The Meaning Of Ricard's Name

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The Meaning Of Ricard's Name
The Meaning Of Ricard's Name

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Short form of Ricard's name. Risha, Rishka, Rishenka, Lynx, Rikkardin, Rikka, Dina, Ricky, Rikardita.

Synonyms for Ricard's name. Richard, Richard, Recared, Ricardin.

The origin of Ricard's name. Ricard's name is German, English, Catholic.

The name Ricard (Richard) is the paired name for the male name Richard. It is believed that it originated from the Proto-Germanic language and consists of two parts: "leader, leader" and "mighty, courageous". Ricard's name is translated as "strong ruler".

The name Ricarda is used only in a number of European countries (Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland), it is less common than the male version - Richard. In France it will be used as Richard.

For Ricard's name, Catholic name days will be indicated, since this name does not appear in the Orthodox calendar.

Description of Ricard's name - see name Richard.

Ricarda's birthday

Ricarda celebrates his name day on September 18th.

Famous people named Ricarda

  • Ricarda Huch ((1864 - 1947) German writer, poet, philosopher and historian)
  • Saint Richard ((about 840 - 894/896) Empress of the West (881 - 888), queen of the West Frankish kingdom (884 - 888), queen of the East Frankish kingdom (882 - 888), queen of Lorraine (882 - 887), Queen of Italy (879/880 - 888), wife of Emperor Karl III Tolstoy. She was famous for her piety.)

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