Meaning Of The Name Sylvia (Silva)

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Meaning Of The Name Sylvia (Silva)
Meaning Of The Name Sylvia (Silva)

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Video: Meaning Of The Name Sylvia (Silva)
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Short form of the name Sylvia. Silva, Silya, Ilya, Leah, Lika.

Synonyms for the name Sylvia. Silva, Silva.

The origin of the name Sylvia. The name Sylvia is Catholic.

The name Sylvia, translated from the Latin language, means "forest". In Roman-speaking countries, the pronunciation is more common - Silva. The semantic Russian analogues of the name are Olesya and Lesya.

Catholics have Saint Sylvia of Rome, who is considered the patroness of pregnant women. The mother of the famous founders of Rome Romulus and Remus, a vestal woman, was named Rhea Sylvia.

Male related names are the names Selivan, Sylvester, Seliverst. Silva and Silva have recently become independent names. Diminutive expressions Leah and Lika are also independent names.

Women with this name are distinguished by mobility, sociability and independence. By their temperament, they can be called choleric. These are strong and open women, prone to adventurism. They always have many friends, as they prefer live communication and can be friends with both women and men. Her friends are distinguished by the same openness and swiftness in action, since she is not at all interested in closed and slow people.

Silva is always surrounded by friends and acquaintances, as she very quickly develops close friendships. She quickly gets used to it, but just as quickly she can forget, finding herself a new interesting acquaintance. Love at first sight is about her. Silva is capable of falling in love with a man without looking back, although this feeling does not last long.

Sometimes it seems that Silva is constantly listening to her intuition and looking in the world around her for signs of how best to act. These are very intelligent women, but giving in to an impulse, they can commit very reckless acts. They are so impetuous and enthusiastic that they can forget about everything in the world - for example, an umbrella or even a husband. Their carelessness and willingness to help can sometimes hurt them.

Professional activity is perceived by them rather as a duty. Therefore, Silva seeks her vocation and often finds it in work as a pediatrician, gynecologist or kindergarten teacher. She likes to work in community service, then she feels that she is doing the right thing.

Silva gets married quite early, although she does not change her lifestyle. She continues to communicate with a large number of friends and acquaintances, constantly inviting guests. This is a very addicted person, therefore, prone to dubious actions. Silva becomes calmer and only remembers family responsibilities with the birth of a child. In her heart she always remains a young and temperamental woman, so other people's wives should be wary of her. If Silva likes a man, then he will not be able to resist her. Love, tenderness and the desire to live peacefully and happily shine in her beautiful eyes.

Family life with her is rarely calm, but you quickly get used to it. This is a very cordial, open and generous woman, although she is not distinguished by special responsibility and frugality. Therefore, it is better for her husband to manage the family budget himself. Silva will become a wonderful mother and faithful wife.

Communication is very important for Silva, so she cannot stand being alone. Oddly enough, they can easily be influenced and adapt to the one they love. Family and friends are the most precious thing in the world to her. It is sometimes very difficult to understand it because it is fickle. But this charming woman simply attracts people to her.

Sylvia's birthday

Sylvia celebrates her name day on August 8, November 3, November 5.

Famous people named Sylvia

  • Sylvia of Aquitaine, blessed Sylvia or Salvia, Sylvania ((d. About 420) blessed)
  • Sylvia ((born 1943) nee - Sylvia Renata Sommerlat; Queen of Sweden, wife of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden)
  • Sylvia Françoise van der Wart (Sylvia Meis) (Dutch model, actress and TV presenter)
  • Sylvia Sidney ((1910 - 1999) American actress, Golden Globe winner, and Oscar nominee)
  • Sylvia Plath ((1932 - 1963) American poet and writer, considered one of the founders of the genre of "confessional poetry" in English-language literature; in 1982, Plath received the Pulitzer Prize posthumously for the collection "Collected Poems")
  • Silva Kaputikyan ((1919 - 2006) the greatest Armenian poetess of the 20th century, writer and publicist, academician, Honored Worker of Culture of the Armenian SSR (1970), Honored Worker of Culture of the Georgian SSR (1980), laureate of the Stalin Prize of the second degree (1952))
  • Silvia Derbes ((1932 - 2002) Mexican actress of the golden period of Mexican cinema (1940 - 1960s))
  • Sylvia Christel (Dutch model, actress, writer, became famous for the embodiment of the image of Emmanuel on the screen)
  • Sylvia Nazar (American economist, writer and journalist)
  • Sylvia Guewiller ((1909 - 1999) Swiss singer (soprano) and music teacher. She was known mainly as a performer of baroque and medieval material - in particular, operas and madrigals of Monteverdi. Several generations of Swiss vocalists studied with Guewiller - Fritz Nef, Niklaus Tüller, Sylvia Schmid, Katrin Graf, Walter Mayer, Anneliese Ritzmann and others.)
  • Sylvia Likens ((1949 - 1965) American girl from Indianapolis, killed at the age of sixteen after prolonged torture and brutal torture; she was tortured by Gertrude Baniszewski, her children and other teenagers living in the neighborhood; this case received widespread resonance in American society)
  • Silvia Farina-Eliya (Italian professional tennis player, winner of 12 WTA tournaments in singles and doubles)
  • Sylvia Granjean ((born 1934) Swiss figure skater in doubles, paired with Michel Granjean, silver medalist at the 1954 World Championship, European champion in 1954 and three-time champion of Switzerland 1952 - 1954)
  • Sylvia Hitchcock (model, winner of the Miss Universe pageant (1967))
  • Estella Sylvia Pankhurst ((1882 - 1960) British suffragist and leftist communist)
  • Silvia Filler ((1953 - 1971) Argentine architecture student at the University of Mar del Plata, killed by members of the ultra-right death squad for leading the student movement)
  • Sylvia Seidel (German actress)
  • Silvia Feifer (Brazilian actress, top model (height 185 cm))
  • Silvia Gruhala (Polish foil fencer, multiple world and European champion, two-time Olympic medalist (2000, 2004))
  • Sylvia Colloca (Italian-American actress, opera singer and fashion model)
  • Silvia Markovic (violinist of Romanian origin, wife of violinist Diego Pazhena, mother of pianist Emo Pagin and singer Sara Pagin)
  • Silvia Rupil (Italian skier, Olympic participant, distance racing specialist)
  • Sylvia Beach ((1887 - 1962) American writer, publisher, bookstore owner, one of the largest figures in literary Paris between the First and Second World Wars)
  • Sylvia Tellier (winner of the Miss France competition (2002), participated in the Miss Europe competition)
  • Sylvia Ashton ((1880 - 1940) American silent film actress)
  • Silvia Fontana (Italian figure skater, who competed in single skating)
  • Silva Koschina ((1933 - 1994) née Silva Cosquinon; Italian actress)
  • Sylvia Pfeifer (Brazilian actress, top model)