The Meaning Of The Name Ruth

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The Meaning Of The Name Ruth
The Meaning Of The Name Ruth

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ruth
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Synonyms for the name Ruth. Ruth, Rut, Ruth, Rute, Ruf, Ruta, Ruut.

The origin of the name Ruth. The name Ruth is Hebrew, Jewish.

The name Ruth comes from the Hebrew name Ruth, meaning "friend", "girlfriend". The name Ruth is mentioned in the Old Testament. The name Ruth is more often found among the Slavic peoples, among the Europeans the most widely used variant of the name is Ruth. In France - Rut, in Portugal - Ruth, Rute, in Ukraine, in Belarus - Ruf, in Poland - Ruta, in Finland - Ruut. This name was widespread in the first half of the 20th century, including in the United States.

The name Ruth is an exclusively feminine name; it does not have a paired masculine name. Confusion can often be found when the name Ruth (Ruth, Ruth) is mistaken for a related name to names such as Rufa, Rufina and Rufia. These are completely different and independent names that have nothing in common.

Ruth is not a woman who is willing to play second fiddle. This is a secretive, restrained, cautious woman, she keeps her feelings and emotions to herself, never decides anything on a hot head. This approach to life can lead her to a fork with two paths - opposite to each other. The first path can lead the owner of this name to a certain suppression of her emotions, so Ruth may seem somewhat cold or insensitive, discovering such character traits as hard work and rationalism.

For her, logical thinking will prevail, she will be attracted by large-scale projects, collective work led by her. This decisive, strict woman will be able to achieve certain success on the chosen path, she will want to leave a mark on the world in one form or another. An extraordinary and ambitious life is part of her choice, where her personal life is not taken into account.

The second chosen path promises to be calm and peaceful, Ruth will prefer to make a choice in favor of the family, leaving her ambitious plans in a box with a long storage. But Ruth will reflect her originality in her creativity, she can also fully devote her time to children, considering their future to be her main work in life.

As a child, Ruth's parents should encourage her sense of work, order, and organization to develop her creativity and communication skills to avoid taking herself too seriously. It would be correct to enroll the girl in a drama studio where she can take part in group activities, which will help her become a more sociable person and teach her the concept of exchange and turnover. Any creative or artistic activity will help her develop communication skills, find her favorite work. Very often, it is her favorite work that becomes her main profession.

Ruth feels good with friends, she is quite talkative, but never really reveals her deepest feelings. In order for her to open up, you need to win her trust. And only after that she will become a real friend, a faithful partner who will have a keen sense of duty.

In her professional life, Ruth will reveal herself as a true enthusiast of business, with an attention to detail that can border on pettiness, she has a very strict attitude towards this issue. She can become a professional in accounting, banking, economics, sewing, chemistry. She is also attracted to such fields as social activities, art, architecture, journalism, television, teaching.

Ruth's birthday

Ruth does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Ruth

  • Ruth Zernova ((1919-2004) real name - Zevina; Soviet writer and translator, published in the newspapers Ogonyok, Novy Mir, Zvezda, author of collections of stories and stories)
  • Ruth Wallis ((1920-2007) American cabaret singer, a musical based on her songs was staged in 2003)
  • Ruth Tamarina ((1921-2005) surname at birth - Girshberg; Soviet poetess)
  • Ruth Becker ((1899-1990) American, was a passenger on the Titanic)
  • Ruth Etting ((1897-1978) American singer and actress, recorded over 200 songs over 10 years at the peak of her singing career, performed on the radio, played in theater and cinema. Her singing career was interrupted by a failed marriage.)
  • Ruth Gabriel ((born 1975) Spanish actress)
  • Ruth Donnelly ((1896-1982) American actress, starred in over 80 films, also played on Broadway)
  • Ruth Messinger ((born 1941) American politician)
  • Ruth Ogbeifo ((born 1972) Nigerian weightlifter, 2000 Olympic silver and 1999 World Bronze)
  • Ruth Rubin ((1906-2000) née Rivke Roysentblat; American folklorist, performer of Yiddish songs; author of songs and poems)
  • Ruth Slenczynska ((born 1925) American pianist, music teacher, at the age of 10 she performed at Cornegie Hall with great success. Author of books on music and psychology.)
  • Ruth Metzler-Arnold ((born 1964) Swiss politician)

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