The Meaning Of The Name Roksolana

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The Meaning Of The Name Roksolana
The Meaning Of The Name Roksolana

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The short form of the name Roksolana. Roxy, Rossi, Rox, Salana, Lana.

Synonyms for the name Roksolana. Roxana, Roxelana, Roxalana, Rosolana.

The origin of the name Roksolana. The name Roksolana is Muslim.

The name Roksolana is a female name that has no male counterpart. It is believed that this name was invented by the Ambassador of the Holy Roman Empire, Ogier Ghislain de Busbek, where he mentioned him in his "Turkish Notes" regarding Hürrem Haseki-Sultan, a historical figure, concubine and wife of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, who also became the mother of the future heir to Selim II.

The name Roxolana is created from a combination of two names Roxan and Alan. The name Roxana is translated as "light", "bright", "shining". Alan's name can have different interpretations depending on the place of use. The most likely translation for this name (in a historical context) will be close to such interpretations: "the brightest", "noble light", "the most significant" and other variations.

Various ambassadors at the court of Suleiman called Roksolana Russian. If we take this aspect into account, then the meaning of the name may change slightly - "Russian", "light from Russia", "worthy Russian woman", in understanding the merits and successes that Khyurrem Haseki-Sultan was able to achieve in her servitude.

The variant is also possible - "the light of the Alans". In ancient times, the territory of the Alans was vast, occupied the Azov region, the Ciscaucasia, the Black Sea region, and the Danube region. Ancient historians called the Black Sea steppe "roxolan", and it was from these territories that Roxolana got into the sultan's harem.

It is possible that the future Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska received her name from the tribe that lived on these lands. Soviet philologist, Iranian linguist V.I. Abaev believed that "roxolans" are translated as "light Alans", where "roxs" ("light"), and "alan" (the tribe's self-name, derived from the common name of the ancient Aryans), that is, it is also interpreted as "light Aryan". This version of the etymology of the name was also supported by other philologists and linguists (M.Fasmer, V.N. Toporov).

MV Lomonosov identified roxolan with dews (russians), while he considered it correct to use without "k" (rossolana), saying that pronunciation with "k" is a distortion. The Russian historian DI Ilovaisky argued that "Ros or Rus and Roksalany are the same name, the same people." The Russian and American historian G.V. Vernadsky also found similarities in the names of the Roxolans and the Ros, and later this name was adopted by the early Slavic tribes - the Antes.

In the original, the name is written as Roxalana, Roxelana, Roxolana, Roxelena.

The owner of the name Roksolana knows how to manipulate the instruments that nature has generously endowed her with. Intuition, the ability to feel the emotional state of the interlocutor and skillfully manage it, the ability to analyze are the main advantages, but there are also a lot of others, no less important, but less noticeable.

Roksolana knows how to transform not only externally, but also emotionally, to play the role that is necessary. A wonderful actress, where life itself chose a profession. Calling from nature. She knows how to be submissive, seductive, shy and at the same time independent, self-reliant, bold. Her game cannot be called feigned and feigned, she will play the chosen role to the end, so no one ever doubts the sincerity of what they see or heard.

Roksolana is a good psychologist, and humor for this girl is one of the tools to emphasize details, interest the interlocutor, emphasize the sophistication of her own mind. Entrepreneurship does not give her the opportunity to relax, because this is the only way she can move forward. At the same time, this woman will not go ahead, she will be able to find ways to achieve what she wants so that no one can point a finger at her in case of failure or collapse of her plan.

In childhood, one of the girl's favorite games is the word game. It is worth encouraging her creativity, developing the linguistic abilities of Roksolana. Her passion for books, watching movies, going to the theater - all this helps her to develop her natural talents. One of the drawbacks will be the love of chatter, but with age, these conversations become more meaningful, she learns to speak in such a way that she will be understood very concretely, although she did not say anything definite.

The owner of this name appreciates risk, adventure, hates monotony. In communication, this is a very pleasant woman. In a love relationship, she is very sensitive to her partner, knows how to catch his mood and tune in to his wave. Knows how to run a house and talk with children.

The ability to properly organize the space around him and his own time help Roksolana to become a good businessman. Travel love can be expressed in business trips. Roksolana can show her intuition and diplomacy in politics, in public service, the ability to communicate - in literature, journalism.

Roxolana's birthday

Roksolana does not celebrate the name day.

Famous people named Roksolana

Roksolana ((1506-1557) real name - possibly Alexandra or Anastasia Lisovskaya; name in the harem - Khyurrem; wife (formerly concubine) of Sultan Suleiman II. Was a political adviser to the Sultan, which influenced the increase in the power of Turkey during the reign of Suleiman II. charitable buildings (hospitals, canteens, schools, baths) in Istanbul, Ankara, Adrianople and other cities.)

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