The Meaning Of Ramina's Name

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The Meaning Of Ramina's Name
The Meaning Of Ramina's Name

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Video: The Meaning Of Ramina's Name
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Short form of Ramina's name. Romi, Romanita, Roma, Romusha, Romanka, Mina.

Synonyms for the name Ramina. Romina, Romana, Romolo, Romulus, Romain, Romen.

The origin of the name Ramina. Ramina's name is Muslim, Catholic.

The meaning of the name Ramina - the name Ramina has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Ramina is the female form of the male Muslim name Ramin. The name is translated as "joyful".

According to the second version, the name Ramina is a female Italian name derived from the Latin "Roma" meaning "Rome". The spelling of the name is not in Cyrillic - through the letter "o", therefore in this case the name of Romina is identical to the name of Ramina. The name was popular in Italy in the 70s of the XX century. In this context, the name Romina will be a related name for such names as Roman, Romana, Romolo, Romulus.

According to the third version, the name Ramina is the feminine form of the male name Rami. But the male name Rami can be Arabic in origin, then the name has to do with the concept of "shooter", "shoot", and Hebrew, then the meaning of the name is close to the word "high". In this case, the name of Ramil (male name - Ramil) will be close in meaning to the name of Ramina.

The owner of the name Ramina is an extraordinary woman, you never know what exactly drives her. Ramina can seem completely indifferent to people and their problems, as well as disinterestedly help anyone who turns to her for help. She does not consider it necessary to follow the beaten path, prefers not to have any restrictions and to notice the boundaries.

Ramina's girlfriend is charming, intellectually and spiritually gifted. She strives to surpass herself and break stereotypes and habitual forms of behavior. This can make her mysterious, and others will perceive her as either a far-sighted person, or as a non-conformist or even an outsider. However, Ramina cannot help but treat the audience, this girl can often ride. It is possible that Ramina is going this way in order to achieve security in the material sphere, to find the necessary contacts and make the necessary connections before she can devote herself to other, sincerely interested in her affairs.

Ramina lacks a little introspection, she has to believe in what she is doing, and it is possible that one day this girl will achieve a certain fame or recognition. Her tendency to dream, her sensuality and character will help her materialize her aspirations.

As a child, Ramina can be emotional and unpredictable. She tries to find an outlet for her rich imagination, dreams of splendor and a happy future. Her emotionality should be directed into creativity, where she could feel herself and find a way of self-expression.

Ramina strives to think big, and her idealism knows no limits. Her tastes and preferences can lead a girl to an unexpected decision. She is interested in everything around: mysticism, religion, psychology, politics or archeology - this unusual girl will not miss anything.

The owner of the name Ramina is a sentimental romantic, and her love relationship is usually somewhat chaotic. She is not an example of a true housewife because she is not very organized and not exemplary neat. You can even say that she is a little eccentric, since she lives by her emotions. To experience sensations, to feel everything around her here and now - she is ready to spend time on this. Ramina believes that this determines her further actions, and without this emotional outburst there will be no next round of events and consequences.

Ramina as a specialist can find herself in areas focused on human interaction, these are social or charitable areas, as well as various professions that have any kind of public relations (advertising, food, gastronomy, journalism, travel). Ramina can realize her artistic talents as an actress, writer, artist.

Ramina's birthday

Ramina does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Ramina

  • Romina Arena ((born 1980) Italian-American opera singer, performer of various genres (classical, pop, rock opera, crossover, new age). The owner of a five-octave vocal range, knows 10 languages. She began her career at the age of four. with renowned singers and composers such as Ennio Morricone, Marcello Giordani, Rick Allison, Tanimura Shinji, Alessandro Safin, Al Martino, Brian Wilson, the internationally renowned Il Divo quartet. Winner of numerous music awards.)
  • Romina Francesca Power ((born 1951) is an American-Italian singer, known for her musical duet with ex-husband Al Bano. The duo was very popular and commercially successful. Also an actress and artist.)
  • Romina Yankelevich, Romina Jan ((1974-2010) Argentine actress and singer, dancer, also scriptwriter)
  • Romina Bell ((born 1993) Austrian footballer, role - defender)
  • Romina Basso (Italian opera singer (contralto), has an extensive discography, especially her performances on the music of the Baroque and Bel canto era)
  • Romina Stefanczyk ((born 1978) Slovenian-Canadian rower, participant in the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games)
  • Romina Belusio ((born 1979) Argentinean TV presenter and model, in 1999 she won the title "Miss Argentina")
  • Romina Sarina Oprandi ((born 1986) Italian-Swiss tennis player)
  • Romina Laurito ((born 1987) Italian athlete (rhythmic gymnastics), bronze winner of the 2012 Olympics in group all-around)
  • Romina D'Ugo ((born 1980) Canadian actress and dancer)
  • Romina Lonaro ((born 1986) Argentinean model, participant in many advertising campaigns of famous world brands, was on the covers of ELLE)
  • Romina Holz ((born 1988) German footballer)
  • Romina Daniele ((born 1980) Italian singer, performer in various genres, experiments a lot with music and vocals. Winner of many music awards. Also writer, poet and photographer.)
  • Romina Armellini ((born 1984) Italian swimmer, participant in the 2008 Summer Olympics)

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