The Meaning Of The Name Paul

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The Meaning Of The Name Paul
The Meaning Of The Name Paul

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Paul

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Paul

Short form of the name Paul. Pauli, Paulita, Lita, Polika, Polla, Pavlochka, Pavlunya, Pavlusya, Pavlukha, Pavlusha, Pava, Panya, Panyusha, Pasha, Pashukha, Pashuta, Etta, Etti.

Synonyms for the name Paula. Paul, Pauletta, Flight, Paul, Paola, Paul, Pavlia, Pavleniya, Pole, Polla.

The origin of the name Paul. Paul's name is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Paul is of Latin origin. This name is the feminine version of the male name Paul, meaning "small", "modest". In Europe, the name Paula (Paola) is identical to the name Paul (Polla), where these names are interchangeable and are considered affectionate addresses to each other. In Russian, the name Paula was pronounced as Pavel. The stress in the name Paula can be on both the first and second syllables.

The name Paula is a related name for the names Paulina (in Russian - Pavlina) and Polina (in this case, an independent name, and not a form of the name Apollinarius). Also, the name Paula is an affectionate appeal to Paulina.

Affectionate addresses Lita and Etta are also independent names, but they can also be references to other names (Etta - Esther, Henrietta).

The dates of Orthodox name days for Paula (Pavla) are January 16, February 8, February 23, June 16, June 17. The rest of the dates indicated are Paula's Catholic name days.

Paula is a phlegmatic person, but at the same time she is characterized by such traits as excitability and sensuality. She does not know how to respond to comments addressed to her, especially if they were expressed in the form of criticism. It is important to her how others treat her. Her emotional balance is often quite unstable, it is necessary for her to feel love. Only then, Paula will gain self-confidence and attractiveness.

Paula has an analytical mind, excellent memory and developed intuition. She is characterized by willpower and a rich imagination. She is rarely able to bring the started business to its logical conclusion. Despite the external relaxedness, the owner of the name Paula will never cross the moral norms accepted by society. In communication, he manifests himself as a sincere person. Her outward slowness and calmness are often deceiving. You can always expect surprises from Paula.

Paula is not a hard worker. Most often, she performs assigned tasks only out of a sense of duty. She can, without hesitation, change her place of work. The girl has no craving for any particular specialty. She is usually not interested in career growth.

Paula's main task is to get married. An unexpected meeting can have a serious impact on her personal life and lead to a happy marriage. She is loyal to her husband. A woman named Paula does not know how to forgive betrayal. In life together, she is sweet and light, able to easily adapt to any environment.

By nature, Paula is an emotional and mobile person. She is characterized by logical thinking and prudence. Paula loves order in relationships. This woman always seeks to get to the bottom of the truth and, if necessary, discuss every little thing. She needs order in household chores and work. The owner of this name has many friends. Paula is often asked for advice. In turn, Paula appreciates their attitude towards herself and responds with sincerity. She is a multifaceted and interesting person. Trusts people. It is quite easy to find a common language with such a woman.

Paula is committed to her goals. She often ponders her actions and tends to make informed decisions. Paula is a good diplomat with a great sense of humor.

In the family, Paula assigns the role of a leader to a man. She loves and respects her chosen one. Such a girl's marriage is usually happy and lasting.

Paula's birthday

Paula celebrates her name day on January 16, January 26, February 8, February 23, February 26, June 3, June 11, June 16, June 17, June 18, July 20, August 10.

Famous people named Paula

  • Paola Suarez ((born 1976) Argentine professional tennis player. Eight-time Grand Slam winner, WTA Tour champion and 2004 Olympic bronze medalist in women's doubles.)
  • Paula Malcomson ((born 1970) Irish actress, mainly in television, sometimes using the pseudonym - Paula Williams)
  • Paula Moderson-Becker ((1876 - 1907) a German artist, a well-known representative of early expressionism. In less than 14 years of her creative activity, Moderson-Becker wrote 750 canvases, about 1000 drawings and 13 etchings, which incorporated the main trends of art of the early 20th century.)
  • Paula Prentiss ((born 1938) real name - Paula Ragusa; American actress, best known for her roles in the movies "Where Are The Boys", "Men's Favorite Sports", "What's New, Pussy?", "Parallax Conspiracy" and " Stepford Wives ")
  • Paula Kanya ((born 1992) Polish professional tennis player)
  • Paula Garces ((born 1974) American actress)
  • Paula Braun ((1881 - 1962) Hungarian pianist and music teacher)
  • Pauela Ormaechea ((born 1992) Argentine tennis player, winner of 12 ITF tournaments (8 - singles))
  • Paula Maria Marshall ((born 1964) American film and television actress, recently professionally engaged in photography)
  • Paula Seling ((born 1978) Romanian singer, composer and radio DJ. She represented Romania in a duet with Ovi at Eurovision 2010 - third place.)
  • Paula Rego ((born 1934) British artist. Works in the genre of figurative painting.)
  • Paula Patton ((born 1975) American actress)
  • Paula Hitler ((1896 - 1960) in the period from 1936 to 1957 - Paula Wolff (Wolff); younger sister of Adolf Hitler. At the request of her brother, Adolf Hitler, she took the surname Wolff, which was his childhood nickname. I saw my brother about once per year throughout the 30s and early 40s. Most of the time of World War II she worked as a secretary in a military hospital, never participated in her brother's politics and did not join the Nazi party. Adolf Hitler loved his sister Paula very much and cared about her until her death. After the end of World War II, she was arrested, but released after interrogation. Until her death, she lived in seclusion.)
  • Paula Julia Vesala ((born 1981) Finnish singer, violinist and poet)
  • Paula Sinikka Risiko ((born 1960) Finnish politician, since 2011 - Minister of Social Affairs and Health)
  • Pavel Wolf ((1878 - 1961) Russian actress, Honored Artist of the Republic (1927))
  • Pavel Bogatyrenko ((1907 - 1979) Soviet dramatic actress)
  • Pavel Mede ((1919 - 1943) Yugoslav and Slovenian partisan, heroine of the People's Liberation War of Yugoslavia. Posthumously awarded the title of People's Hero of Yugoslavia.)
  • Paula Anna Maria Wesseli ((1907 - 2000) Austrian theater and film actress)
  • Paula Julie Abdul ((born 1962) is an American singer, dancer, choreographer, actress, TV presenter and producer. She was a very popular singer in the 90s, winner of the Grammy Award (for her video clip) and the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement. in choreography. In the 2000s, she again became actively involved in show business, for eight years she was one of the judges on the TV show "American Idol." Currently, Abdul is working on his new album.)
  • Paola Nunez ((born 1978) Mexican actress)
  • Paola Milagros Espinosa Sánchez ((born 1986) Mexican diving, 10m world champion in 2008)
  • Paola Andrea Rey ((born 1979) Colombian actress who starred in the popular telenovelas "Secret Passion", "My Second Self")
  • Paola Tirados ((born 1980) Spanish athlete, silver medalist at the 2008 Summer Olympics in synchronized swimming group)
  • Paola Volkova ((born 1930) Soviet and Russian art critic, cultural historian, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1991))
  • Queen Paola ((born 1937) née Paola Margarita Maria Antonia; Queen Consort of Belgium)
  • Paola Foca, also Paola ((born 1985) Greek singer)
  • Paola Navone ((born 1950) Italian furniture designer)
  • Paula Jane Radcliffe MBE ((born 1973) British long-distance, highway and cross-country athlete. Reigning world marathon record holder since October 13, 2002. IAAF World Best Athlete 2002 (unique in history) British, awarded this title) and winner of the AIMS Athlete of the Year award (2002, 2003, 2005).)
  • Paula Dobriansky ((born 1955) is an American politician and statesman of Ukrainian origin. Undersecretary of State of the United States (2001 - 2009). Since 2009 - Senior Research Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, School of Public Administration, Harvard University.)
  • Paula Patton ((born 1975) American actress)
  • Paula Robison ((born 1941) for some time performed under the name of her husband - Paul Sylvester; American flutist. At the age of 19 she performed with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and a year later she recorded a flute solo in Camille Saint-Saens' Carnival of Animals. In 1966, she became the first American woman to win the International Performers Competition in Geneva. Pa Robison became the first performer of works by composers Pierre Boulez, Alberto Ginaster, Eliot Carter, William Schumann, John Corigliano, Tiberiu Olaha, Keith Jarrett, Betsy Jolas. her works were written.)
  • Paula Illeri ((1908 - 2012) née Paula Iliescu; Romanian silent film actress who also starred at the very beginning of the talkie era. During her ten years of film career, she appeared in sixteen films, including the famous musical film "Under the Roofs of Paris" by René Clair (1930), as well as his comedy July 14 (1933).)
  • Paula Brancati ((born 1989) Canadian actress)
  • Paula Raksa ((born 1941) Polish film, theater and television actress)
  • Paula Jean Walker ((born 1986) British bobsledder, helmsman, has been for the UK national team since 2007. World Junior Champion, winner of several medals at various stages of the America's Cup, participant in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.)

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