The Meaning Of The Name Tayana

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The Meaning Of The Name Tayana
The Meaning Of The Name Tayana

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Tayana

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Tayana
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The short form of the name Tayana. Taya, Taichka.

Synonyms for the name Tayana. Mystery, Taina, Tatiana, Tanya.

The origin of the name Tayana. The name Tayana is Russian, Slavic.

The name Tayana is a modern name that has changed its sound, formed from the Slavic name Tayna, which comes from the verb "to hide". Therefore, the translation of the name is close to this word - "mysterious", "secret".

Also Tayana, Mystery is an affectionate appeal to the name Tatiana, and the diminutive Taya is also used for the name Taisiya. Among Finns, the name Taina became an adaptation of the Russian name Tanya (Tatiana).

The owner of the name Tayana has a strong, attractive character, she is brave, assertive, energetic and very flexible, she knows exactly how to seize the opportunity when it comes to her path. Tayana tends to argue stubbornly, even when she realizes that it would be better to stop.

As a child, she will need constant and firm but fair discipline. Fortunately, she is usually responsible for her actions. For her, freedom is sacred, and this should be taken into account when assigning responsibilities, even if her impulsiveness scares you, because this arrogant and uncompromising young lady can easily become a rebel. Her parents would be wise if they helped her with her self-esteem, since Tayana can be touchy, but it is worth approaching this with humor. Tayana will need a lot of exercise to give her the opportunity to work out her gigantic excess of energy, sports and cycling will help her in this.

Tayana appreciates good things in life, usually knows how to speak correctly, therefore, in many ways, she achieves success. She likes to win, loves to be admired. She is not averse to taking risks, but it will be difficult for her to take the first step in love affairs. But it's worth knowing that Tayana is a pretty jealous girl.

Tayana can be secretive, but, nevertheless, friendship takes an important place in her life. She is ready to be an open, friendly and pleasant lady who is always happy to help, lend a hand or listen. The same is the case in love, Tayana is quite sentimental, loving and attentive to her partner. She can sometimes be torn between her independent character and the desire for unity with her beloved.

A professional career is of the utmost importance to Tayana. Material wealth is very important to her. She will most likely insist on her own career if there is an opportunity not to become a housewife. First of all, she will be attracted by professions related to the world of business - finance, management, economics, banking, accounting. In second place for her will be professions where she can reveal her creative potential - an actress, writer, designer, hairdresser, etc. She will not bypass the opportunity to practice in foreign languages - translator, tourism manager, international trade, law enforcement, and also medicine.

Tayana's birthday

Tayana does not celebrate the name day.

Famous people named Tayana

  • Tayana ((born 1974) Ukrainian singer)
  • Tayana Tudegesheva (Russian poetess, member of the Writers' Union of Russia since 1999)
  • Tayana Torchakova (Russian designer)

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