it is very difficult to get to know her, to establish contact.

Tara most often acts on a whim, trusts her intuition. Before doing something, she will think about her steps for a long time. He prefers to act in life, slowly but surely. He does not want to draw attention to himself, to create inconvenience to someone. Nevertheless, Tara is not at all quick-tempered, she keeps her feelings and emotions to herself, although this is not always easy.

Tara knows how to be persistent and stubborn in achieving goals, she is a hard worker, strives to do everything well, goes into details. If Tara is not motivated emotionally, then her work can become very passive, and the girl herself may even show disregard for her performance. In order for Tara not to be capricious, she should be shown her importance and necessity in this matter, for the owner of this name it is very important to be significant and necessary for the cause.

Tara prefers a quiet and peaceful life, away from noise. At school, she can often dream while sitting at her desk. Tara is looking for friendship, because she knows that love, attention and self-confidence are possible only among friends. At the same time, Tara loves both loneliness and spending time with friends.

In family life, Tara prefers to listen to her spouse, rarely takes the initiative herself when making decisions that are important for her family. Sometimes she can even completely ignore her own desires, especially when it comes to her family - husband, children. Tara is not a bad housewife, she needs support and self-confidence.

Tara should decide on the choice of profession before she has a family, because after her appearance and the birth of children, Tara will prefer to deal with the household and children, completely setting aside her ambitions professionally. Most often, after the appearance of the family, if Tara will work, then it will be an activity that does not require great returns. Tara can become a secretary, social worker, office worker, or choose to work with children, with animals. Since Tara is not devoid of talent, besides, she loves to fantasize, dream, she can choose for herself the creative profession of an actress, singer, artist, designer.

Tara's birthday

Tara does not celebrate the name day.

Famous people named Tara

  • Tara D. Reid or Tara Reid ((born 1975) American film actress)
  • Tara Lynn Wilson (the first famous full model in the 21st century. She has an acting education and has played in the films "Sheath of the Mind" and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." She has shot for such well-known publications as "ELLE" (March 2010) and V Magazine.)
  • Tara Correa-McMullen ((1989 - 2005) née Shalva McMullen; American actress)
  • Tara Lynn De Rogatis ((1979 - 2010) American actress and photographer)
  • Tara Kristen Lipinski ((born 1982) American figure skater, performing in single skating. Champion of the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, world champion in 1997, champion of the USA in 1997. Youngest individual champion of the Winter Olympics in history. Lipinski, skating in amateurs, she was distinguished by her childish style of skating, insanely rejoicing at the performed jumps, not in any way correlating it with the idea of ​​musical accompaniment.Constantly performed the key triple lutz from the wrong edge (inner), however, a number of judges, contrary to the rules, did not lower the marks for this, which allowed Lipinski win.)
  • Tara Fitzgerald ((born 1967) British theater, film and television actress)
  • Tara Strong (Canadian-American comedian, voice actor, musician and singer. She is famous for her work in projects such as "The Fairly OddParents", "The Powerpuff Girls", "Crazy Behind the Glass, or Multreality", "Ben 10”And“Ben 10: An Alien Superpower,”“Final Fantasy X,”and her recurring role as Miss Collins on Onward to Success.)
  • Tara Lee Knott Cunningham ((born 1972) American weightlifter, Olympic champion in 2000. First ever winner in women's weightlifting at the Summer Olympics.)
  • Tara Blaze ((born 1975) Irish pop, folk and rock singer)

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