Meaning Of The Name Sabina

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Meaning Of The Name Sabina
Meaning Of The Name Sabina

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Short form of the name Sabina. Sabinka, Bina, Ina, Binchen, Zaza, Binet, Sasa, Bibi, Saba, Sava.

Synonyms for the name Sabina. Savina, Sabine, Saben, Sabine, Zabina, Savine, Savina.

The origin of the name Sabina. The name Sabina is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Sabina has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Sabina comes from the Roman cognomen (personal or generic nickname) Sabinus - "Sabine". In ancient Rome, the cognomen Sabinus was a generic nickname in the families of Calvis and Claudians.

According to the second version, the name Sabina is the female version of the male name Sabine. Sabinus is the ancestor of the Sabines, an ancient and powerful people of central Italy. The Sabine women were famous for their beauty, so the word "Sabine" could mean "beautiful". It is possible that the first and second versions of the origin of the name Sabina overlap with each other. Therefore, the translation of the generic nickname "Sabine" could mean "beautiful" for a woman, and "strong" for a man.

In the Catholic tradition, Saint Sabinus, Bishop of Canosa (Canossa), is considered the patron saint of the Italian city of Bari, and Saint Sabina of Rome is the patroness of housewives.

According to the third version, the name Sabina comes from the Aramaic verb “Saba” - “wise”, “unpretentious”. Male names were also formed from the same verb. Read more about the origin of the names Savva and Savely.

In Orthodoxy, the name Sabina is pronounced as Savina. Saint Savina of Smyrna is a martyr.

Sabina is often the only child in the family. She grows up to be a spoiled girl. Winter Sabines have a difficult character. They are talented. They have a great appearance, which often attracts the opposite sex. But it is not easy for men to communicate with them. Sabina is domineering and capricious. She likes to subjugate people. Financially often depends on parents.

Summer Sabina is distinguished by modesty and shyness. She is very careful with men. Often he sees in them not a reliable support and support, but insidious seducers trying to take advantage of her credulity.

Sabines, born in autumn, despite their pride and prudence, are non-conflicting and kind. They look after their appearance. They love to be told about their attractiveness. Sabina's family life is usually happy. They usually have daughters. The name Sabina is perfect for girls born in summer or autumn.

Sabina's character is quite strong-willed. She is firm in her decisions and does not succumb to other people's influence, subjective in her actions and decisions. Such a woman knows how to create intrigues, loves money. Sabina can be impulsive and ambitious, but behind all of this there is a cold mind and logical action. She is vengeful and touchy, has a well-developed intuition and a practical mindset.

Sabina has very few friends. They must have a strong character and endurance. Sabina is charming and dangerous at the same time. Sabina is a wonderful hostess, she knows how to support any conversation, she often receives guests at home.

A woman named Sabina can be a great artist, explorer or restorer. She is decisive and tactful, can achieve success in almost any field of activity.

Sabina's birthday

Sabina celebrates her name day on January 30, March 24, August 29, October 27.

Famous people named Sabina

  • Poppaea Sabina ((30 - 65) official name - Divine Augusta Poppaea Sabina; second wife of Emperor Nero)
  • Vibia Sabina ((about 85 - 137) wife of the Roman emperor Hadrian)
  • Sabine Meyer (German clarinetist)
  • Sabine Azema (French actress)
  • Sabine Bergman-Pohl ((born 1946) German politician, member of the Christian Democratic Union)
  • Sabina (Sheive Naftulyevna) Spielrein ((1885 - 1942) married - Sheftel, then - Spielrein-Sheftel; Russian and Soviet psychoanalyst, teacher, student of K.G. Jung)
  • Sabina Imaykina (Russian figure skater performing in pair skating)
  • Sabina Lisicki (German tennis player of Polish descent)
  • Sabine Azema (French actress)
  • Sabina Akhmedova (theater and film actress)
  • Sabina Valbuza (famous Italian skier, medalist of the Olympic Games and World Championships, multiple winner of the World Cup stages, participant of five Olympics. Specialist in both sprint and distance races, prefers free skiing. Younger sister of the famous Italian skier Fulvio Valbuza.)
  • Sabine Klassen (real name - Sabine Hirtz; vocalist of the German thrash metal bands Holy Moses and Temple of the Absurd. She is one of the first vocalists to use growling.)
  • Sabine Lancelin (French cameraman)

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