The Meaning Of The Name Raisa (Paradise)

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The Meaning Of The Name Raisa (Paradise)
The Meaning Of The Name Raisa (Paradise)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Raisa (Paradise)
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The short form of the name Raisa. Raya, Raichka, Rajusya, Rajusha, Rasha, Isa, Raiska.

Synonyms for the name Raisa. Rice, Rice, Raysat, Raisat.

The origin of the name Raisa. The name Raisa is Russian, Orthodox, Muslim, Greek.

The name Raisa has several versions of its origin. According to one of them, the name is of Greek origin. In Orthodox saints, the name of Raisa corresponds to the name Iraida, therefore it is possible that Raisa is one of the forms of the name Iraida.

According to another version of the origin, it is possible that the name Raisa has Arabic roots, comes from the Arabic "rais" - "chief", "leader". Among the Tatars, a variant of this name is used - Raysya.

At first glance, Raisa is an angel in the flesh, so charming, calm and responsive she looks. In fact, Raisa's character resembles flint - practical, independent, efficient, wise, decisive, independent, but irritable and hot-tempered. Raisa has the ability to calm quarrels and conflicts, she looks at life soberly, you never meet emptiness in her actions, she does everything as needed. Raisa's temperament is choleric, but she knows how to keep her feelings and emotions "in check".

The most important thing in Raisa's life is work. She has an enviable ability to work, loves to teach everyone. That is why the best professions for this woman will be a teacher or educator. Raisa, born in winter, can try her hand at programming and mathematics. A woman named Raisa makes an excellent tour guide, journalist, and medical worker. In professional relationships, Raisa considers her colleagues to be serious opponents, and sometimes even enemies. Purposeful, she always achieves her goals. Raisa is independent in her judgments and will never bend over people above her rank. This woman is very reliable, and always completes what she starts.

В семейных отношениях Раиса, как правило, занимает главенствующую позицию. Это аккуратная хозяйка, дом которой всегда будет полной чашей. Она отлично готовит и с удовольствием заботится о своих детях. В хороших отношениях со всеми близкими, даже со свекровью. Раиса будет верной и преданной супругой, которая никогда не простит обмана своему партнеру, развитая интуиция позволяет ей безошибочно отличать ложь от правды. Она не будет обманывать и изворачиваться сама, предпочитая просто промолчать. Раиса умеет понимать своего супруга с полуслова, ей достаточно одного взгляда, чтобы угадать душевное состояние партнера. Если же семейные отношения не ладятся, значит, виноват в этом супруг Раисы, так как она сама делает все возможное для мира в семье. В семейной жизни Раиса – тайфун, её возможности не имеют границ. В отношениях ищет разнообразие и новые ощущения, нередко восполняя таким способом недостатки эмоциональной жизни.

It is quite difficult to live next to Raisa, her tyrannical nature often leads to the fact that others try to communicate with her as little as possible. Raisa has an open dislike for women, and sometimes even aggressiveness. Raya is usually friendly with loved ones, however, as long as her interests are not infringed. Raisa's entourage consists of people whom she can use for her own purposes. Raisa's spouse and loved ones must come to terms with her unpredictability in behavior. Provided that those around them respond to Raisa's friendliness with the same warmth, she will always be attentive to them.

Birthday of Raisa

Raisa celebrates her name day on March 18, August 7, September 5, September 18, September 23, October 6.

Famous people named Raisa

  • Raisa of Alexandria, Iraida of Alexandria, Antinople (martyr)
  • Raisa Gorbacheva (wife of the President of the USSR M. Gorbachev)
  • Raisa Lemberk (nee - Lifshitz; Russian writer, publicist, translator, wife of translator Mikhail Lemberk)
  • Raisa Akhmatova ((1928 - 1992) Chechen and Russian poetess, People's poetess of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR (1977))
  • Raisa Kudasheva ((1878 - 1964) Russian and Soviet poetess, writer; lyricist of the song "A Christmas tree was born in the forest")
  • Raisa Linzer (Russian translator, specialist in the field of Spanish and French literature)
  • Raisa Etush ((born 1955) Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of Russia)
  • Raisa Mamentyeva ((1927 - 2001) Soviet basketball player, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1952), four-time European champion (1950, 1952, 1954, 1956), champion of the USSR)
  • Raisa Struchkova ((1925 - 2005) Russian Soviet ballet dancer, People's Artist of the USSR (1959))
  • Raisa Bogatyryova (nee Laktionova; Ukrainian politician and statesman)
  • Raisa Mukhametshina (parodist)
  • Rita Rait-Kovaleva ((1898 - 1989) real name - Raisa Chernomordik; Russian Soviet writer and translator. In her translation in the USSR, Russian versions of many works of G. Böll, F. Kafka, J. Salinger, W. Faulkner, Kurt first appeared Vonnegut, Natalie Sarroth, Anne Frank. Translated Vladimir Mayakovsky into German (including "Mystery Buff"). Author of fictional biography "Robert Burns" (1959), memoirs of Mayakovsky, Khlebnikov, Akhmatova and Pasternak.)
  • Raisa Sazonova ((born 1931) film actress)
  • Raisa Aronova ((1920 - 1982) senior pilot of the 46th Guards Night Bomber Aviation Taman Red Banner Regiment (325th Night Bomber Aviation Division, 4th Air Army, 2nd Belorussian Front), Guard Lieutenant)
  • Raisa Frichinskaya ((1924 - 2010) editor of the film studio "Soyuzmultfilm", Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR (1987))
  • Raisa Kotova ((born 1939) Russian singer, mezzo-soprano, in recent years - contralto)
  • Raisa Kirichenko ((1943 - 2005) famous Ukrainian singer)
  • Raisa Blokh ((1899 - 1943) married - Gorlina; poetess of the Russian emigration, wife of the poet Mikhail Gorlin)
  • Raisa Borovikova (Belarusian writer and poetess, editor-in-chief of the literary magazine "Maladost")
  • Raisa Shabanova (Russian radio host)
  • Raisa Oblonskaya ((1924 - 2010) full surname - Volshonok-Oblonskaya; Russian writer, translator from English, Member of the Union of Writers of the USSR (1964))
  • Raisa Belyaeva (nee Gurina; Ukrainian writer, memoirist and film critic)
  • Raisa Esipova ((1906 - 2004) Soviet theater and film actress)
  • Raisa Ryazanova (Russian actress, Honored Artist of Russia (1993), People's Artist of Russia (2005))

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