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Tamil Name Meaning
Tamil Name Meaning

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Short form of Tamil's name. Tama, Toma, Mila, Tamunya, Tamunya, Tamulya, Tamusya, Tomochka, Tamilonka, Tamilochka, Tamonka, Omilonka, Tomonka, Tomka, Tomunya, Tomul.

Synonyms for the name Tamil. Tomila, Tamilla, Tomilla, Tamela, Tamella.

The origin of the name Tamil. The name Tamil is Slavic, Ukrainian.

The name Tamil is a Slavic female name that was formed from the Old Russian verb "tomiti", meaning "torment", "torment", "torment". Therefore, the name is translated as "languid", "tormentor".

There is a variant of writing the name through "o" - Tomila. The diminutive Mila is also an independent name, and the name Toma (Tama) is also used for the name Tamara.

Recently it has become fashionable to give a certain “foreign” sound to one's own name. This is how such variants of the Tamil name as Tamilla, Tamella, Tamela, Tomilla, Tamilia appeared. The name Tamil is mainly used in Ukraine.

A distinctive feature of Tamila is her calmness with which she endures any adversity. She knows how to well control her emotions, prefers sober calculation to sudden impulses, but still this girl should beware of her sudden desires. Tamila does not like to be in the role of a subordinate, it is important for her to make decisions on her own and bear the consequences of her actions, for which she will not blame others. She knows how to learn from her mistakes.

Tamila feels good in a team, knows how to adapt to a changing situation. She does not like stereotypes, the owner of this name is able to work on her shortcomings for a long time and hard, so from the outside, many will consider her an asshole and on her mind. One of the negative traits of her character can be called selfishness, since she will strive to bring life to her thoughts and her own ideas, despite the opinion of others about them.

Toma has organizational skills, she has a creative approach to the tasks set, she is not afraid to take on any business. Sometimes she is driven by ambition and the desire for glory, but to a greater extent she is governed by an inner desire not to lose face in front of her.

Tamila is able to work long and hard, while she is not a workaholic, but a person who is sensible about her capabilities. For her, work, success and career are important, but she will not chase the stars from heaven. She can become a successful entrepreneur, organizer, but also able to achieve recognition in a creative environment.

In family life, she prefers to be an excellent housewife who manages to do everything: the house is tidy, and the husband is happy, and the children are tidy, and respect at work. Tamila loves attention to herself, but prefers communication as equals.

Tamil's birthday

Tamil does not celebrate a name day.

Famous people named Tamila

  • Tamila Sagaipova ((born 1993) Russian singer, multiple participant and winner of various competitions, won the second prize in folk vocal at the International Competition "Open Europe" in 2007)
  • Tamila (Tamilla) Polezhaeva ((died 2011) Russian entrepreneur, was one of the top leaders of Oriflame)
  • Tamila Shiraliyeva (chief choreographer of the ballet troupe of the Azerbaijan State Opera and Ballet Theater, People's Artist of Azerbaijan, laureate of the USSR State Prize in the field of art)
  • Tamila Evdokimova (Soviet gymnastics coach, Honored coach of Ukraine, coached Tatyana Gutsu, two-time Olympic champion in 1992 in absolute and team championships)
  • Tamila Agamirova ((born 1928) Soviet actress, received the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR in 1988, also played in the Romen Theater, took part in the filming of 12 films. Holder of the Order of Friendship (Cavalier) and the Order of Mikhail Lomonosov.)
  • Tamila Mukhamedova (Soviet children's actress, starred in the films "The Seller of Dreams", "Clinic", "The Adventure of Arslan", "My Happiness, You Are Paid in Blood")
  • Tamila Jojua (Russian journalist)
  • Tamila Pokusa (Russian teacher, teacher of mathematics, winner of the city competition "Teacher of the Year" (2009))
  • Tamila Tsagareishvili (Georgian ethnologist, student of the famous Georgian scientist-ethnographer Georgy Chitai, who founded the Tbilisi Ethnographic Open Air Museum)
  • Tamila Oleksyuk (Soviet handball player, was in the USSR national team at the World Women's Championship in this sport in 1986)
  • Tamilla Agamirova ((born 1928) Soviet and Russian actress of the Romen Theater, also acted in films)
  • Tamilla Shiraliyeva ((born 1946) Soviet and Azerbaijani ballerina, choreographer-director. At present she continues teaching. She is the holder of the title of People's Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR (1978) and the USSR State Prize.)

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