The Meaning Of The Name Selma

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The Meaning Of The Name Selma
The Meaning Of The Name Selma

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Selma
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Short form of the name Selma. Selminya, Selmina, Mina, Anselka, Annecy, Selmi.

Synonyms for the name Selma. Anselma, Selma, Zelma, Anselma, Zelma, Anselma, Salma, Salima.

The origin of the name Selma. The name Selma is German, Catholic.

The name Selma is a female European name of German origin. It is used in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, in other European countries it is found less often, and in a more complete form (originally in origin).

The name Selma (at present it is a shortened version) comes from the ancient Germanic name Ansehelm, where “ans” / “as” (“deity”) and “helm” (“helmet”). The name translates as "divine helmet", meaning "divine protection". Among Catholics, Saint Anselm is revered, who is also the patron saint of the Italian city of Mantua.

In most European countries, the name is used in its full form, less often as Selma. In England - Anselma, Selma, Zelma, in Germany - Anselma, Zelma, in Spain, Portugal, Italy - Anselma. Pronunciation and spelling of the name through "ь" is the Russian transcription of the Latin name notation.

According to another version, the appearance of the name Selma in Germany and Scandinavia is associated with the work of the Scottish poet James McPherson (died 1796), where “Selma” appears as a toponym. Selma is a fictional royal castle whose name is derived from Scottish Gaelic and means "good view" ("beautiful to behold").

The poet MacPherson became famous for allegedly "translations" from Gaelic songs of the legendary Celtic bard of the 3rd century Ossian, although in fact all these works were written by MacPherson himself. Selma Castle is an invention of MacPherson and is not mentioned in Celtic tradition. Songs of Selma are Ossian's most famous poems because of their lyrical and elegiac character. They were translated in 1771 by Goethe for Frederica Brion and used in this form in his novel The Suffering of Young Werther.

The particular popularity of the name in Sweden is probably associated with the poems of the famous Swedish-Finnish poet Frans Mikael François (died 1847), where Selma has already become the heroine of a cycle of poems ("Selma och Fanny"). Later, the name Selma became more common thanks to Selma Lagerlöf, the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The name Selma is often considered identical to the Muslim name Salma (Salima), which is also used along with the name Selma. Therefore, at present, these names are considered identical to each other, although this is erroneous, you need to pay attention to the origin of the name.

The female name Selma (Anselma) is not mentioned in the Catholic calendar, we note here the name day for the male name Anselm.

The owner of the name Selma is a very determined woman, full of energy and enthusiasm. She is adventurous, ambitious, not devoid of a certain courage, which allows her to take responsibility even where it is not particularly required. In communication, she is subject to mood, but even in this case, Selma does not lose her generosity, sincerity, and her speeches and actions remain uncompromising.

Selma loves to take risks, loves to command, always feels like a leader, although this is not always required of her. Some of her virtues are tact and diplomacy, this girl shows loyalty to many things, but always openly expresses her personal opinion. Selma can turn out to be a successful businesswoman due to her pragmatic and down-to-earth approach.

Despite the fact that she is quite athletic, nevertheless, those around her emphasize her femininity to a greater extent than the athletic figure. Selma is friendly, warm in relationships, attentive to her appearance. Her coquetry and sophistication are emphasized by expensive jewelry and luxurious clothes, she knows how to dress elegantly and beautifully.

In childhood, those around her celebrate the kindness that Selma shows not only to her parents, but also to the children with whom she is friends. But the character of the leader is already beginning to manifest itself in uncompromising, and as a result, if it was not possible to achieve the desired, this girl demonstrates jealousy and resentment. Very sociable, she is happy when she is surrounded by a group of friends who are eager to follow her. Selma knows how to broaden her horizons, uses games to gain new knowledge.

In communication, Selma strives for union and cooperation with others. As a rule, she cares about the well-being of other people, knows how to sympathize, give very good advice, provide support. The owner of this name is a very attentive listener, a good psychologist.

Her personal romantic relationship is somewhat more complicated, as she is often overbearing, despite the fact that this girl can often be persuaded otherwise. In reality, Selma is extremely demanding - both in work and in relationships. Success in various fields is extremely important for her - both to build a career and create a wonderful family. She strives for perfection and sometimes demands the impossible.

Any tolerance this girl possesses completely disappears when it comes to a lover whose flaws she cannot bring herself to accept. To give credit to her spouse, Selma tends to show her loyalty fiercely, although she can be jealous. But this girl is so charming, sensual and sophisticated, often becomes an excellent housewife and a wonderful mother, a wonderful friend that many people over time wonder how they used to do without Selma in their lives.

Selma is not indifferent to the material side of her chosen career, she is inclined to use her often favorable condition to achieve success. She can become a consultant in areas related to finance, economics, business, management. Professions in the field of beauty (hairdresser, perfumer, jeweler, designer) and comfort (real estate, hotel business) are close to her. Professions where communication is important (journalist, administrator), and administrative work in any area will also appeal to Selma.

Selma's birthday

Selma celebrates her name day on February 7, March 3, March 18, April 21, November 18.

Famous people named Selma

  • Selma Lagerlöf ((1858-1940) Swedish writer. Nobel laureate in literature (1909), the very first woman in this category, the third woman to receive this award.)
  • Selma Goebel ((1843-1925) Swedish textile artist. Sculptor, woodcarver, achieved the greatest success creating beautiful textile patterns (carpets, wallpaper, tapestries). She opened a weaving school and a textile studio, where her most famous works were created. She was engaged in embroidery and worked with lace. Her work is presented in the National Museum of Sweden (Stockholm). Awarded the gold medal Illis Quorum (Sweden) for outstanding service to Swedish culture, science or society in 1898.)
  • Selma Burer-Gessner ((1916-1974) Swiss writer, Soviet intelligence officer)

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