The Meaning Of The Name Sania

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The Meaning Of The Name Sania
The Meaning Of The Name Sania

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Sania
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The short form of the name Sania. Sleigh.

Synonyms for the name Sania. Sanya, Saniyat, Sanya, Sani, Sanja.

The origin of the name Sania. The name Sania is Muslim.

The name Sania is of Arabic origin. According to the most widespread version, the name means "second", "second child", this name was given to the girl who appeared second in the family. According to the second version, this name among Muslims is the feminine form of the male name Sani, therefore the name is translated as “similar”, “outstanding”, “luxurious”, “shining”, “shiny”. Among the Tatars, a variant of this name is used - Saniyat. The stress in the name Sania can be both on the letter "a" and on the letter "I".

In India, the name Saniya is quite popular, which is translated as "diamond", and is also interpreted as "shining", "magnificent".

The name Sania in Latin spelling has various variants - Sania, Saniya, Sanya, Saniyya, Sanja, Sanjay, Sanjaya, therefore variations in Russian pronunciation are possible - Sania, Sanya, Sani, Sanya, Sanja. Among Serbs, the most common pronunciation of the name is Sanya.

There is also Sanya's diminutive appeal to the names Alexander, Alexandrina, Alexandrina, Samuel, Chrys, Roxana, Firs and Chrysanth. But this address has nothing to do with the name Sanya, which in some countries is identical to the name Sania.

The girl Sania is quite secretive, but to some extent very assertive, which does not prevent her from remaining simple and natural. This girl knows how to control her emotions, which scares some people. She hates recklessness, stupidity, mediocrity and frivolity. She strives for everything that is pure and natural, she has extremely high standards, she is a real idealist.

Sania is constantly developing and improving. She is an ambitious and hardworking girl, with a lot of patience, which allows her not to miss the most important moments in her life. But she can become harsh, lose all moderation, lose control over her emotions, this concerns precisely the little things in life that can bother her.

Sania loves discipline, stubborn and headstrong. He does not order anyone, neither himself nor others, to easily give up his dreams or principles. Little Sania is very pleasant to talk to and does not cause real problems for her parents. She will be a responsible elder sister who is a diligent student at school and an example for other children.

Sania strives for perfection and harmony in love. She is ready to go to a truce in order to maintain peace and pleasant relations with her loved ones. When it comes to choosing a partner, Sania is especially demanding, because she must be able to respect and admire the person whom her heart chooses. And her chosen one will have to act carefully, because if he breaks wood, then he will no longer get a second chance. Choosing for Sania is often a difficult task. She is a wonderful housewife, hospitable, exemplary but demanding mother.

Family, relatives and friends are central to Sania's life, and she may decide to devote herself to her family because stability and peace in the family are emotionally important to her. But its activity, dynamism and energy are very difficult to push into the background for a long time. Therefore, Sania can also engage in social or legal activities, social projects, creativity, find herself in medicine, the service sector.

Sania's birthday

Sania does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Sania

  • Sania (Sanya) Richard-Ross ((born 1985) American athlete originally from Jamaica, multiple Olympic gold medalist, seven-time world championship medalist; she is called the best runner of the last decade)
  • Sanya (Sanya) Matiash (American actress and singer)
  • Sanya Malhotra (Indian Bollywood actress)
  • Sanya Borisova-Ilieva ((born 1983) Bulgarian actress)
  • Saniya Arora (Indian actress)
  • Saniya Badijij (Indian Bollywood actress)
  • Sanaya Irani ((born 1983) Indian actress, best known for her roles in television series)
  • Sania Anklesaria ((born 2001) Indian child actress, best known for her roles in TV series and some films)
  • Sanya (Sania) Mirza ((born 1986) Indian professional tennis player, currently ranked # 1 in doubles rankings; winner and finalist of several Grand Slam tournaments. Won a total of 14 medals, including 6 gold.)
  • Saniya Iqbal Khan ((born 1985) Pakistani cricketer, played internationally)
  • Saniya Nishtar ((born 1963) Pakistani cardiologist. Actively pursues health policy, not only in his country, but throughout the world, being an active participant in WHO. Author of books and articles.)
  • Saniya Said ((born 1975) Pakistani actress and presenter, winner of several film awards)
  • Saniya Kaldygulova ((born 1956) Kazakh public figure and politician)
  • Saniya Zagirova ((born 1918) Soviet worker, Hero of Socialist Labor. She worked as a shoe cutter, fulfilled the seven-year plan in 5 years, saving a large amount of raw materials.)
  • Saniya Shavalieva ((born 1964) Russian children's writer (fairy tales, drama), diploma winner of various both Russian and international literary competitions)
  • Saniyat Ganachueva ((born 1977) Russian athlete (freestyle wrestling), in 1995 she became the youngest world wrestling champion among women (the national team won the team championship), category - up to 50 and 53 kg)
  • Sanya Malagurski ((born 1990) Serbian volleyball player, was European champion in 2011, won three times in the Euroleague)
  • Sanya Ivekovic ((born 1949) Croatian artist, sculptor, photographer)
  • Sanya Rajovic ((born 1981) Serbian handball player, silver winner of the 2013 World Cup)
  • Sanya (Sanya) Dolezal ((born 1963) Croatian singer and TV presenter)

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