The Meaning Of The Name Roxana (Roxy)

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The Meaning Of The Name Roxana (Roxy)
The Meaning Of The Name Roxana (Roxy)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Roxana (Roxy)
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Short form of the name Roxanne. Roxy, Rox, Rossi, Roca, Ross, Sana, Sanya.

Synonyms for the name Roxanne. Roxena, Roxenne, Roxenna, Roxenne, Roxanne, Roxanne, Rossana, Rusana, Raksana.

The origin of the name Roxanne. Roxana's name is Muslim.

The name Roxana is of Persian origin, it means “light”, “radiance”, in a broader sense it is translated as “light”, “bright”, “shining”. The names Elena, Svetlana, Ravshana, Ilona, Lucien, Clara, Berta, Saule, Nuria, Ella and many others will be identical in meaning.

There is another interpretation of the name - "dawn". In this sense, the names will be close in meaning - Aurora, Zarina, Zarema, Zoryana.

Depending on the recording of the name, it may sound differently. In England - Roxena, Roxenne, Roxenna, Roxenne, in France - Roxanne, Roxanne, in Spain - Roxana, in Italy - Rossana, Rusana, in Greece - Roxanne, in Bulgaria, Poland, Moldova, Serbia - Roxana. The name Roxanne is actively used in Europe, although it is not included in the Catholic calendar.

A derivative name of Roxolana appeared on behalf of Roxan.

The owner of the name Roxana is a reserved woman who maintains mystery and mystery around her. She loves the unknown, the strange and the irrational, so she tries to add this to her daily life.

Roxanne is often an extrovert, shows her courage, independence, easily takes risks, changes the chosen route, seeks novelty, is often tempted by adventure and the unknown. This girl gives the impression of carelessness, lightness, even instability. And even if she has doubts, a certain uncertainty, this does not prevent the fear and mistrust that she experiences, move her towards the intended goal.

Curious by nature, prone to introspection, Roxanne prefers to avoid traditional approaches and views. This makes her cocky, rebellious and brave.

Already in the little girls, her peculiarity is visible - either she is not afraid of anything, or she is afraid of everything. In any case, this does not prevent her from showing fearlessness. Sports activity, development of intelligence, active communication - all this helps her to find herself and understand herself better. Despite her sociability, it is important for Roxana to be in solitude.

There is nothing easy in love for her. Roxanne often feels uncomfortable, certain prohibitions prevent her from truly communicating. He prefers to follow a difficult and difficult path, there is even a simpler alternative.

Roxanne is more attracted to professions related to knowledge, research, mathematics. Difficult, unusual, specialized and advanced professions related to fashion, advertising, travel, sales will also be close to her. Roxana's hobbyhorse is communication, so the professions of a journalist and an actress are very suitable for her.

Roxana's birthday

Roxanne does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Roxanne

  • Roxana Babayan ((born 1946) surname after marriage - Derzhavin; Soviet and Russian pop singer, also an actress. Winner of the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation since 1999.)
  • Roxana Marasinyanu (Marechinyanu, Marasino, Marakinianu, Marasinonu) ((born 1975) French swimmer, was world and European champion, Olympic silver winner. Currently holds the administrative post of the Minister of Sports of France.)
  • Roxana Emilia Wengel ((born 2005) Polish singer, winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018)
  • Roxanne Saberi ((born 1977) American-Iranian journalist, was imprisoned in Iran (charges not proven). Writes articles about the Middle East and Iran. Winner of the Medal of Courage, Ilaria Alpi Press Freedom Award.)
  • Roxana Mariana Scarlat ((born 1975) after marriage - Birladeanu; Romanian foil fencer, multiple medalist of the World and European Championships, participant of the Olympics in Athens.)
  • Roxanne Meadows ((born 1948/1949) American illustrator, documentary filmmaker, also designs technical and architectural objects.)
  • Roxana Emilia Wengel ((born 2005) Polish singer, won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2018)
  • Roxana Shkolnik Weisemberg ((born 1989) Brazilian tennis player; won 35 tournaments)
  • Roxana Kharchuk ((born 1964) Ukrainian writer, literary critic and critic, also translator)
  • Roxanne Zal ((born 1969) American actress. Youngest Emmy Award Winner (at age 14).)
  • Roxanne Mesquida ((born 1981) French actress, model)

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