The Meaning Of The Name Reseda

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The Meaning Of The Name Reseda
The Meaning Of The Name Reseda

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Synonyms for the name Reseda. Rezida.

The origin of the name Reseda. The name Reseda is Tatar, Catholic.

The name Reseda is translated from Latin as “healing”. The name "mignonette" is a beautiful blue flower with an unusual aroma and healing properties. Subsequently, the name of the flower became a name and spread throughout Europe. There is a possibility that the name Reseda is an affectionate appeal to Teresa (analogue of the name Teresa).

The name Reseda is also popular among Russian Tatars and Bashkirs. It is possible that the name Reseda is a form of the Persian name Reza meaning "consonant." There is also a version that the name Reseda has a Turkic origin, in translation it is close to the concept of "coming of age", there is a translation option - "ripe", "ripe".

Perhaps the main feature of Reseda is her accuracy. Some would say that Reseda is a little pedantic, but still she really loves that each thing has its place. Playing with her peers, Reseda will never get dirty or tear her clothes, she takes good care of books. She will gladly help her parents with cleaning the house.

Everything that Reseda does as a child already shows her future character. She also prefers complete clarity in relationships. There are no halftones for her. Either you are a friend, or you are not a friend. Moreover, the attitude will be different. Reseda is a supporter of justice, honesty, frankness.

Often Reseda is characterized by such qualities as prudence and perseverance. In her style, these qualities are manifested almost as often as accuracy. Of course, in different situations, the character of Reseda manifests itself in different ways, although it is prudence that often determines her behavior. Reseda uses its strengths effectively, without even fully realizing them.

Sometimes in the character of Reseda, anger or vindictiveness can appear. It happens that this is of serious importance to her. Most often, the reason for this is injustice to someone for whom Reseda feels responsible. By working on himself, Reseda can get rid of these unwanted traits. In her efforts to help others, often the owner of this name can forget about her needs, about her health.

Reseda often marries early. She is very economic and thrifty - as a rule, her house is in perfect order. Reseda tries to carry everything into the house, preferring that everything was at hand. She is usually hospitable, but does not like visiting. Reseda loves children, sonorous children's laughter is music to her ears. From a very young age, Reseda has been caring for babies, always looking after the child, reading a book, and playing games with him. Reseda is a wonderful mother.

Reseda can become a very successful artist. Often Reseda chooses a career as an actress or a poet. With an effort, Reseda can become a traveler or mathematician, although these professions are not the most popular among the owners of this name. Reseda prefers professions where she can communicate with children - this is a kindergarten teacher, a school teacher, and a pediatrician.

Reseda's birthday

Reseda does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Reseda

  • Reseda Suleiman (famous designer of Muslim clothing)
  • Reseda Sharafieva (contemporary Tatar singer)
  • Reseda Kadyrova (Tatar singer)

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