The Meaning Of The Name Rusalina

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The Meaning Of The Name Rusalina
The Meaning Of The Name Rusalina

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Rusalina

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Rusalina
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Short form of the name Rusalina. Rusa, Lina, Rusala, Mermaid, Little Mermaid.

Synonyms for the name Rusalina. Rosalind, Rosana.

The origin of the name Rusalina. The name Rusalina is Russian, Tatar.

The name Rusalina has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Rusalina is related to the Turkic name Ruslan, which means "lion". In Russian, the name Rusalina is not used, recently another female version has appeared in everyday life - Ruslana.

According to the second version, the name Rusalina has Slavic roots and means "fair-haired", "Russian". As one of the options - a derivative from the Slavic mythical mermaid creature. Historian SM Solovyov describes the origin of the name "mermaid" from the prevailing hair color among the Slavs - "with light brown hair." Initially, in Russian folklore, a mermaid was called a cracker, a watergirl, a swimmer.

According to the third version, the name Rusalina is a gypsy name, translated as “lucky star”, there are translation options for “a flower that blooms at dawn” and “pattern on the heart”.

According to the next version, the name Rusalina is the European name Rosalind (Rosalina) changed into the Russian manner.

Lin's diminutive is also an independent name. The name Rusalina is found among the Roma, Kazakhs, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Bashkirs and Tatars.

Rusalina is a very extraordinary girl. She is constantly looking for new ways for herself, loves changes in life, often relies on chance, Russian maybe and fortune. She has an inventive mind, purposeful and strong-willed character.

Very often Rusalina becomes an authority among her peers, possesses authority, superbly leads and organizes. Even at school, she is constantly entrusted with organizing various performances, various complex reports. Rusalina is a sensible, self-sufficient girl. But her positive qualities can become the flip side of the coin for her, she sometimes experiences vanity, she likes it when people admire her achievements, successes, fame can blind her, make her manipulated by flatterers. The excess energy with which the owner of this name gets down to business sometimes tires the girl so much that she becomes intolerant of the duration of the processes and wants an instant result. Rusalina should control her desires and measure her capabilities with reality.

Rusalina is a kind, sympathetic, cheerful and affectionate girl. She knows how to empathize, a generous person. When she is irritated or upset, she is able to take a stupid risk, she becomes a domineering and capricious person. But most often Rusalina shows common sense, is peaceful and open to communication.

The owner of this name is not devoid of artistry, has a subtle perception of beauty, loves to share her skills and knowledge with others. Inside Rusalina hides a romantic nature, sensuality. The owner of this name often puts on a mask of practicality to hide her spirituality, becomes dogmatic in her judgments.

Rusalina can become an excellent artist, journalist. It happens that Rusalina chooses a career as a tennis player or biologist. With an effort, Rusalina can become an actress or an architect, although these professions are not the most popular among the owners of this name.

The spouse is looking for Rusalina for herself among attentive, charming men. Real owners, since she herself does not really like to deal with the house and various household issues.

Mermaid's birthday

Rusalina does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Rusalina

  • Rusalina Dmitrieva (journalist)
  • Rusalina Rusu (Belarusian TV presenter)
  • Rusalina Selentai ((born 1979) Savarian shaman, singer)
  • Rusalina (gypsy, the heroine of the film "Tabor Goes to Heaven", sister of Loiko Zobar)

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