The Meaning Of The Name Pauline (Fields)

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The Meaning Of The Name Pauline (Fields)
The Meaning Of The Name Pauline (Fields)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Pauline (Fields)
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The short form of the name Pauline. Polinka, Fields, Polyasha, Pasha, Polyunya, Polyusya, Pusya, Polyuha, Polyusha, Polyakha, Lina.

Synonyms for the name Pauline. Pavlina, Pauline, Pauline, Peylan.

The origin of the name Pauline. The name Polina is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Pauline has several versions of its origin. The first of them - the most common - the name Pauline comes from the name of the ancient Greek sun god Apollo and means "solar" or "dedicated to Apollo." There are translation options for “liberated” or “liberating”. In this case, Polina is one of the forms of the name Apollinarius, which in the Russian people received the greatest distribution than the full name, due to the more beautiful and laconic sound, and also because of the ease of pronunciation for Russian people.

The second version - the name Pauline of French origin, comes from the male name Paul, which is translated from Latin as "little", "baby". In Russian, the analogue of the name Paul is the male name Paul.

In the French version, there is also a second possible variant of the appearance of the name Pauline. The name Pauline is the Russian version of the pronunciation of the French name Paulina (Pavlina, Polen, Pauline, Paula), formed from the male name Peacock (Pauline). The name Pavlina (Polina) comes from the Roman cognomen (personal or generic nickname) Paulinus, a cognate cognomen for the name Paul, therefore the translation of the names is very close in meaning. The name Polina means "modest", "small".

Also, the name Pauline is considered a short form of such names as Apollinaria, Paulina, Pelageya. But in modern times, the name Polina has become independent, and is used independently.

Lin's diminutive appeal is also a name in its own right, while Paul and Pasha are considered a short form and affectionate appeal to many other names.

The name Pauline is not mentioned in the Orthodox calendar, as well as Pavlina (Paulina). Pauline is usually baptized under the names Pelageya and Apollinaria. For the name Pauline, the Catholic name days of Paulina (Peacocks) will be indicated.

Polina makes decisions quickly and is unusually active. By temperament, she is choleric. Sometimes it seems that Polina's demands are too high, she is too proud and unapproachable. However, at heart, this girl is fearful and modest.

Polina easily makes contact, she charms the interlocutor. The girl easily supports any conversations, she feels good absolutely everywhere. First of all, Polina expects success from life. She puts on a mask of pride and inaccessibility, but in fact, with an effort, she forces herself to get acquainted or start a new business. Polina can quickly lose her temper, she does not know how to argue at all. As a rule, she does not prove her opinion, but tries to impose it on others.

But despite some of her shortcomings, Polina stands out among friends for her special benevolence, responsiveness and selflessness. In her, first of all, the poise and evenness of her character become noticeable. She is always ready to help, sympathize, listen, hug and caress. She loves everyone - both friends and animals - all living things around.

Fields is very patient and not demanding of people. She tries to see only good in them, often she herself can look for an excuse for what happened, even if not with herself. Polina likes to keep abreast of all events: meetings, fashion, books, and performances. But she will not blindly follow innovations. She likes to be in the company, to communicate.

In her heart, Polina puts her abilities as high as she lowers the abilities and opinions of others. Only a person who is really dear to her can deserve a good mark in the eyes of this girl. She is not sentimental, does not feel the beauty of the world around her and likes to show herself indifferent. At the same time, she always remains a faithful friend, always helps with advice and deed.

Polina always ranges from excessive seriousness to unrestrained cheerfulness. Housekeeping is not included in Polina's list of hobbies, but she does not start it. A girl with this name does not belong to gullible people.

Polina can build her destiny in very different ways. At a young age, she is like a blank sheet. The girl readily helps teachers, does not give offense to friends. In her youth, Polina is very fond of noisy parties. Over the years, Polina does not lose her appearance, always looks younger than her years and remains a welcome guest in the company of young people. With a difficult character, Polina lives an unusually eventful life.

Polina perceives all events subjectively, unfairly takes on many things. He is intelligent enough and does not forget to make it feel. Sometimes Polina is fond of self-digging and criticizes herself a lot.

Polina feels good in a proven environment. Everything new and non-standard easily knocks her out of the rut. The girl's intuition is not sufficiently developed and she trusts her little, relying more on her mind. Polina believes in herself and her intellectual abilities very much. Even failures cannot convince her.

Polina's actions are highly dependent on her environment. Usually she is friendly and responsive, ready to help and support, but sometimes Polina becomes harsh and directly expresses her accumulated complaints. She does it quite roughly and sharply.

Polina does not seek to show her feelings. It is difficult for her to find the perfect partner, because she makes too many demands on him.

In marriage, Polina becomes the support of all family members. She is incredibly caring, does not seek to lead anyone. Sometimes Polina begins to confess with complete strangers. In the family, a woman with this name enjoys a well-deserved authority, everyone obeys her, including pets. Polina is non-conflicting, knows how to correctly establish a family life. A woman treats her husband condescendingly, forgiving his liberties. Polina is very thorough in business and reliable. But building a career prefers comfort in the house, caring for the family. Polina is an excellent mother! She pays a lot of attention to raising children, teaching them. She often and willingly attends parent-teacher meetings, consults with teachers and psychologists.

Polina does not strive to work, although she seems very active from the outside. In everyday work, a girl sometimes lacks patience and the ability to set tasks for herself. Polina can work as a journalist or advertising agent. She has no ambition to take a prestigious post. The main thing in work for Polina is that she be closer to home, and the schedule does not interfere with family concerns.

Sound. Polina is a short name, consisting of three syllables. Beauty is the main characteristic that is distinguished from him. Also, tenderness (89%), melodic (86%) and lightness (84%) of the sound of the name are often noted. Some also distinguish a certain femininity in him (87%). Names similar in phonosemantic profile are Lyubov, Olesya and Ulyana.

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Polina's birthday

Polina celebrates her name day on January 18, June 6, July 9, December 2, December 31.

Famous people named Polina

  • Polina Osipenko ((1907 - 1939) nee - Polina Dudnik; Soviet pilot, one of the first women to be awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Set five international women's records.)
  • Pauline Viardot-Garcia ((1821 - 1910) French singer, composer, vocal teacher)
  • Polina Gelman ((1919 - 2005) communications chief of the aviation squadron of the 46th Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment of the 325th Night Bomber Aviation Division of the 4th Air Army of the 2nd Belorussian Front, Guard Senior Lieutenant. Made 860 sorties. Hero of the Soviet Union.)
  • Polina Gebl ((1800 - 1876) married - Annenkova Praskovya; wife of the Decembrist I. A. Annenkov, who followed her husband into exile in Transbaikalia)
  • Polina Astakhova ((1936 - 2005) Soviet gymnast. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1960).)
  • Polina Kumanchenko ((born 1910) Ukrainian actress)
  • Polina Dashkova ((born 1960) real name - Tatyana Polyachenko; Russian writer. She made her debut as a poet. She was published in the magazines "Rural Youth", "Youth", "Istoki", the almanac "Young Voices." She gained wide popularity as the author of detective stories. Her first book "Blood of the Unborn" (1996) brought wide popularity. Her books were translated into German and French. She chose her literary pseudonym after the name of her youngest daughter Dasha (Dashkova) and derived from her last name (Polina). Sometimes she introduces herself as Dashkova Polina Viktorovna. He does not use his real name and surname during the interview, as this is prohibited by the terms of the contract.)
  • Polina (Pelageya) Strepetova ((1850 - 1903) famous Russian theater actress)
  • Polina Barskova ((born 1976) Russian poetess)
  • Polina Zhemchuzhina ((1897 - 1970) real name - Pearl Karpovskaya; Soviet party and statesman, wife of Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov)
  • Polina Kutepova ((born 1971) Soviet and Russian actress, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2004))
  • Pauline Macabies ((born 1986) French biathlete)
  • Polina Fedotova (Russian pianist and music teacher; soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic, associate professor of Moscow University and the Moscow Conservatory, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, laureate of international competitions)
  • Pauline Baines ((1922 - 2008) English graphic designer, illustrated over 100 books, including works by Clive Staples Lewis and John Ronald Ruel Tolkien. Baines is best known for her illustrations for The Chronicles of Narnia by Clive Staples Lewis. Her work has also appeared in the works of John Ronald Ruel Tolkien "Farmer Giles of Ham", "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil", "Blacksmith of Big Wootton", "Tree and Leaf", as well as in "The Last Song of Bilbo" (published as a poster in 1974, and as a book in 1990).)
  • Polina Agureeva ((born 1976) Russian theater and film actress, performer of romances, laureate of the State Prize of Russia. According to critics, Agureeva's acting style is characterized by a gift to penetrate into other eras, the ability to create in a variety of roles, outstanding vocal skills, plasticity, unplayed trepidation, lyricism.)
  • Polina Petrova ((1905 -?) Soviet documentary film director, Second degree Stalin Prize laureate (1951))
  • Polina Iodis ((born 1978) Russian singer and athlete, soloist of the first line-up of the famous Russian female pop group "Brilliant" (1995-1998))
  • Polina Deripaska ((born 1980) maiden name - Yumasheva; chairman of the board of directors of the publishing house "Forward Media Group." Daughter of Valentin Yumashev, former adviser to Boris Yeltsin, head of his presidential administration. Wife of Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska.)
  • Polina Shelepen ((born 1995) Russian figure skater performing in women's single skating. Bronze medalist of the 2008 Russian Championship among juniors, member of the Russian national figure skating team.)
  • Polina (Pearl) Ephrussi (also Ephrusi) ((1876 - 1942) Soviet psychologist and teacher, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor at the Leningrad Institute for the Study of the Brain and Mental Activity)
  • Polina Gagarina ((born 1987) Russian singer, songwriter and composer, actress, winner of the "Star Factory-2")
  • Polina Elkind ((1918 - 1981) Soviet lawyer, Doctor of Law, specialist in criminal procedure law, professor)
  • Polina Olovska ((born 1976) contemporary Polish artist)
  • Polina Porizkova-Okeysek ((born 1965) Czech top model, actress and writer)
  • Polina Korobeinikova ((born 1996) Russian figure skater performing in single skating. Master of Sports of Russia of international class in figure skating.)
  • Maria-Paoletta Bonaparte, better known as Pauline Bonaparte ((1780 - 1825) the middle of the three and the most beloved sister of the French emperor Napoleon I)
  • Polina Agafonova ((born 1996) Russian figure skater in women's single skating. Champion of Russia among juniors 2010 and bronze medalist of the World Championship among juniors 2010. Master of Sports of Russia.)
  • Pauline "Polly" Witter ((1876 - 1946) American golfer, silver medalist at the 1900 Summer Olympics)
  • Pauline Keil ((1919 - 2001) contributor to the American weekly New Yorker, which in the 1970s and 1980s was perceived as the most influential film critic not only in the United States, but throughout the planet. Known for her explosive, conflicting nature, Keil has repeatedly admitted: “I was often accused of writing about anything but a film.” Cale embodied an anti-intellectual approach to film criticism based on the emotional perception of the film. She only watched new items and reviewed them based on first impression; never revisited tapes of the past. She promoted the work of Jean-Luc Godard, considered "The Last Tango in Paris" almost the greatest film in history. Critically spoke of such Hollywood goddesses as Lana Turner: "This is not an actress, this is a commodity."A participant in a long-standing controversy about auteur cinema with the leader of the "intellectual establishment" film critic Andrew Sarris of the New York newspaper "Village Voice". Her approach to film criticism is believed to be developed by Roger Ebert and Armond White.)
  • Pauline-May Betz-Eddy ((1919 - 2011) American tennis player, unofficial first racket of the world in 1946. Four-time US champion and winner of the 1946 Wimbledon tournament in singles, champion of France in 1946 mixed doubles, member of the National (later International) Hall of Tennis Fame since 1965.)
  • Pauline Parmentier ((born 1986) French tennis player. Winner of 2 WTA tournaments in singles.)
  • Pauline Chang (Chen Baolian) ((1973 - 2002) Hong Kong actress and singer. In parallel with filming, she released several music albums, but her singing career was not successful, and in the late 1990s, the former celebrity maintained her fame only with scandalous antics.)
  • Pauline Collins ((born 1940) British actress)
  • Pauline Maroua ((born 1949) Canadian politician, leader of the Quebec Party, 30th Prime Minister of Quebec. The first female prime minister in Quebec history.)
  • Pauline Obam-Nguema ((born 1934) Gabon politician, Prime Minister of Gabon (1994 - 1999))
  • Pauline Lafon ((1963 - 1988) real name - Pauline Aida Simona Medvetski; French film actress)
  • Emily Pauline Johnson, also known by the Indian name Tekahionvake ((1861 - 1913) Canadian writer and stage actress, popular in the late 19th century. The youngest daughter of the leader of the Six Nations and translator George Henry Martin Johnson from his marriage to the Englishwoman Emily Johnson. The tribe reacted negatively to Johnson's marriage to a white woman, and he had to leave the tribe, but all 4 children in the family, including Pauline, knew both English and Mohawk. Many of Johnson's poems and performances in which she participated were dedicated to the Indian heritage. many anthologies of Canadian poetry include her poem, "The Song My Paddle Sings."

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