The Meaning Of The Name Rose

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The Meaning Of The Name Rose
The Meaning Of The Name Rose

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Short form of the name Rose. Rose, Rose, Rozulya, Ruzya, Ro, Ros, Rosie, Roche, Rouge, Rozica, Rosita, Rosi, Rosita, Zita, Roz.

Synonyms for the name Rose. Rose, Rose, Rosa, Rouge, Rosin, Rosina, Rosin, Rosina, Rosalind, Rosalia, Rosalina, Rosania, Rosaura, Rosetta, Ruzhan, Roselle, Ruzina, Ruzhena, Rocha, Roche, Rosette.

The origin of the name Rose. The name Rose is German, English, Catholic, Greek.

The name Rose came to us from Byzantium and comes from the name of the flower of the same name, translated from Greek as "rose flower", "red flower". According to another opinion, the name has Latin roots and means "flower", "rose" or even "queen of flowers".

It is also possible that the name Rose comes from the ancient Germanic feminine name Ruodhaid, composed of the elements "hrod" - "glory" and "heid" - "kind." Subsequently, the name became associated with the Latin "rosa" - "rose".

There are various variants of this name - Rosalia, Rosalind, Rosalina, Rosania. In England, the born girl will be called Rose, in France - Rosina, Roz, in Italy - Rosina, in the Czech Republic - Ruzhana, in Serbia - Ruzhena, Rouge, in Ireland - Roche, Rocha, Rush. The name Ruzanna can also be a form of the name Rose. Rose is also an abbreviated form of some female names, for example, Rosina, Rosella, Rosellina, Rosetta, Rosinella, Rosita, Rosalina, Rosabella, Rosalda, Rosalind, Rosalia, Rosangela, Rosaura.

Diminutive Zita is also an independent name.

For the name Rose, Catholic name days will be indicated. Rosina's Catholic name day is on March 11. There are also separate dates for Rosalia and Rosaline.

The rose can, no doubt, be attributed to the choleric. It is very difficult for a stranger to see what is happening in her soul, as Rosa tries to be always calm. This woman is a rather strong-willed person, sometimes even a little arbitrary. She has an excellent memory and a very developed imagination. She reacts quickly to everything that happens in Rosa's life, but it is easy to piss her off. After violent emotions, she can often develop depression. It is almost impossible to offend Rosa or cause any harm to her, since she is able to protect herself. As for public life, a woman with this name shows herself very actively in it. You might often think that Rosa is very frivolous, but this is not at all the case - she always acts decisively and purposefully.

Rose usually chooses very well the occupation. She strives to do the chosen work, applying all her strength and skills in it. Rose achieves success in life thanks to her talent and hard work. Thus, she feels like an accomplished person. She can become a good journalist, artist, show her skills in the acting field. Rosa also grows professionally in the career of a linguist, salesperson, cook or service worker.

As a rule, a woman with this name gets married very well. Rosalia loves order in everything, so there is always comfort and coziness in her house. She strives to do everything to make her children feel good and happy. Neither family life nor work prevents Rosa from living fully and enjoying every day. She is very seductive and good, but her passionate disposition remarkably hides for the time being. The ideal man of Rosa is a physically strong, but at the same time calm and balanced person. Often prefers young men. Rose does not consider cheating on her husband to be anything special and out of the ordinary. And if he cheats, he hides it very talentedly. Interestingly, even in old age, Rose can interest any member of the opposite sex.

She is very contradictory: sometimes frivolous and at the same time adhering to firm principles, then sharp in communication, but you can rely on her in everything. At the same time, he wants to be always in the very center of all events and to be in solitude. Rose will never envy other people's successes, but rather rejoice at them. If someone deceives her or betrays her, she will never forgive and, if possible, will take revenge on such a person.

Birthday Roses

Rose celebrates its name day on May 7, July 17, August 23, August 30, September 4.

Famous people named Rose

  • Rose Fan Hui ((1855 - 1900) saint of the Roman Catholic Church, martyr)
  • Rosa Luxemburg ((1871 - 1919) real name - Rosalia Luxenburg; one of the leaders and theorists of Polish Social Democracy)
  • Rose Bertin ((1744 - 1813) pseudonym of Marie Jeanne, court dressmaker of Queen Marie Antoinette, nicknamed "Minister of Fashion")
  • Rosa Derine ((1793 - 1872) Hungarian actress and singer, one of the founders of the Hungarian theater)
  • Rose Hobart ((1906 - 2000) American actress)
  • Roza Shanina (Soviet single sniper)
  • Roza Levina ((1908 - 1989) Soviet teacher, psychologist)
  • Roza Otunbaeva (Kyrgyz politician and diplomat, leader of the parliamentary faction of the opposition Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan, proclaimed President of Kyrgyzstan in transition)
  • Roza Germanova ((1902 - 1995) Polish chess player, international master (1950))
  • Rose Lee Parks ((1913 - 2005) American social activist, initiator of the movement for the rights of black citizens of the USA. The US Congress honored Rose with the epithet "Mother of the modern civil rights movement")
  • Roza Kochisova ((1888 - 1910) Ossetian playwright)
  • Roza Baglanova ((born 1922) Soviet and Kazakh opera and pop singer (soprano), People's Hero of Kazakhstan)
  • Roza Sverdlova ((1908 - 2003) Russian actress)
  • Liz Assia (real name - Rosa-Mina Scherer; Swiss singer, winner of the first Eurovision Song Contest, held in 1956)
  • Roza Tamarkina ((1920 - 1950) Soviet pianist)
  • Roza Dzhamanova (singer (soprano), People's Artist of the USSR (1959), Laureate of the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR (1972))
  • Roza Rymbaeva (Kazakh singer, People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR (1986), Laureate of the State Prize of Kazakhstan (2004))
  • Roza Makagonova (Soviet film actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Louise Rosalie Dugazon ((1755 - 1821) nee - Lefebure; French opera singer (mezzo-soprano))
  • Rosa Francine Rogombe ((born 1942) nee Etomba; Gabonese politician, was acting President of Gabon after the death of Omar Bongo on June 8, 2009)
  • Rosalie Dute ((1748 - 1830) nee - Gerard; French actress, courtesan, model, memoirist)
  • Rose Director Friedman (American economist, sister of renowned economist Aaron Director (1901 - 2004) and wife of Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman (1912 - 2006))
  • Rosa Auslander ((1901 - 1988) real name - Rosalia Scherzer; Jewish German poet, wrote in German and English)
  • Rosa Zafferani (Captain-Regent of San Marino from 1 April to 1 October 1999 with Antonello Bacchokchi and from 1 April to 1 October 2008 with Federico Pedini Amati. Member of the Christian Democratic Party. Was also Secretary of State for Health, Education and Home Affairs)
  • Rose Carey ((1840 - 1909) English writer)
  • Rosa Bonneur ((1822 - 1899) French animal painter; was a professional painter, which was a rare phenomenon for the 19th century (professional woman))
  • Roza Salikhova (Soviet volleyball player, two-time Olympic champion, world champion, World Cup winner, two-time European champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1968))
  • Rose Byrne (Australian actress best known for her role as Ellen Parsons on the television series Skirmish, for which she received two Emmy and Golden Globe nominations)
  • Rosalina Ryvkina (Russian sociologist, professor (1988), Doctor of Economics (1979), Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation (2002))
  • Rose Arianna McGowan (American film and television actress)

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