The Meaning Of Ren's Name

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The Meaning Of Ren's Name
The Meaning Of Ren's Name

Synonyms for Ren's name. Reni, Irina, Irena, Renata, Rina, Regina, Florentina, Berenika, Renat, Rena.

Origin of Ren's name. Ren's name is Catholic.

Ren's name is a feminine name that is independent. But very often the name Rena is used as a short form for some female names, such as Irina (Irena), Renata, Rina, Regina, Florentina, Berenice and the male name Renat.

Rena is also a variant of the pronunciation of the European name Reni, which means "reborn".

Description of the meaning of Rena's name - see the corresponding name, to which the abbreviated "Rena" refers.

Name days for female name Rena - see corresponding dates for full names, to which the abbreviated "Rena" refers. It is also possible to spell the name Ren in the form "as it is heard, so it is written," therefore Rena is a variation of the pronunciation and spelling of Ren's name.

Rena's birthday

Rena does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Rena

  • Rena Galibova ((1915 - 1995) Soviet Tajik singer (mezzo-soprano), People's Artist of the Tajik SSR (1941))
  • Rena Flacho ((1922 - 1998) French cellist)
  • Rena Saenko (senior researcher at the Mariupol Museum of Local Lore)
  • Rena (Rena) Inoue (Japanese American figure skater in pair figure skating)
  • Rena Mero (American actress, fashion model, wrestling star)
  • Rena Riffel (American actress and fashion model)
  • Rena Sofer (American actress)

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