The Meaning Of The Name Susanna (Sanna)

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The Meaning Of The Name Susanna (Sanna)
The Meaning Of The Name Susanna (Sanna)

Short form of the name Susanna. Susanka, Sanna, Sana, Suna, Susa, Susya, Anya, Sunny, Zuza, Zusya, Zhuzha, Suzi, Sue.

Synonyms for the name Susanna. Sosanna, Shushanika, Shushanna, Susan, Susan, Susana, Zuzana, Shusan, Suzanne, Susanna, Zuzann, Suzana, Susanna.

The origin of the name Susanna. The name Susanna is Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic, Armenian.

The name Susanna is of Hebrew origin. In the original, the name sounded like Shoshana, which means “white lily” or simply “lily”. In Orthodox saints, the name Susanna is also listed as Sosanna and Shushanika. The literal translation of the meaning of the name Susanna has become another female name - Lily. In Arab countries, Susanna will be called - Azusena, which also means "lily" in translation.

The name Susanna in other countries has a slightly different sound. In England, the girl will most likely be called Susan or Susan, in Scotland - Shusan, in Germany - Susanna or Susanne, in France - Suzanne (in Russia it is more often interpreted as Susanne), in Spain - Susana, in Portugal and Greece - Susan. In Poland and the Czech Republic, they prefer pronunciation through the "z" - Zuzana, in the northern countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland) they pronounce it the same way as in Belarus, Russia and Armenia - Susanna. Diminutive forms of the name Susanna: Susanka, Suna, Susa, Susa, Sanna, Sana, Anya, Sue, Suzi, Zuze, Su, Suzi, Susanneta, Zuzya, Zuzichka, Shusi, Nika (Shushanika). Sanna, Susa, Suna, Suxia calls are applicable only to Susanna.

A woman named Susanna is quick-tempered, narcissistic, vulnerable, but a truly kind heart beats in her chest. Susanna will never do anything without thinking, this is a reasonable, calculating and stubborn woman. At first glance, Susanna seems like a real tangle of nerves, she looks so restless. Choleric temperament makes Susanna not able to listen to the advice of loved ones, receptive and narcissistic, while she is very sensitive, vulnerable and touchy. Her increased excitability, pampering and narcissism often cause problems in her personal life and professional activities.

Susanna was created for a bohemian life, she dreams of success and a high position in society. Susanna moves up the career ladder slowly but surely, thanks to her perseverance and hard work. This woman will not be able to do painstaking, strictly regulated work, she needs to show her individuality, so the best areas of activity for Susanna will be music, acting, literature, design, painting, fashion modeling and its demonstration. Economics professions from business, trade and advertising are also suitable. In general, Susanna has an excellent memory and an analytical mindset, work for these women is a battlefield where all means are good. It is worth noting that Susanna, as a rule, holds a post that does not correspond to her level of education.

Susanna takes the choice of a partner very seriously, she should know her future husband by heart. The house of this woman will always be a complete thicket, she knows how to create a cozy atmosphere. This is a zealous hostess. In family life, Susanna always wants to be loved, she wants to take possession of her partner completely: his body, soul, and material condition. She is loving, her husband should be an experienced and physically strong man who will help this woman get rid of some complexes.

Susanna is a very sociable person, which sometimes leads to a disordered lifestyle. Nevertheless, it is very difficult for Susanna to get along with new people, and it is just as difficult to part with close friends. Susanna has a developed intuition and is able to accurately assess a person from the point of view of psychology. In communicating with her friends, Susanna is secretive; she will never tell them about her personal experiences. This woman is easily offended, especially if her self-esteem is affected. Susanna is very hot-tempered, which is sure to please people who like to play on someone's nerves - you can make this woman mad in a couple of seconds. It is much more difficult to calm Susanna, only praise or compliments can return her to her previous state. Susanna is suitable only for a man who dreams of a life full of passions.

Susanna's birthday

Susanna celebrates her name day on January 18, May 3, May 7, June 2, June 6, June 19, June 20, August 11, August 24, September 10, September 19, December 28.

Famous people named Susanna

  • Susanna (Sosanna): Susanna the Myrrhbearer, Sosanna of Salernskaya, Susanna (Shushanika) Ranskaya, Susanna Georgian (martyr venerated by the Orthodox and Catholic Church)
  • Susanna (Jewish woman from Babylon, a character from the Old Testament, falsely accused by some elders of adultery, but saved thanks to the wisdom of the prophet Daniel)
  • Suzanne Bernard (mother of the French writer and philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (died 1712))
  • Susanna Georgievskaya (Russian writer (1916-1974))
  • Susan Seidelman (American filmmaker, one of the few female directors to succeed in directing in Hollywood (born 1953))
  • Sigourney Weaver (real name - Susan, American actress)
  • Susanna Mar (Susanna Chalkhushyan, Russian poet, translator (1900-1965))
  • Susanna Zhislina ((born 1907) Russian literary critic)
  • Susanna Rozanova ((born 1912) Russian literary critic)
  • Suzanne Driano (Italian figure skater who competed in single skating)
  • Susanna Mälkki (Finnish conductor)
  • Susanna Pökiyo (Finnish figure skater, singles. Five-time winner of the Finnish Figure Skating Championship, silver medalist at the European Championship (2005) and bronze medalist at the European Championship (2009))
  • Susanna Rubinstein ((1911 - 1990) Soviet psychologist)
  • Susanna Catherine von Klettenberg ((1723 - 1774) German nun and poet)
  • Susanna Mildonyan (Belgian harpist and music teacher)
  • Susanna Koval ((1909 - 1978) Ukrainian Soviet theater actress, Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1955))
  • Susanna Rahkamo (Finnish figure skater, 1995 European champion in sports ice dancing)
  • Jamala (real name - Susana Dzhamaladinova, Ukrainian singer performing original music at the jazz, soul, world music and rhythm and blues with classical and gospel elements, winner of the Grand Prix of the festival of young performers "New Wave - 2009" in Jurmala)
  • Susan Stoddart (professional racer from Scotland, she has achieved results in various types of motorsport (karting, Formula Renault, Formula 3))
  • Susan Kohner ((born 1936) American actress, winner of two Golden Globe awards, and also an Oscar nominee in 1960)
  • Suzanne (Susanne) Nadine Vega (Viga) (American singer, songwriter and music based on folklore, guitarist)
  • Susan Flannery (American actress, Golden Globe and four Daytime Emmy Award Winner)
  • Susan Sontag (in another spelling - Sontag, real name - Rosenblatt; American writer, literary, artistic, theater and film critic, winner of national and international awards (1933 - 2004))
  • Susan Isaacs (American novelist and screenwriter)
  • Susan Anthony ((1820 - 1906) American feminist and women's civil rights activist who played a key role in the US suffrage movement in the 19th century)
  • Susan O'Connor (Canadian curler, third team in Canada at the 2010 Olympics)
  • Susan Morrow, also Susanne Morrow or Susan Morrow-Francis ((1930 - 2006) Canadian figure skater, Olympic bronze medalist (1948); Morrow and Distermeier also won bronze medals at the 1948 World Championships, are considered the first performers of the mandatory element in modern pair skating - todes)
  • Carmen Susana Duim Subilaga ((born 1936) professional model, actress and TV presenter, winner of the Miss World competition (1955))
  • Zuzana Pravnyanskaya (Slovak actress, most famous role - an alien girl named Mike in the movie "Adventures in Vacation")
  • Zuzana Fialova (Slovak actress and film director, part of the troupe of the Slovak National Theater)
  • Zuzana Kuchova (Slovak tennis player)
  • Zuzana Tomchikova (Slovak ice hockey player, participant of the 2010 Winter Olympics)
  • Zuzana Stefechekova (Slovak athlete, shooter, Olympic medalist)
  • Suzanne Langer ((1895 - 1985) American philosopher of consciousness and aesthetics, influenced by Ernst Cassirer and Alfred Whitehead; best known for her 1942 book "Philosophy in a Different Key")

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