The Meaning Of The Name Razin

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The Meaning Of The Name Razin
The Meaning Of The Name Razin

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The short form of the name Razin. Razya, Rasya.

Synonyms for the name of Razin. Razil, Ruzil, Rasil, Rasil.

The origin of the name Razin. Razin's name is Tatar, Muslim.

Razin's name translated from Arabic means "calm disposition". A variation of this name is Razilya. Also, the name Razil (Ruzil, Rasil) is an independent feminine name, which is a form of the masculine name Razil. The name is used among Muslims, Tatars and Bashkirs.

It is also believed that the name of Razin is derived from the name of the Don Cossack Stepan Timofeevich Razin, better known simply as Stenka Razin. There is a possibility that the leader of the uprising had a “speaking” surname, meaning to “strike” (“strike”, “beat”).

Throughout life, the Razins are moving towards a lofty goal. They strive to realize their talents and gain recognition. They expect generous returns from others for their labors. Often, because of her petty deeds and dishonesty, Razin loses the respect of others, which she later can regret more than once.

Razina is sensitive to the world around her. She is a creative person. When choosing a profession, the owner of the name Razin prefers such specialties as a sculptor, musician or artist.

The essence of this personality can be in both positive and negative types. The positive option is characterized by such traits as love, nobility, harmony and intelligence. The negative type becomes a kept woman and a lazy woman.

Some representatives of the name of Razin become demanding selfish. They expect much more from people than they deserve. Razin needs to pacify her pride and arrogance, to begin to understand that others have the same rights as her. The owner of this name will not be easy to change herself and her attitude towards others. Only by starting to trust other people and recognize their merits, Razina will be able to achieve success.

A girl with that name is very attractive. She has full lips, dimples on her cheeks and a melodic voice. Razina prefers to be the mistress of the family, is not particularly keen on raising children, preferring to devote her time to other activities. Razina is a good hostess, loves guests.

Razin's birthday

Razin does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Razin

  • Razilya Nabiullina (deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of the 9th convocation)
  • Razilya Bilalova (economist)
  • Razilya Abdulgazina (first vice-miss "Asia 2012")

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