The Meaning Of The Name Pelageya

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The Meaning Of The Name Pelageya
The Meaning Of The Name Pelageya

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The short form of the name Pelageya. Pelaga, Pelagusha, Fields, Polina, Polyusya, Pusya, Polyukha, Polyusha, Palageyka, Palaga, Palanya, Palasha, Pelageika.

Synonyms for the name Pelageya. Palagea, Pelagia, Pelagia.

The origin of the name Pelageya. The name Pelageya is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Pelageya has ancient Greek roots, formed from the male name Pelagios (the female version of that time - Pelagia), meaning "sea". The meaning of the name Pelageya is completely identical to the meaning of the name Marina, which has a Latin origin.

Diminutive-affectionate treatment Polina is also an independent name. In modern language, the masculine version of the name Pelageya is rarely used: Pelayo and Pelagio - in Spain, Pelayu - in Portugal, Pelagios - in Poland, Pelagie - in Serbia.

In Orthodoxy and Catholicism, several martyrs and monastic martyrs with the name Pelageya are venerated. For example, Pelagia (Pelagia) of Antioch and Pelagia of Tarsus. Among the Catholics, Saint Pelagia (Margaret) of Antioch is the patron of actresses. In Christianity, Pauline is baptized under the name Pelageya, since the name Pauline is not mentioned in the Orthodox calendar.

Pelagia is characterized by such personal qualities as indecision and at the same time a strong will. She has a complex and contradictory character. The girl is often withdrawn. It is worth noting that Pelageya is inherently a purposeful person who is characterized by calmness and reliability. Despite the external phlegm, Pelageya can be quite active. This is especially true when the interests of the girl are affected. In such situations, she is stubborn and persistent.

In addition, the commercialism of Pelagia should be noted. She is committed to making money. After graduating from university, such a girl often chooses a job outside her specialty. The girl is prone to constant introspection, but she rarely draws conclusions from her reasoning. Usually, the intelligence, intuition and erudition of the owner of this name rarely go beyond the average.

Often Pelageya does things following some stereotypes. At work, she has good relationships with colleagues. The girl does not try to somehow distinguish herself from the rest. She tends to choose a profession that has nothing to do with serious moral and physical overload. Pelageya needs to do something that leaves time for solving personal problems. She easily adapts to different circumstances. Lack of patience and inability to bring the started business to its logical conclusion prevent Pelageya from climbing the career ladder.

At home, Pelageya likes to spend her free time watching sports television programs and cartoons. She often grows flowers in the country. This process gives her pleasure.

Pelageya is endowed with a practical mind. She has an innate sense of decency. Some representatives of this name are not only merciful, but also capable of self-sacrifice. Failures and disappointments are not easy for her, so she can manifest herself as a vindictive and vindictive person. She can be a provocateur of conflict situations.

Pelageya is not a self-confident person. Which is reflected in her behavior and morale. To get rid of her own complexes, Pelageya needs to establish herself in any field. She does not like to fantasize and often withdraws into herself.

The actions of the owner of this name can be distinguished by decisiveness. Often she manifests herself as a self-sufficient and calculating person. The girl knows how not only to save, but also to spend money wisely. Pelageya always dresses well, although she never chases fashion.

In family life, Pelageya is inclined to distribute responsibilities. Usually she is engaged in cooking, and the husband, in turn, goes to grocery. Augustus Pelageya is characterized by amorousness and caution.

Pelageya is squeamish, so she often invites her to her than goes to visit someone. In a team, she likes to watch others and listen more than to be an active participant in the conversation. Before getting married, a girl meets for a long time with her chosen one. She needs to get to know him well. She seeks to avoid possible mistakes. Pelageya is looking for a companion in life for a calm man who is not addicted to alcohol and smoking. A man should love her, be attentive and have a sense of humor.

In a difficult situation, Pelageya is able to find the only right way out at this moment. She is able to surprise others with instant decisions and unusual actions.

In essence, Pelageya is a sympathetic girl. She is prone to empathy and is always ready to help. She is not characterized by deception and pretense. Always tries to adhere strictly to moral principles. She rarely succumbs to the influence of other people. Despite some earthiness, he has strong-willed qualities.

Some representatives of the name are trying to change themselves, trying to deal with self-doubt and perform difficult tasks. Pelageya rarely shares her own problems with anyone, but at the same time, she is always ready to leave others. She doesn't know how to pretend. Always distinguished by decency and inability to deceive.

Pelageya's birthday

Pelagia celebrates name day on February 12, April 5, May 4, May 17, June 9, June 26, June 30, July 11, October 8, October 19, October 20, October 21, November 3.

Famous people named Pelageya

  • Pelagia of Antioch (early Christian martyr, virgin)
  • Pelagia of Antioch (Olive, Palestinian) ((d. ​​457) Christian saint, venerated in the face of the saints)
  • Pelagia of Tarsus ((d. ​​Early 4th century) Christian martyr who lived in Tarsus during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. She was buried on one of the hills in the vicinity of the city, and Emperor Constantine I the Great built a holy church over the relics.)
  • Pelagia Diveevskaya ((1809 - 1884) was the first of the three canonized blessed ones of the Seraphim-Diveevsky monastery. According to the behest of Seraphim of Sarov, she became a holy fool and after his death protected the sisters of the monastery.)
  • Pelageya Khanova ((born 1986) is a Russian folk-rock singer, founded the folk-group Pelageya, where she is a soloist. Her repertoire includes Russian folk songs, author's songs and romances stylized in folk-rock style.)
  • Polina (Pelageya) Strepetova ((1850 - 1903) famous Russian theater actress)
  • Pelageya Bragina ((1905 - 1982) resident of the Kaluga village of Yuryevskoye, which during the German occupation of the Second World War left several wounded Soviet soldiers, she wrote about this in the “Tale of the Seventeen Rescued.” Every citizen of the USSR knew about her feat, she was so actively covered this information in the media.)
  • Pelageya Alexandrova ((1872 - 1953) married - Alexandrova-Ignatieva; Soviet teacher of food science, author of a number of culinary publications)
  • Pelageya Kochina ((1899 - 1999) nee - Polubarinova; Soviet hydrodynamic physicist, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences)
  • Pelageya Gromova ((1819 - 1887) Russian actress. In 1838 she made her debut at the Alexandrinsky Theater (under her maiden name - Bormotova), where she played until 1886. From the 1850s she was engaged in premiere productions of plays by A. N. Ostrovsky.)
  • Pelageya Rykalova ((1779 - 1862) nee - Pozharskaya; operatic (mezzo-soprano) and dramatic actress, artist of the Petersburg Imperial Theaters of the early 19th century, wife of the famous comedian V.F. Rykalov, with whom the Rykalovs' acting dynasty began)
  • Pelageya Shine ((1894 - 1956) before marriage - Sannikova; Soviet astronomer. In 1928 she became the first woman in the world to discover a minor planet (1112 Polonia). In total she discovered 19 minor planets, comet Shine - Shaldekha (1949), more than 150 new variable stars. Conducted work on photometry and colorimetry of stars. In honor of Pelagia Shine was named one of the minor planets (1190 Pelagia), discovered in 1930.)
  • Pelageya Curiar ((1848 - 1898) nee - Vohina; Russian landscape painter. In 1882 she organized the "First Ladies Art Circle" (St. Petersburg), where until 1894 she was the chairperson, it was to her that the society owes its prosperity. drawings of wildflowers in watercolor, which was named "From Our Fields".)
  • Pelageya Sekirkina ((1927 - 2011) pig breeder of the collective farm "Znamya Truda", Rakityansky district of the Belgorod region, Hero of Socialist Labor (1971))
  • Pelageya Danilova ((1918 - 2001) Soviet gymnast, Olympic champion in 1952, world champion in 1954, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, coach-teacher)

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